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How to Change Screen Time Passcode When You Forgot It

unlock screen time passcodeScreen Time allows you to monitor your device's use and is used as a parental control tool. That is why using a passcode for the security of your device is crucial. This will prevent children and others from making changes to your Screen Time settings. If you forget the screen time password, you'll be unable to change your settings for Screen Time either. Are you looking to know how to access screen time passcode settings? There are ways that you can reset the screen time passcode. This article will learn how to change the screen time passcode on an iPhone or iPad.

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Screen Time Password: What It Is?

Apple introduced Screen Time to keep track of how often we use our devices. Screen Time provides an instant overview of how long the screen is active during the day and what apps are used frequently. The app was created to aid people who wish to use social media during their work hours or might be working while spending time with their loved ones. Users can set limitations for particular apps, schedule downtime, allow every app during certain times, and whitelist applications they do not want to disable. It's great for people of all ages; however, it's even more beneficial for parents who wish to limit the extent of exposure their children get to websites such as YouTube. It's also an excellent motivator tool that allows parents to give their children more screen time to reward good behavior. When a certain threshold is reached for an application and screen-time thresholds as a whole, the phone will prompt for a password to disable this Screen Time lock. This is specifically designed to let you carry on your activities if needed (if you were engaged in a vital chat); however, it can also annoy you if you forget your password.

screen time activity

Forgot screen time password is an issue for those who seldom or never reach Screen Time limits. Since they don't need to use their password frequently and don't think about it every day when you're using Screen Time to focus on improving your productivity, you should try Sessions to avoid having to think about what to do if you've forgotten your Screen Time passcode. Sessions is a simple Pomodoro timer that blocks everything else to focus on the task you are working on. Although it is set to 25 minutes for a focus session, you can adjust it to any duration you'd prefer. When you begin the countdown feature within Sessions, the timer on the screen starts counting down.

screen time password

The Ultimate Solution to Unlock Screen Time Password When You Forgot It

You may forget the password for your screen and aren't sure what to do. Also, the screen might be locked due to incorrect password attempts that have been repeated many times. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is among the top iOS unlocker tools that aid you in bypassing iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch passcodes so that you gain access to all of your iOS information in just a few seconds. It has three modes to allow you to erase lock screen passwords, deactivate Apple ID, and bypass screen time passcodes easily.

Feature Highlights:

  • Get rid of the Screen Time passcode quickly without losing any data in a matter of minutes.
  • Find screen time passcodes or passcodes for restrictions quickly, without technical skills.
  • Compatible with All iOS versions and all devices, including iOS 15/14/13/12 and iPhone 13/12.

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Install the AceThinker program on your PC and follow the step-by-step instructions to change the screen time passcode.

Step 1 Connect the device

Launch the application and select "Screen Time" mode. Then, connect the iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.

screentime passcode iphone unlocker step2

Step 2 Remove the screen time passcode

Click on the Start icon to remove the Screen Time passcode from your device.

iOS 12 and above versions
If your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is operating iOS 12 or above, the program will begin with the Screen Time passcode removing process as soon as you click "Start." When Find My iPhone feature is turned on, it will prompt you to turn it off before moving on to the following step.
Allow the process to finish, and then follow the prompts to reset your device.

start iphone unlocking by confirming passcode

Step 3 Retrieve Passcodes for iOS 11 or previous versions

If your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is using iOS 11 or older versions, and you haven't yet set the secure password on the iTunes backups, then you can get the passcode for restrictions immediately. If there's encryption on your iTunes backup, you'll need to enter the password for decrypting iTunes backup before proceeding.

use iphone unlocker to remove screen time passcode

FAQs About Reset Screen Time Password

1. How many unsuccessful screen time passcodes attempts can you get with your iPhone?

There is no official declaration to provide a specific number for this error. In the event of forgetting the screen time password, it isn't the same as forgetting the iPhone screen password, which could result in it being disabled. Apple device to become disabled when you type it more than once.

2. How can I limit my time looking at the iPhone screen?

In a certain way setting the timer on your screen will help you overcome this issue. If you're looking to resolve this issue thoroughly, we would like you to find other hobbies to divert your mind, like travel, reading, sports, and more.

3. How can I stop the screen time?

If you've completed resetting your screen's timer, you can access Settings > Screen Time > Turn off the screen time. However, if your iOS version is lower than iOS 12, you may have to switch off the restrictions password.


It is evident now if you forgot the screen time passcode, there is no need to be concerned. You can use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker since it doesn't erase the iPhone settings but removes any iPhone passcode.

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Last updated on May 4, 2022

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