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Bypass iPhone Passcode: Here’s How to do this in 5 Ways

feature bypass iphone passcode If you have accidentally forgotten the password of your iPhone, do not fret! You are not the only person to have this problem. It happens to many iOS users often, and due to this, we keep on receiving numerous messages from our readers seeking solutions to bypass apple passcode. So, we have written a helpful article to assist you in bypassing the iPhone passcode without much difficulty. We will share some official solutions and unveil specialized software that will help you get rid of this problem more conveniently. Take a look at these easy methods to carry out the iPhone bypass.

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The Most Workable Way to Bypass iPhone Passcode without iTunes or Siri

The first thing to decide if you're seeking the simplest or quickest, yet the most efficient method, consider using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to bypass the iPhone passcode. You can use the AceThinker to unlock your iPhone. Through the "Unlock iPhone" feature, you can deactivate the password on the lock screen or Touch ID and the Face ID that you have set. As with iTunes, you will need to keep track of your Apple ID and password originally utilized on the device. In addition, this method can erase any data stored on the device. You can transfer data onto your iOS device via an external computer or iOS device, including music, videos, photos and contacts, books, etc. Therefore, if you want to unlock any passwords on the iPhone without Siri or iTunes, AceThinker is an excellent alternative.

Feature Highlights

  • It is compatible with all iPhones and works with iOS 12/13/14/15 or later.
  • The data you input is not transferred to anyone else, which means that the whole procedure is entirely safe and safe.
  • Can Bypass all types of screen locks on iOS devices.
  • It also helps the users to remove Apple Id and Screen Time Passcode, and that too without any data loss.

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How to bypass the iPhone passcode without losing data?

Step 1 Connect Your iOS Device

Open AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, select Wipe Password from the main menu, and select Start to begin. Next, connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable.

Step 2 Staring Downloading Firmware

Once your iPhone device is successfully connected and recognized, the information will be displayed. Ensure that everything is right before you click start and download the firmware needed to unlock. The firmware will take a while to download because the firmware is large.

Step 3 Bypass the iPhone lock screen

After downloading the firmware, click Unlock to begin the wiping process. Then, you'll be asked to type "0000" to confirm it. After a short time, the password for your lock screen will then be deleted.

Other Ways to Bypass iPhone Passcode

1. Bypass iPhone Passcode Using Find My iPhone Feature

User Guide:

  1. Use a computer to open your iCloud site through a browser. Sign in to your Apple account linked to your iPhone to begin the process.
  2. After successfully logging into iCloud, the web apps will show up on the page. Click on the link that states "Find" iPhone.
  3. The screen that appears to click on all Devices at the upper right of the page. Choose the iPhone you'd like to erase the password for.
  4. In the following screen, you can accomplish some things on the iPhone. Select the option that reads erase the iPhone. This will erase every file on your phone, including the password you forgot.

bypass iphone passcode using find my iphone feature


  • The procedure is fairly simple to follow.

  • This method erases all settings and information on the iPhone. The function's name suggests Erase iPhone. It does exactly what it says.
  • You must be aware of your iCloud Account ID and the Password for the iPhone you're erasing to use this method.
  • If you don't connect to the internet or Wi-Fi or mobile data is disabled on your iPhone, the method will not work.
  • It is necessary to configure Find My iPhone on your iPhone before using it. If this option isn't correctly set up, this method will not be effective.

2. Bypass iPhone Lock Screen via iTunes

If you've synced the iPhone using iTunes on the computer, you may utilize the computer and iTunes to erase the password off your iPhone. This is how it works.

User Guide:

  1. Ensure that you have a PC with which you've previously synced your device.
  2. Join the gadget to your computer and then open iTunes.
  3. Click on the device icon, then navigate to the "Summary" tab.
  4. Click Restore iPhone.

bypass iphone lock screen via itunes


  • This will bring your iPhone to its previous state.

  • It will erase all settings and information.

3. Bypass iPhone Passcode with the Help of Siri

This clever hack could let you access the iPhone without entering a password. This is how it works.

User Guide:

  1. Press and hold your home key till Siri becomes active. You can ask Siri, "what time it is Click on the clock icon displayed in the response.
  2. It will then start your world clock. Click the addition symbol in the upper right corner to add a clock.
  3. Enter any text input for the text box to input the city's search query. Press and hold the text, then choose from the Choose All choice.
  4. From the menus which appear, select Share and select the text message option from the window.
  5. On the brand new screen for drafting messages that appear by typing in any text you wish to enter to the "To" field and then click"Return" on your keyboard.
  6. When the text changes to green, choose the option to add, and then from the list which appears, select Make a New Contact.
  7. Click Add Photo within the contact creation window. Select a photo from the choices.
  8. In the library, select albums.
  9. Hold for a few seconds before clicking the home button, which will take you to the device's home screen.

bypass iphone passcode with the help of siri


  • There is no need for computers or iTunes to use this method.
  • This method doesn't erase your settings or data from your device.

  • It's only supported by iOS 8.0 up to 10.1.
  • There are many steps to follow, and if one of them is not done correctly, it won't work.
  • Updates to system vulnerabilities render this approach in many instances.

4. Bypass iPhone Passcode by Recovery Mode

Here's how to use the Recovery Mode feature on an iPhone to get around the password.

User Guide:

  1. Install iTunes on your computer or Finder on your Mac.
  2. Utilize the method to put the iPhone in recovery mode (using the volume and side buttons). You can connect it to the computer when you are sure that your iPhone has entered recovery mode.
  3. Start iTunes or the Finder, and choose the device.
  4. The app will require you to restore or update your iPhone. Select Restore, after which your device will be restored to the factory settings.

bypass iphone passcode by recovery mode


  • The official solution is to bypass the iPhone passcode.

  • Require iTunes or Finder to complete this method.

Final Thoughts

You may forget the iPhone password and cannot access the content for some reason or another. If you're in the situation, simply bypassing or eliminating the password is the only thing you have to do. The methods above are the best ways to open your iPhone passcode. We recommend using AceThinker to hack iPhone passcode.

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Last updated on May 13, 2022

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