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Solving the Apple ID Cannot be Used to Unlock this iPhone

apple id cannot unlock iphoneOne unique thing about iOS devices is their Apple ID. It is an identification method that Apple uses as more security method for their devices. Aside from that, Apple ID accounts also contain the users' personal information. This is including their settings and preferences. It will save them time customizing a new Apple device. Because logging in to their Apple ID will make the devices use the settings associated with the ID. Aside from storing and synchronizing data, an Apple account can also be used to manage your Apple devices associated with the account . But among its many uses, one of the essential functions of an Apple ID is to keep your devices safe from unauthorized users. Every significant change, purchase, or access being made on your devices will need the correct Apple ID and correct password. But, while this feature ensures that only the device owner can use the device fully. There are times when an Apple ID cannot unlock iPhone even if the rightful owner is using it. There are many possible reasons that this problem can occur, and there are different solutions for each cause. This post will inform you of the possible causes of this problem and how you can solve them.

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Why Can’t Your Apple ID Unlock Your iPhone?

It’s really stressful when you can’t unlock your phone or its applications because the Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone. This problem could happen for various reasons, which we will be listing here before going into the solutions.

  • You are entering the wrong Apple ID.
  • Either you forgot your Apple ID, mistyped it, or you are a second-hand user, and the original owner’s Apple ID is still the one associated with the account.
  • You forgot your Apple ID password.

apple id verification failed

Fastest Way to Fix Your Problem with Unlocking Tool

What it is Best For: It is best for unlocking iOS devices that are disabled or protected by password, wiping Apple ID, and bypassing Screen Time.

Bonus Functions: Since the tool resets your iOS devices to wipe the passwords, it can also restore and repair the iOS system with the help of downloaded firmware.

There are many possible reasons why you cannot unlock Apple ID or the devices associated with the account. Furthermore, these reasons each have a specific way to be dealt with. But why go to the trouble of finding the right solution when a tool can do that for you? AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is computer software that can bypass all types of passwords. It supports iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch, so no matter which device you need to unlock, you can use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker. By restoring your device, it will allow you to reset your Apple ID too.

The first thing you have to do is download the correct version of the software, open the downloaded file, then install and launch the application.

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Step 1 Choose Remove Apple ID Mode

Since the problem is about Apple ID, you will choose the Remove Apple ID mode by clicking the second button on the main interface. After that, the software will ask you to connect your device to your computer. Use a USB cable for this. A notification saying ‘Device connected successfully’ will appear after connecting.

click remove apple id

Step 2 Click Start to Begin the Process

A new prompt will appear, informing you that it will erase all the data if you wish to continue with the process. You can backup your device first if you don’t want to lose any data. Once you are satisfies with your backups, you can click ‘Start’ to proceed. Ensure too that your Find My iPhone is disabled before doing this step.

click start to proceed

Step 3 Apple ID Wiped

The process of wiping your Apple ID will start; you have to wait patiently and avoid interrupting the process by turning off your computer or unplugging the USB cable. After the process is done, click OK and wait for your iPhone to start.

wait for the process to finish, then click ok

Step 4 Don’t Restore via iTunes

AceThinker iPhone Unlocker will give you warnings not to use the ‘Erase AI Content and Settings’ function on your device after unlocking. Plus, do not update or restore your device with iTunes. These ensure that the device will not be linked to the original Apple ID again.

read the warnings and don’t restore via itunes

Basic Troubleshooting Methods

In case you want to do the troubleshooting yourself, here are the other methods. You can do them based on the specific cause of your problem. But this might take time to find out what will work for you. Unlike using a professional tool that can solve your problem fast.

1. Recover Your Apple ID - For Original Owners

You might get a notification like ‘incorrect Apple ID cannot be used to unlock this iPhone.’ It could be because you are using the wrong Apple ID, you made a typo or you forgot what your ID is. This process only works if you are the original owner of the device and the ID because the recovery credentials will be sent to your email.


  • Visit the Apple ID Website on your browser or computer.
  • Click ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’
  • Fill in the empty boxes asking for your information and wait for the email from Apple, Inc.

click don’t have an apple id or forgot it and enter credentials

2. Reset the Password of Your Apple ID - For Original Owners

Aside from forgetting your Apple ID, you could have forgotten your password too. Before doing this step, but, try entering your password again to ensure that you didn’t just type it wrong. This is also for original owners of the iPhone and the Apple ID only. Because your password reset will be sent to you via your email or phone number, or by answering security questions.


  • Click ‘Forgot Password’ then enter your Apple ID or email address into the empty box.
  • Choose between Reset by Email or Answer Security Questions. Resetting by email will send you a link to reset your password. While answering security questions will let you answer questions that will verify your identity. But it will only work if you have set security questions.
  • Reset your password by checking your email or by answering security questions.

forgot password, choose reset options, then reset your password

3. Have the Original Owner Remove Device from iCloud - For Second Hand Owners

Lastly, the last reason Apple ID cannot unlock iPhone is you are entering your own Apple ID. But, on a second-hand device still associated with the original owner’s Apple ID. In this situation, you can either ask the original owner to manually remove their Apple ID. If it is not possible since they are far from you, they can do it remotely. This is by logging into the iCloud website and erasing the iPhone on their devices.

remove device from icloud

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Unlock an iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

No, you cannot unlock an iPhone without Apple ID and password since it defeats the purpose of an activation lock. This is to protect user data so Apple didn’t make the feature something that can be bypassed easily.

2. Why did my Apple ID Got Locked for Security Reasons?

Apple ID locked for security reasons can be when Apple believes an Apple ID is vulnerable to unauthorized access. It disables or bans it automatically. This disabling is prompted by what they believe is unusual user activity.

3. How Long do I Have to Wait if my Apple ID is Locked?

If your Apple ID is locked, the usual waiting period is 24 hours. You can try unlocking your account again with the password after that time. You can still use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker mentioned in the article above to bypass Apple ID even if it is locked.

To Sum Up

There are many possible reasons why your Apple ID cannot unlock your iPhone. With every problem, it will also require a different solution for each. But with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker, you can solve the problem whatever the reason is.

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