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How to Use iForgot to Reset Your Account and Other Solutions

iforgot apple unlockBefore one can utilize all the features of an iPhone, creating an Apple ID is required first. The account will be used to access protected softwares and applications such as iTunes and iCloud. Apple ID will also make sharing or syncing of data among these applications easier if you’re using a single Apple ID for all of them. The Apple ID password also controls most security features of the iPhone. Making changes to them requires you to enter the ID and password first. The Apple ID account is also protected with a locked feature whenever someone tries to guess the password multiple times (10 times). Disabling your Apple ID means that the attacker will not be able to access your iCloud email, FaceTime, and iMessages. The natural way to unlock the Apple ID after this is to enter the trusted phone number associated with the account where a recovery key will be sent. But, you can also use the iForgot Apple unlock method and other solutions that will be presented in this article. Learn how by continuing to read the post!

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How to Use iForgot to Unlock Apple ID

iForgot is Apple’s way to help users who forgot their Apple ID password recover their account. It also works on helping users unlock their disabled Apple ID accounts. It is accessible through a browser provided by Apple. However, you need to access your email or phone number to perform this method. If not, you can also use your security questions to use iForgot unlock Apple ID.


  • Visit the iForgot website using a computer or a phone browser. Then, enter your Apple ID into the empty text field.
  • Tap the Continue button to advance to the proceeding step.
  • You can choose between answering security questions, getting an email, or entering your Recovery Key to reset. Select any backup method that you remember, then reset your password to unlock the Apple ID.

visit iforgot website, login apple id, then choose recovery method

Other Methods to Unlock Apple ID

If your Apple ID is still not recovered even after using the iForgot website, you can still try doing these other methods. Or even if the first method worked, you can still try the methods below if you can find one that’s easier and more convenient for you to do.

1. Unlock Apple ID via Password Reset

Resetting your Apple ID password is another way to recover or unlock your disabled Apple account. This method is a bit similar to the iForgot to reset your account method, but this can be done directly on your iPhone. You’ll still need access to your email or number associated with your Apple account to reset your password using this method.


  • When asked for your Apple ID password, tap ‘Forgot Password.’ After that, type your Apple ID or email address into the blank box.
  • Reset via Email or Answer Security Questions are the two options. If you want to reset your password via email, you will receive a link. While responding to security questions will allow you to respond to questions that will confirm your identity.
  • Change your password by checking your email for the reset key or answering security questions.

click forgot password, choose reset options, then reset password

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication to Recover Apple ID

If you have a trusted device, such as your family or friend’s iPhone, you can perform this method to unlock your Apple ID. You will have to log in to a trusted device to change your password as an alternative to iForgot to reset my account. Here are the steps to use two-factor authentication to reset the password.


  • If you are using a trusted iDevice, open Preferences on the Settings and click on your Apple Profile.
  • Tap ‘Password and Security’ to enter a new window.
  • Hit the ‘Change Password’ on the screen, and you will be given an instruction to follow on updating your password.

go to password and security and change password

3. Contact Apple Support to Enable Apple ID

If you are not confident about performing all the troubleshooting above because you might mess them up, you can ask for help from Apple Support. You can also choose this method instead if none of the methods worked for you. However, you have to prove to Apple Support that you own the iPhone and the Apple ID account by providing the proof that they will ask from you. You can either do this through a call or go into the nearest Apple Store.


The Best Way to Unlock Apple ID Using an Unlocker

Edge Over Other Methods: You can perform this method without access to your associated email or phone number. There's also no need to prove that you are the device's rightful owner.

Other Features: Aside from removing Apple ID, it can also wipe passwords and circumvent Screen Time.

Many solutions are listed to recover your locked Apple ID account, but the best method is to use an unlocking tool. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker can straightforwardly reset your Apple ID password without any pre-requisites. You only have to push the right buttons, and it will do the task for you. The app's interface also comes with additional instructions and warnings to ensure that you are doing the proper method. It supports all iPods, iPhones, and iPads that run on iOS 15 and below. You can run the software with only 200 MB of free disk space, 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU, and 1024 RAM.

Start by downloading the compatible version of the tool on your computer, then install and launch the unlocker.

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Step 1 Enter Remove Apple ID Mode

Because the issue is with Apple ID, you'll enter Remove Apple ID mode from the main interface's second button. After that, you'll be asked to connect your device to your computer by the software. For this, you'll need a USB cable. After connecting, you'll see a message, "Device connected successfully."

go to remove apple id mode then connect device via usb cable

Step 2 Start the Process

If you continue with the process, a message will display, informing you that it will remove all your data. If you don't want to lose any data, make a backup of your device first. Once you're happy with your backups, click 'Start' to move forward. Before you begin, make sure that Find My iPhone is turned off.

read the warnings and click start

Step 3 Wiped Apple ID

The process of deleting your Apple ID will begin. You must wait patiently and refrain from disturbing it by shutting off your computer or removing the USB wire. After completing the process, click OK and wait for your iPhone to boot up.


Step 4 Cancel iTunes Restore

After unlocking your Apple ID account, iPhone Unlocker will caution you not to utilize the 'Erase All Content and Settings' tool. Furthermore, do not use iTunes to upgrade and restore your iPhone. This stops the Apple ID from being locked again.

don't restore via itunes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I delete my Apple ID and make a new one?

Yes, deleting an Apple ID and making a new one is possible. However, deleting the Apple ID will also erase all of the associated data with the account. It is recommended to make a backup without using iCloud before deleting your Apple ID, because the iCloud account will be deleted too.

2. Why Can’t my Apple ID Unlock my iPhone?

If Apple ID cannot unlock iPhone, it can either be because you are entering the wrong ID or the wrong password. A typo on either password or ID is also a possibility so ensure that you are entering the right information first.

3. How Long do I Have to Wait if my Apple ID is Locked?

Usually, the waiting period for a locked Apple ID is 24 hours. Unlocking the Apple ID account with your password is not possible for the duration. However, the lockdown period won’t affect AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. You can still use the software to recover Apple ID within the 24 hours duration.

In Conclusion

Although the natural way of unlocking a locked Apple ID is using the associated phone number, you can still try other methods. Among the other methods, using AceThinker is the most practical as it doesn’t need the requirements required by the other methods.

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