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How to Change iPad Passcode When Forgotten in 3 Easy Ways

forgot ipad passcode “Stay productive and on the go all day.” It is the motto of Apple’s iPad as the device is more than up to any task with more portability than desktops. The iPad can run powerful apps with higher specifications than smartphones without problems. Examples are photo or video editing software. IPads also allow better multitasking with their split-screen feature with a bigger screen. This is where you can open multiple apps simultaneously. Aside from being academically or work productive, users can also express their creativity while on the road. The device is also suitable not just for note-taking but also for drawing or making digital arts. It can run drawing software smoothly, plus it has Apple pen support which helps artists draw better on the device. Moreover, it didn’t lose the capability to do what a smartphone can do. Playing music and watching movies are still possible with the iPad. Yet it offers better streaming quality because of the bigger screen. However, it is only natural that owners want to protect their iPad with a password, especially if they have sensitive files. But the question is, what to do if you forgot your iPad password? All these beautiful features will be useless as you won’t be able to access them too without the password. So, the post will offer three straightforward solutions to help users solve the problem of a forgotten iPad passcode.

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Why You Should Avoid Guessing the Forgotten Passcode

It is frustrating to forget or lose your password and want to open your device. Especially when you have immediate business with the files or features stored in your iPad that you need to access. Your first action might be to try and guess your password, but it is not recommended. You can try to guess or retype your password a few times, but entering the wrong passwords multiple times will have consequences.. After entering five incorrect passwords, your iPad will enter a cooldown period wherein you can’t enter a passcode again for 1 minute. The punishment time will increase per consecutive wrong password until the iPad becomes disabled. This will happen after the 10th failed attempt. To avoid that, here’s what to do when you forgot your iPad password. Here are listed methods to unlock iPad passcode without restore and with restore.

ipad is disabled try again in 1 minute

Restore iPad with iTunes to Remove Password

Using iTunes to restore the iPad will help remove the passcode for a forgotten password. However, all the iPad data will be deleted aside from the password. You can recover your files, only those included on your most recent backup. Here is iTunes' answer to I forgot my iPad password how do I unlock it?


  • Link the iPad with your computer, then launch iTunes. Please wait for it to recognize your iDevice, then click on Restore on the window prompt that will appear.
  • iTunes will download your iPad’s firmware to reset your device and remove your passcode. After the download, iTunes will ask you to confirm if you want to factory restore your iPad. Hit the OK button.
  • After the restoration, the iPad will ask for your Apple ID and password to remove the activation lock. Once it is removed, you successfully reset forgotten iPad passcode.

unlock ipad without passcode using itunes

Erase Password via Find My

If you don't have iTunes, as long as you have an enabled Find My iPad feature on your locked iPad, you can still do the following method. You can perform this method to unlock iPad forgot passcode on other iDevices logged in to the same Apple account as your iPad. Same with the first method, this will wipe all the iPad contents, but an iCloud backup will allow you to sync your saved contents.


  • On the other iDevice, open the Application Drawer, then look for the Find My App. Launch that application.
  • Open the All Devices tab to manage all your connected devices, then look for your locked iPad on the list. Tap it to open its settings.
  • Tap on the Erase This Device to wipe the iPad data and its password.

go to all devices, select ipad then erase the device

Best Solution to Remove Forgotten Password

Relevant Features: The tool can wipe all types of iPad passwords and support all iPad models.

Pros Over Other Methods: Using this software will allow you to restore backup anywhere. iCloud, iTunes, or directly from Computer. It also doesn’t need the Find My feature to work and won’t ask for an activation lock.

If the other solutions didn't work, you can try the best method using an unlocking tool.AceThinker iPhone Unlocker makes unlocking an iPad passcode much easier and faster. Despite the name being iPhone Unlocker, the tool also works on all iPads and iPods running on iOS 15 and earlier. By backing up your iPad before wiping the passcode, the app can also help you avoid data loss. This tool can also unlock your iPad without the need for an iCloud or iTunes account. Furthermore, your Computer needs minimum system requirements of a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of hard disk space. Here’s how to unlock iPad forgot passcode with AceThinker.

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Step 1 Enter Wipe Passcode Mode to Unlock iPad

You have three options when using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, but Wipe Passcode is what you need in this case. Hit the first button from the top, then Start to enter this mode. You'll be asked to connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Match Your iPad Specifications

After connecting your iPad via USB cable, the software will scan and recognize it and display device information. Make sure it's correct. Use the drop-down option to search for your iPad's data if the software displays inaccurate information. Then press 'Start' to start the firmware download.

confirm ipad specifications

Step 3 Get the iPad Firmware

The next step is to obtain the matching firmware for your iPad model. This will help you reset your forgot iPad password after wiping the data and passcode. Avoid interrupting the download to avoid file corruption. The download progress is shown in the bar below, along with the size and speed of the file.

download the firmware

Step 4 Use the Keycode to Unlock

You can finally unlock your forgot iPad passcode after downloading the firmware. A message prompt will show when you click the 'Unlock' button, asking you to confirm your actions by typing '0000' in the empty field. Press enter or the 'Unlock' button beside the text field to start unlocking your iPad.

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There are many answers for how to change iPad passcode when forgotten, but using the AceThinker iPhone unlocker is the best for me. As stated on its advantages over other apps, it can recover backup anywhere and does not require a lot of pre-requisites. Unlock iPad without restore is really convenient by using the tool.

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