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Activation Lock iPad Bypass Using Simple Working Solutions

bypass ipad activation lockApple created the Activation Lock feature for their iOS to protect user data and information. The Activation Lock is a security feature that can be turned on via the Find My feature or the iCloud account of users. Once activated, the feature will prevent all access to the device until the Activation Lock password is entered. The feature is most useful when someone left or lost their iDevices and wants to keep them safe from unauthorized access. However, the feature can also cause problems when users forget their Activation Lock passwords and cannot unlock the feature. Even the rightful owners will be unable to access their iDevices. Moreover, the feature can pose problems to users of second-hand iPad owners or inheritors of the device when the feature is unintentionally turned on, and they can’t unlock it since the original owner is the one who knows the password. Users can try a few solutions when experiencing such troubles with the Activation Lock, including using a third-party tool. This piece will discuss different methods to bypass iPad Activation Lock without the password.

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Ask the Original Owner to Enter the Password

Encountering the problem as a second-hand user is most common, so the first solution is for them. Whether the iPad is bought or inherited from the original owner, they might be reluctant to give you their password since it is personal. Instead, you can ask them to enter the password for the Activation Lock on iPad themselves if they are around the area, or you can take the time to visit them.

ask the original owner to enter the password

Set Up as A New iPad Using iTunes to Remove the Activation Lock

If you are the original owner who forgot their password or the original owner is not around, you can try this method instead. Since the iTunes software is a multipurpose platform, unlocking the Activation Lock is one of the functions you can use. However, deleting the iPhone Activation Lock using the method will erase everything from your iPhone if it has saved data. See the instructions described below for the Activation Lock iPad bypass.


  • If your iTunes is not already updated, launch the tool and download the version of the latest update.
  • Use a USB cable to attach and connect the iPad with Activation Lock to your computer with an unlocker.
  • Click the "Continue" button after iTunes has detected your connected iPhone, then select the option to "Set up as new iPad."

Activate the iPad With Quick Start Feature

If the iTunes solution didn't work for you, but you have another iDevice and an iCloud backup that can transfer data and content, you can remove Activation Lock this way. The locked iPad and the other iDevice should be logged in to the same Apple ID account. You can utilize the Quick-Start feature to bypass Activation Lock iPad. However, do this when you don't need both devices for long because the process will take up a lot of time and use both of them.


  • Put the iPad with Activation Lock next to the unlocking device. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in both devices and turn on the activation-locked iPad. However you can only do this if the iPad allows managing of Bluetooth even when locked.
  • Hold the unlocking device over the locked iPad and select "Continue" from the QuickStart menu.
  • Your Activation Lock will be lifted from the device after a message prompt with the word "Finish," and a request to set up Face and Touch ID appears on the locked device.

Seek Assistance From Apple Support

Aside from the solutions above, the Activation Lock issue can potentially be resolved more straightforwardly, although it might be impractical for some people. To have your Activation Lock disabled, bring your iPad to the closest Apple Store or contact their customer care via phone. You must prove your ownership of the gadget before they do it for you. The best proof you can offer is the receipt for the iPad purchase. This is so that the privacy of the real owners is protected, as it is against their corporate policy to perform an iPad Activation Lock removal without proof of ownership.

ask for help from apple support

Use a Third Party Tool to Activate the iPad

Salient Features: The tool is known for its 100% success rate in unlocking passwords, Apple ID, Activation Locks, and Screen Time.

Devices Supported for Activation Lock: The tool supports all iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

This tool will come in handy if the methods mentioned above don't work or you don't have time to visit an Apple Store. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is designed to unlock iOS devices, Apple IDs, and, most importantly, Activation Locks. Additionally, it won't just disable Activation Lock without a password. Additionally, it will download the most recent version for your protected device. The operating system of the iPad will be fixed. A professional unlocking feature is also included, and it can unlock iPads with passwords ranging from iOS 4 to iOS 15. Moreover, only at least 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher is needed for the system, and just 1024 RAM and 200MB of free storage space. Download the tool now and unlock iPad Activation Lock by following the steps below.

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Step 1 Choose the Wipe Passcode Mode

You will see the top button, labeled Wipe Passcode, and that is the one you should choose. The problem of removing the Activation Lock on iPad without a password will be dealt with. After that, connect the iPad with Activation Lock via a USB cable to the computer.

choose wipe passcode mode, click start, then connect device

Step 2 Verify the iPad Specifications

The app will check for Activation Lock on the iPad after connecting to the computer. The iPad's specifications will appear on the screen. Verify again to see if the display's information matches your iPad's. If not, you can change the firmware specifications by using the drop-down menu.

verify the device specifications

Step 3 Download the iPad’s Firmware

After you have downloaded a firmware package, you can reset your iPad. The Activation Lock on the device will also be disabled. Thanks to the tool's restoration, you can access your iPad. The information will be displayed in the progress bar below, making it easy to track the download.

download the firmware

Step 4 Activate the iPad with the Keycode

To confirm, you must first type "0000" into the empty text space. Your iPad's Activation Lock can be unlocked by pressing Enter or Open on the keypad or display. The firmware package will now begin the reset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is iPad Activation Lock removal illegal?

No, technically, it is not illegal. No law states that an iPad with Activation Lock without the password is a crime. However, if you unlock your iPad’s Activation Lock using other methods, it will lose all eligibility for Apple Support services.

2. Can you remove activation lock without previous owner?

Yes, you can remove the Activation Lock without the previous owner. It is only easier to do the activation if the previous owner knows the password and will do it for you. But even without them, you can perform the methods mentioned in the body, including using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to remove iCloud Activation Lock without password.

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