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Easiest Way On How To Change iPhone Lock Screen Password

feature change iPhone lock screen passwordWith the rise of online fraud, you will know how important it is to lock your iPhone properly. You need to note that your face makes a good security check for your iPhone. However, many of us tend to set predictable and straightforward passwords on iPhones and other devices. They are straightforward to guess. You will also agree that your iPhone contains much vital and sensitive information. Suppose a hacker can crack the predictable password for your iPhone. In that case, you may be at significant risk of all. You will realize that a Change Lock Screen Password iPhone becomes vital in such cases. Let us, first of all, see the primary risks involved with setting bad iPhone Lock Screen passwords for your iPhone.

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Risks Of Setting A Bad iPhone Screen Password

Your iPhone is likely to have all your data, which is critical. It could be your bank account details, emails, payment details, and more. If the device falls into the wrong hands, protect all the data by setting up a password. By default, this is usually a six-digit passcode. But you can custom the same to make it alphanumeric for greater security. But if it is made too simple and predictable, the entire purpose of the password is defeated. For protecting the iPhone for security reasons, your face id is one of the best ways to secure the device. But some might find it a bit cumbersome. Thus, they are simple and very predictable, which the hackers use to their advantage. With the right tools, hackers can access your most sensitive information. They'll be able to hack into bank accounts and retail store databases. For instance, they might even know How To Change Your Lock Screen Password On iPhone to lockout users from their profiles!

So, you need to Change iPhone Screen Password and make it more secure. Keeping this in mind, you might wonder How To Change iPhone Lock Screen Password.

risks of setting a bad iPhone screen password

Need For Reinforcement Of iPhone Screen Password

If you also are one of the iPhone users who has a weak iPhone Change Lock Screen Password, you will realize that changing it is a critical requirement. The good news is that it will make it in various ways, and let us look at how this is done.

need for reinforcement of iPhone screen password

1. How to Change the iPhone Passcode

  • The first way is first Open Settings. Then you have to tap on the Turn Passcode or the option of Change the Passcode.
  • It will then ask you to view password-creating options. It can be options like the Custom numeric code or custom alphanumeric code. On selecting this option, you have to set the new iPhone passcode.
  • You can create the iPhone passcode or your Touch Id or Face Id.

how to change the iPhone passcode

2. Steps For Changing The Time When Your iPhone Automatically Locks

  • Here again, you have to open the open setting menu
  • Then you have to go to the Tap Display and the brightness option
  • In doing this, you have to choose the Auto-Lock Menu
  • Once it appears, you need to select the desired time, after which the iPhone will get locked.

Steps for changing the time when your iPhone automatically locks

3. Locking Your iPhone All the More Reliably.

If the situation is where your phone can't get past the tenth failed password, you have nothing to worry about; the good thing is that there is an option for you to remove all data. It includes everything. Even the personal settings will be deleted. It would help if you made sure before using this feature that backups are made or new phones set up securely because otherwise, valuable information could disappear without any warning. It can include data like texts from friends who don't know about these developments yet and those would take some getting used to again if they were gone forever already. You may want a factory reset on your phone to ensure complete privacy. It will remove all personal information from the device and re-install iOS as if nothing had happened.

  • In addition, there are two ways of doing this: either by going into the settings menu by accessing General > Profile & Privacy or
  • Then, you can touch the Home button and select Settings (with touch ID).
  • Then, finding the erase data option should be easy for anyone who knows where they're looking. Just in case - push "trust" when prompted with a confirmation message asking whether the user wants themselves removed entirely from Apple's records forever without any chance at restoration.
  • Erasing all the data may in the ways ads suggested above is often beneficial

Locking your iPhone all the more reliably.

4. Unlocking iPhone After Having Entered The Wrong Passcode Too Many Times.

Unfortunately, if you keep entering the incorrect password over six times on your iPhone, it will eventually become blocked. You'll receive an alert saying that this has happened and advise how to permanently remove them- either by erasing everything or setting another passcode through iTunes/iCloud backup.


To conclude, we can say that in this fast-changing technological world, the iPhone has become very popular. In line with this, we have been able to State How To Change Lock Screen Password On iPhone properly. But taking good care of it is your responsibility as an iPhone user.

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Last updated on May 5, 2022

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