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Factory Reset iPad Without iCloud Password | Comprehensive Guide

feature factory reset ipad without icloud password If you're in a situation where you don't even know the Apple ID that is being used on your iPad or don't know the password, this makes it a bit difficult to factory reset the iPad. It's possible that your iPad has been locked due to numerous unsuccessful password attempts, due to a software glitch, or failure to complete an iOS upgrade that has caused the iPad to behave in a strange manner. In any such case, you can actually factory reset the iPad without an iCloud password. Now, you might be wondering how can I factory reset iPad without password? But don’t worry; we've got you covered. In this article, we will discuss how to reset iPad without password in a few easy steps.

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How to Factory reset iPad without iCloud Password (If iPad is Unlocked)

Method 1: Factory Reset iPad with Device Settings

The most effective method of factory resetting your iPad without iCloud password is by using the Settings panel. This can be done via your iPad without difficulty. Be sure you have backed up all your device data prior to factory resetting devices.

  • On your tablet, click Settings and then select General. Then, click "Reset."
  • You must select "Erase all Content as well as Settings' to begin returning it to the factory settings.
  • Choose 'Backup Then Erase and 'Erase Now', based on the backup's status. Then, select "Erase [Device]" and then confirm by tapping "Erase."
  • There is a white screen that features the Apple logo as well as an indicator of progress.
  • Once the data is cleaned after which the data is cleaned, the iPad will reboot, and you'll need to make it appear as a brand-new device.

factory reset ipad with device settings

Method 2: Reset Your iPad via iTunes

In the above method, you may require an iCloud password in the event that your iPad locks. However, you can factory reset your iPad without iCloud passwords in this scenario too. iTunes is an efficient method of resetting your iPad. Here's the complete guide.

  • Start iTunes and then purchase a USB cable to connect your iPad to your computer. Enter the iPad password if you are asked to confirm that the computer is trusted.
  • Then, click on the iPad icon within iTunes and then click the "Summary" tab. Click the “Restore iPad...” button.

Here, please note that if you have already backed up your iPad, then simply ignore the prompt message and tap the “Don’t Back Up” option.

reset your ipad via itunes

Efficient Solutions to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode (If iPad is Locked/Disabled)

Method 1: Use a Specialized Software to Reset iPad without Password

When you're done with the above methods and still looking for ways to factory reset iPad without the iCloud password problem, then you might need to take help from a professional tool. AceThinker is the most effective option to date, and can effortlessly reset the factory settings of your iPad as well as any iOS device and that too without any need of passcodes. It is easy to unlock and reset the factory settings of your iPad with the help of AceThinker, which can override any password or passcode that you have on your device. Touch ID, Face ID, 4 to 6 digit passcodes, or you can name any sort of screen lock and this amazing program can easily bypass it. This software simply works wonders when it comes to removing iPad/iPhone screen locks without passcodes. If you're using a Windows or Mac system, the software is able to run smoothly on both systems.

Features Highlights:

  • Unlock All iOS Devices, including iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, even with the most Recent iOS Version.
  • Remove any type of screen lock, including 4-digit passcodes, 6-digit passcodes, and Touch ID.
  • AceThinker Unlocker is an intelligent iPhone unlocking software that allows you to remove various iPhone lock screens with the fastest processing speed.
  • You can remove Apple ID and your Screen Time password without any data loss.

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How to Factory Reset iPad Without iCloud Password?

  1. Connect Your Device and Launch iPhone Unlocker. Launch AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, select Remove Apple ID/iCloud account, and connect your iPod touch/iPhone/iPad via USB cable.
  2. Remove iCloud Account. Following the detection of your iPhone Once detected, click the Start button to begin the process of erasing your device's iCloud or Apple ID account.

Situation 1. The Find My iPhone feature is turned off - If the Find My iPhone feature is turned off on your iPhone, The removal process begins immediately after you press the "Start" button. The process of removing the iPhone from the iCloud account as well as your Apple ID will take some time.

Situation 2. The Find My iPhone feature is enabled - When the Find My iPhone function is enabled, you must first reset all settings before proceeding. Select Settings, General, and Reset and then click on reset all Settings. Following that, your device will reboot, and the Account for Apple ID/iCloud will be deleted. This applies to devices running iOS 11.3 or earlier. If your device has been updated to iOS 11.4 or the most recent update, make sure Two-factor Authentication is enabled. It is possible to check whether the Two-factor authentication function is turned on or off by going to settings > Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security > Two-factor authentication. Check that it is turned on, then enter "0000" to confirm that you have been granted access. The program will then recognize your device and prompt you to confirm its details. Select Start to begin downloading and installing the firmware, as well as erasing your iCloud Account from your device.

Method 2: Factory Reset iPad with the Help of Recovery Mode

If you're unable to sync your iPad using iTunes because of a reason, you can utilize the 'Recovery Mode to reset your factory settings for your iPad without the iCloud password. Here's the step-by-step guide:

  1. Connect your iPad to the computer after opening iTunes.
  2. If you want to reset your iPad in "Recovery Mode," then you must force restart it in the same manner. Press the 'Sleep/Wake' as well as the 'Home' button simultaneously until you see the "Connect to iTunes text that appears on screen.
  3. Click the 'OK' button above the text that says "iTunes has discovered an iPad operating in recovery mode. Then, click the option to restore. After that, you can set up the iPad as a brand-new one.

factory reset ipad with the help of recovery mode

Method 3: Contact the Previous Owner to Reset Used iPad

The first step you should do when resetting a factory setting on the iPad is to call the original owner. If he is still able to remember his iCloud password the iPad should be in a position to reset the iPad by remote access, which means that you don't need to play around with any special software. If you are able to make conversation with your previous owners, here's how to reset your iPad remotely:

  1. The previous owner should go to and enter his login information and password.
  2. Navigate to the Find iPhone section.
  3. In the Maps window, select the iPhone by clicking All Devices. It is theoretically possible that the iPad will be listed if it is linked to the previous owner's account.
  4. Select Erase iPad. To confirm, tap the erase button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I unlock my iPad passcode without restoring it?
If you have forgotten your iPad password, it will be difficult for you to get it unlocked. The majority of methods to unlock iPad without passcodes will reset the device. What can you do to prevent that? AceThinker Unlock Screen Passcode mode can help you out.
2. How can I remove another person's Apple ID on my tablet?
While it's not simple to get rid of Apple ID, there are several ways to remove it. It is a popular way that allows Apple users to delete their Apple IDs. Additionally, the most efficient option is to use an expert iOS unlocker such as AceThinker. It will allow you to remove Apple ID only in minutes or perhaps seconds.

In Summary

If you're looking for a way to reset your factory settings on an iPad using an Apple ID or without iCloud password, you can use the methods described above. According to the mentioned features, it is clear AceThinker is the best solution to reset iPad without passcode. It can also reset the factory settings of your iPhone without requiring an Apple ID. You can use this app to not only factory reset the device, but also to unlock a forgotten password-locked iPad.

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