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How to Factory Reset A Locked iPhone: All You Need to Know

feature factory reset a locked iphone The iPhone is notoriously hard to crack. If you've got a unique password and it's nearly impossible for anyone to gain entry inside without your consent. However, this can also work in reverse. If you're trying to access an iPhone, but you don't have the password, or it's disabled, the only method you can rely on to unlock the device is to factory reset a locked iPhone. You might be wondering, can you factory reset a locked iPhone? Or how to factory reset the iPhone when locked? There are ways you can apply and cover in this article to factory reset your iPhone.

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How to Factory Reset a Locked iPhone in One-Click?

How to reset an iPhone that is locked? We recommend using a trusted and reliable way of resetting your iPhone or iPad that is locked to factory settings. There is no more reliable and safer software than AceThinker iPhone Unlocker that can help you reset the locked iPhone quickly. Its compatibility with the most recent iOS is the reason it is unique. Additionally, its capability to fix most iOS system issues, including those that leave the iPhone locked on the Apple logo or blue screen of death. It is an ideal choice for users. The only disadvantage you must be aware of is that your data will be erased when you use this tool to open the lock.

Feature Highlights:

  • It has a simple click-through process.
  • It offers three options for you to wipe screen lock passwords, deactivate Apple ID, and bypass screen time passcodes easily.
  • AceThinker Unlock screen passwords on any iPhone or iPad.
  • There is no need for technical knowledge.
  • It is also 100% compatible with the most recent iPhone and iOS versions.

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Steps of performing a factory reset locked iPhone without iTunes using AceThinker.

Step 1 Select Wipe Passcode

Launch the unlocking software, then at the main interface open Wipe Password mode. Next, press Start to continue. Afterward, connect the iOS device to the PC with a USB cord.

factory reset iphone using acethinker iphone unlocker

Step 2 Verify Your Device's Information

Once your device is connected successfully and recognized, the details will appear. Ensure everything is right, and tick start button to download the firmware to unlock your phone. The firmware package downloading can take time because of its large size.

Step 3 Unlock iPhone Password

To begin the process of removing the password, hit Unlock. It is required to input the password "0000" for you to continue with the process. After a few minutes, the passcode from the lock screen for your phone will then be deleted.

Other Ways to Reset a Locked iPhone to its Factory Settings

1. Factory Reset a Locked iPhone via iTunes

The above procedure is complete proof, but if searching for a better way to find out how to reset an unlocked iPhone or iPad, it is possible to consider using iTunes to unlock your iPhone or iPad and then restore it to its factory settings. It would help if you booted your locked iPhone into Recovery mode to do this. Be sure to follow the steps below:

User Guide:

  1. Download the recent version of iTunes on your Windows PC. If you're using a Mac, make sure that your Mac is up-to-date.
  2. Open Finder on macOS Catalina Mac. If you have a Mac with another macOS and a Windows PC, launch iTunes and connect a USB wire to it.
  3. Keep your iPhone connected, and wait until you get to your Recovery Mode display. Press and swiftly let go of the volume up button.
  4. Tunes will detect the locked iPhone within the Recovery Mode and display an error message on the interface. You need to select the "Restore" button.

factory reset iphone using itunes

2. Reset a Locked iPhone with iCloud

Let's see how to reset your locked iPhone in factory settings with iCloud using the Find My iPhone App. Follow the steps provided in this part under:

User Guide:

  1. Open on your Windows PC or Mac and log in using your iCloud ID and password for access to Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone page.
  2. Visit Find My Phone and select "All devices" to see the list of iOS devices that have been synced using that same Apple ID. The list will show all devices running with that same iCloud ID that you've signed in to. Select the locked iPad or iPhone and then proceed to the next.
  3. When the details regarding your locked iPhone or iPad appear on the right side of your screen, tap the "Erase iPhone/iPad "Erase the iPhone or iPad" option. This will allow the Find My iPhone software will remotely reset your locked iPhone in whatever situation it might be.

factory reset iphone using cloud

3. Try Recovery Mode to Reset Your iPhone

Use these instructions to place Your iPhone in Recovery Mode and erase all its information:

User Guide:

  1. First of all, you will need to switch off your iPhone.
  2. After that, connect your iPhone directly to your laptop.
  3. Do the hard reset on your phone by pressing both the Sleep/Wake button and the home button simultaneously.
  4. Hold the buttons until the "Connect to iTunes" screen appears.
  5. Select "Restore" from the iTunes screen on your computer. This will erase all your data from your phone.

factory reset iphone using recovery mode

Extra Knowledge – Steps for Restoring iPhone Settings App?

The options mentioned above can help you factory reset your iPhone with no password. What happens if users still have all their passcodes? You can now perform a hard reset of your iPhone through the Settings. The steps are as follows:

User Guide:

  • Go through the iPhone Settings app > General > Reset, and then tap Erase All Contents and Settings.
  • If you have an iCloud backup before erasing all the device data, you will restore it from an iCloud backup.

factory reset iphone by erasing all contents and settings

The Final Verdict

This article presents various factory methods to reset iCloud locked iPhone. AceThinker is the best choice for iPhone factory resets without passwords. We also discussed how to reset your factory iPhone using iTunes and iCloud. Choose the method that suits your needs.

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Last updated on May 10, 2022

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