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Review of the Best iPhone Unlock Tool Free Online in 2022

free iphone unlock serviceOne of the factors that smartphone consumers consider when choosing devices is the security feature of the device. Since sensitive information and data will be stored in the device, it is better to have a device with solid security. Regarding security, Apple is a company that takes the feature seriously. Aside from their Apple ID account feature that lets users manage their security better, they also have a wide selection of lock screen options. Some options include a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode, patterns, alphanumeric passwords, Face ID, and Touch ID. Moreover, extra protection is implemented when someone tries to guess the device's password multiple times. Entering consecutive wrong passcode entries will put the iPhone in the disabled or locked status. However, the owner can also trigger the locked status when they forget their iPhone password. If they tried to unlock their iPhone by guessing the forgotten password, they might disable it too. Fortunately, there are free softwares out there that will help users unlock their devices for free. But choosing a free iPhone unlock service can take some time, so here's a review of some of the best and most effective tools to help you pick.

iPhone Unlocker
AceThinker iPhone Unlocker

Easily unlock Apple devices without passwords.

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AceThinker iPhone Unlocker

Price: $29.95 monthly license.

Best Feature: AceThinker allows you to choose between a Personal and Business License. Unlike other unlocking tools, you can use the Business License on multiple devices to unlock other people's devices for a fee.

The AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a fantastic tool that can be used to unlock disabled iPhones and delete passwords. The tool can also get around Apple ID, iCloud Activation Lock, and Screen Time restrictions. It is exceptional in that the tool may fix the iDevice's operating system in addition to deleting passwords. Installing the firmware that the app downloads after a device reset and updating to the most recent version is a side effect of its process. The number of devices AceThinker iPhone Unlocker supports is also exceptional. The tool for unlocking is compatible with all iPhones, iPods, and iPads running iOS versions 5 through the most recent iOS 15. With only this tool and a PC with 1024 RAM, 200 MB of free disk space, and a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU, you can start to unlock iPhone free.

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Step 1 Choose Your Mode of Operation

To factory reset your locked iPhone, install and launch the application, then choose the top button with the label Wipe Passcode Mode. You can reset and unlock your iPhone in this mode while simultaneously erasing the password. The unlocker will ask you to link your device after you click Start.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verify Your iPhone Firmware

Connect your iDevice to your computer via a USB cable. Once your iPhone is connected, the unlocker will scan the phone's specifications and show them on the screen. Check again to ensure the information provided is compatible, and there won't be any issues. You can change the data manually if necessary.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Download Your Firmware Package

It will be reset after downloading and installing the firmware specifically for your iPhone. With the help of the progress bar below, which displays the download speed and size, you can keep track of the progress.

download the firmware

Step 4 Unlock the iPhone Free Using the Keycode

Click Unlock on the following screen that will pop up. To confirm the reset, you will be prompted to type "0000" into the empty text field. Enter on your keyboard or click the Unlock button again next to the text box after entering the keycode.

Unlock iPhone Password

Tenorshare 4uKey

Price: A month’s license is $35.95.

Best Feature: The tool can unlock your iPhone for free in three easy steps.

You can utilize Tenorhsare 4uKey to unlock your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It is a versatile app that may be used to unlock your iPhone but also provides additional features. Removing an iPhone's Apple ID that has been logged in without a password is another feature of 4uKey. The deletion of the Mobile Device Management Login Screen is an additional option. Tenorshare 4uKey's MDM bypassing capability stood out as a strength after tests were conducted on the program and other utilities of a similar nature. Some of the other apps do not have this capability. So, this tool is perfect if you don't want to be remotely managed by an organizational device via MDM. It is also a helpful tool if you cannot access your phone and are trapped on the Remote Management login page. The tool is lacking in certain areas after using the Tenorshare 4uKey because it only works with iOS devices running versions 5 through 14, not the newest iOS 15. Nevertheless, it is a good iPhone unlock tool that is free to download and try.

tenorshare 4ukey main interface

iMobie AnyUnlock

Price: $35.99 quarterly.

Best Feature: The money-back guarantee for the tool is the longest, which is 60 days.

Another unlocking solution that works with all iDevice models, including the iPhone and iPad, is iMobie AnyUnlock. This unlocking tool's primary use is to unlock the iPhone lock screen, but it may also be used to get rid of Apple ID and MDM Lock. It also can delete the Screen Time passcode and iTunes backup password and function as a free iCloud unlock tool. The ability to remove the password from an iTunes backup is iMobie AnyUnlock's most distinctive feature. The majority of market-available unlocking tools lack this extra feature. But, your computer must already have iTunes pre-installed to utilize iMobie AnyUnlock to its fullest extent. The software needs a CPU of at least 1GHz and 256 MB of memory.

imobie anyunlock main interface

PassFab iPhone Unlocker

Price: One month's license is $35.95.

Best Feature: PassFab’s license can support 1 Personal Computer and 5 iDevices.

