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Effective Ways to Restore iPhone Forgot Passcode Easily

forgot iphone passcode without restoreIt is rare to find a phone that is not password protected. Maybe it is a 4-digit or 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID protection. This is because it has other purposes aside from the passcode stopping unauthorized users from opening your phone. Setting a password for your screen lock also protects the sensitive information or data of the users. Leaving your phone without a password might result in a data breach or identity theft. Furthermore, passwords can protect your digital banking or wallet accounts from unauthorized purchases. Other people can also transfer money from your account into them if they can easily open your phones without a password. However, having a password can also sometimes put you at a disadvantage, especially when you forget your passcode. Aside from you can’t access your iPhone without your password, it might also be disabled. A disabled iPhone means that your device is locked until it is restored. The problem usually happens when you enter ten consecutive wrong passwords. Avoiding this is possible, though. Methods to forget iPhone passcode without restore will be laid out in this article. Please continue reading to find out more about it.

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Reset the Password with an Unlocking Software

Supported Passwords: 4-digit, 6-digit, Alphanumeric, Pattern, Touch ID, and Face ID.

Other Functions: Aside from bypassing iPhone passwords, it can also circumvent Apple ID and Screen Time.

Unlocking and wiping forgotten passcode are the main functions of the AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. It is a tool that runs both on Windows and Mac and supports all iPhones that run on iOS 15 and earlier. Although this tool will restore your iPhone, the data are still retrievable as long as you prepare a backup. So this method is just as good as restore iPhone forgot passcode without losing data. What’s more, the tool will repair and update your iPhone’s operating system through the restoration process. It is a very beneficial side or extra effect of using the software that makes the reset worth it. To run the too minimum requirement of 200 Free Disk Space, 1024 RAM, and 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU is needed.

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Step 1 Click Wipe Passcode

After the software has started, click the Wipe Passcode Mode button at the top of the main screen to wipe the forgotten passcode. After clicking the Start button in the new window that will appear, connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB cable.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Matching the Specifications

The software will scan the iPhone once it is connected to determine the device's specs. The information about the iPhone will be presented on the screen. Make sure the firmware you download meets the specifications of your iPhone before you download it. Click Start once you've matched your specs.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Saving the Firmware

The tool will display a prompt message that it is downloading the firmware package. The progress of the download and the size and speed of the download will be reflected in the progress bar below. The firmware will be used to forgot iPhone passcode how to unlock without restore.

download the firmware

Step 4 Reset Password with the Keycode

Drag the cursor to the center and click the Unlock button once the download is complete. This will create a new window with an empty text field where you must input '0000'. This is to confirm that you wish to reset your iPhone to remove the forgotten passcode. After typing the code, press Unlock or Enter on the keyboard.

Unlock iPhone Password

Unlock iPhone Passcode Using iCloud

Another method to restore iPhone forgot passcode is by using iCloud. This method will also reset the iPhone data and contents. But, the backup saved on iCloud is still restorable, so you will not lose data in the process if the backup is up to date. However, the Find My iPhone feature needs to be turned on for the solution.


  • Launch your computer or phone’s browser to visit the iCloud page. Enter your Apple ID plus password associated with your iPhone with forgotten passcode.
  • Drag the mouse pointer on the top of the screen and click the All Devices menu to expand the list of associated iDevices. Select the iPhone that you want to change the password.
  • The controls to manage your iPhone will display on the screen. Hit Erase This Device at the lower part of the controls to erase all iPhone data. It will also erase your forgotten passcode. Then, you can restore your backup to avoid losing any data.

open icloud website, click all devices and select iphone, then remove from account

Use Forgot Password to Reset Your Password


  • Enter the incorrect password first to see the Forgot Password button when asked for a password. Hit it to enter the password recovery settings.
  • Enter your Apple ID, then choose if you want to restore your password via Reset by Email or Answer Security Questions.
  • Wait for the reset link or code that will be sent to you via email, or answer the security questions you set up. Depending on the method that you chose.

forgot password, choose reset options, then reset your password

To Sum Up

Although there are methods to reset the iPhone passcode without restore, sometimes it is better to use other methods. For how to use AceThinker iPhone unlocker to reset passcode when iPhone passcode changed itself or is forgotten. The tool offers a more convenient way to unlock the device, and the bonus system repair and update are helpful.

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