With a forgotten password or disabled status, PassFab iPhone Unlocker can quickly unlock your iPhone. In addition, it can be used to unlock iOS devices with hardware issues, like an iPhone with a cracked screen. After testing, it is evident that the tool works to remove screen time codes, unlock Apple IDs, delete passwords, and circumvent MDM. The app is outstanding in terms of service because updates and customer assistance are available for free and round-the-clock. Therefore, users won't need to worry about technological problems because their support will be there to help. Another impressive feature is its ability to disable the Find My iPhone function without entering the Apple ID password.

passfab iphone unlocker main interface

StarzSoft KeyPass

Price: $29.95 can avail a lifetime license for 1 iDevice only.

Best Feature: The tool can also remove iCloud Activation Lock.

StarzSoft KeyPass can unlock that if you've forgotten your password, disabled your device, or smashed your screen. However, StarzSoft KeyPass has the highest success rate for removing an iCloud Lock, in addition to removing passwords. This is true even in the lack of both the Apple ID password and the Activation Lock passcode. This tool is a bit less expensive, but lifetime access is only valid for one device. On their website, you can search through various family plans to select the one that best meets your needs. But please be aware that after testing the program, it appears that to disable iCloud Activation Lock, KeyPass requires an iOS jailbreak. Additionally, you won't be able to access iCloud through the settings for a while with a new Apple ID. It is not recommended to upgrade or update your device's firmware because doing so could make the Activation Lock active. But you can use KeyPass to unlock the door once more, thanks to the lifetime license's unrestricted usage on the same device.

starzsoft keypass main interface


Price: $31.98 for every unlock.

Best Feature: Unlock iPhone free with IMEI number is possible with the tool.

The following tool, iPhoneIMEI is a web-based unlocker, and no download is required to use the unlocker. The third-party website’s primary purpose is to unlock the iPhone iCloud Activation Lock. Moreover, it can unlock the iPhone SIM and unblock the device from the carrier’s database. Users only need to know their IMEI number and then navigate through the website so that they can assist you in unlocking your iPhone. However, unlocking the iPhone with website-based tools like iPhoneIMEI will take time. This is because you will be queued the line of those who avail of their services. It has a 100% guarantee to work since professionals will do the unlocking. They will communicate with the manufacturers to whitelist your device from their databases.

enter imei number in the text box, then click start now

Apple iPhone Unlock

Price: $29.97 per iPhone unlock.

Best Feature: No download is required, and you can unlock iPhone online.

If the problem is not about the carrier lock, but the iCloud is locked on the iPhone, Apple iPhone Unlock is also a functional tool. It is a web-based unlocking service that can access the manufacturer's database to unlock your iPhone. The service will need your iPhone model and IMEI number, which you will enter on their website so they can help you unlock your iPhone. A 24 hours wait time can occur while waiting for the process to complete, and a confirmation will be sent via email that the iPhone has been unlocked. Apple iPhone Unlock supports all iOS devices from iOS 14 and earlier.

enter imei, select device model, and click remove activation lock

iMyFone LockWiper

Price: A month’s license is $39.99.

Best Feature: The tool can bypass the MDM Activation Screen.

Before starting the iMyFone LockWiper review, here's a quick overview of the tool. The program was made available in June 2018 to provide iOS device unlocking services. All passwords, Apple ID, Screen Time, and MDM Profile can be unlocked. A 1GHz or higher CPU, 1024 MB of recommended RAM, and 200 MB of free disk space are required for the software to work. It is efficient to use iMyFone LockWiper to unlock iDevices, and downloading the app is cost-free. The free version, however, can only be used to see if the program works with your particular device. To use the features of the full version, you will still need to purchase the license. Another prerequisite for using iMyFone is that your computer must come with iTunes already installed. Keep in mind that iMyFone's LockWiper can only unlock activated devices. There have been attempts to use the tool to unlock an iPhone with an activation lock, but it is not supported. But so far, every other component of the software works. If it doesn't work for you, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

unlock iphone using imyfone lockwiper

Tips: Defining Technical Acronyms

What is MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management, which allows the administration of portable devices such as iPhones. The feature allows the admins to monitor and manage the mobile devices connected to the system and their sensitive business data.

What is IMEI?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique number used to identify mobile devices. The primary purpose of the IMEI is for service providers to identify which devices are valid for their services uniquely. You can also use it to unlock iPhone free with IMEI number.

Comparison Chart

Tools Hard Disk Space Supported Versions Supported Platforms or OS
AceThinker iPhone Unlocker 200 MB iOS 5 to iOS 15 Windows, Mac, Linux
Tenorshare 4uKey 200 MB iOS 5 to iOS 14 Windows, Mac, Linux
iMobie AnyUnlock 50 MB iOS 5 to iOS 14 Windows, Mac, Linux
PassFab iPhone Unlocker 20 MB iOS 10.2 to iOS 14 Windows, Mac
Tools Hard Disk Space Supported Versions Supported Platforms or OS
StarzSoft KeyPass 146.73 MB iOS 12 to iOS 14.8 Windows, Mac
iPhoneIMEI N/A iOS 5 to iOS 14 Online
Apple iPhone Unlock N/A iOS 5 to iOS 14 Online
iMyFone LockWiper 200 MB iOS 9 to iOS 15 Windows, Mac
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Easily unlock Apple devices without passwords.
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