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Best 4 Things To Do When App Store Always Asking For Password

feature app store keeps asking for password Are you also experiencing this issue where the app store keeps asking for Passwords? This usually happens when you download and purchase some applications from the app store. However, things get very irritating when the Apple app store keeps asking you for your Password out of nowhere. You might be using some application, and suddenly, there is this popup that asks for a Password. Even entering your Password is not the solution in this case, as it may occur repeatedly. So, you need to find a proper solution if the Apple store keeps asking for Passwords. We have outlined things you need to be aware of along with the right ways to solve this issue.

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Why Does The App Store Keep Asking for Password?

Apple has put a lot of work into ensuring the best security of its software services, so there are different setting options. One of them is to make sure that the app store should ask for a password for every purchase and in-app purchase. When any of the mentioned events are triggered on an iPhone, the popup occurs, which keeps asking for your iPhone's password.

What to Do if The App Store is Repeatedly Asking for a Password?

If you are also facing this issue where the app store always asks for a password, you can try out these methods below. These are the four best solutions for the issue.

1. Sign in and out with your Apple ID

The first one is the most straightforward issue to this issue if your iTunes keeps asking for password.

User Guide:

  1. Open settings and go to the sign-out option. It will help if you start by opening the settings on your iPhone and tapping on your username. Scroll down, and you will find out the sign-out option. Tap it and sign out of your iPhone.
  2. Sign in with the Apple ID. Now you will see the sign-in option appear, and you need to sign in. You can use the same ID, and there will be no issues. Once you sign in, these settings will probably reset, and you will stop getting that popup.

sign in and out with your apple id

2. Change the password settings downloading applications

If the first method did not develop, then it is for you to try this one. Here you will need to change a few settings only.

User Guide:

  1. Go to settings to tap the username. You will start here by following the same step as the method above, and then you can move on to the next step.
  2. Tap Media & Purchases and then on Password Settings. Tap the Media & Purchases option, and you will see a popup appear. You will need to tap the Password Settings, and a new screen will appear.
  3. Slide the Require Password Off or change password settings for paid downloads. You will see a slider for Free Downloads, and here you need to turn it off. Now no free downloads will ask you to enter the password for your ID. You will also find out the options for paid downloads that you can select between always ask or ask after 15 minutes. After setting these things, you will never get unnecessary pop ups.

change the password settings downloading applications

3. Use Face ID instead of password on app store

An interesting thing that Apple allows its users to do is to use biometrics instead of entering passwords manually. If you are irritated by the app store always asking for password issues, you can set to use Face ID to authenticate quickly. However, you must have an iPhone X or above with a Face ID active on it to enable this.

User Guide:

  1. Open Settings to go to Face ID and Passcode. So, it would help if you started with opening the settings application and going to the Face ID & Passcode option. You can scroll down to find it. Or search for it by swiping down.
  2. Authenticate with your passcode. When you tap this option, you will have to authenticate. Here you will enter the password/passcode that you alternatively use to unlock your iPhone.
  3. urn on iTunes & App Store option. Once you authenticate, you need to find this slider switch and turn it on. Every time you need to enter the password for Apple ID in the App Store, you will use Face ID instead, which will be a fantastic experience.

use face id instead of password on app store

4. Use Touch ID instead of password on app store

If you have an iPhone model between 5S and SE 2022 or an iPad with a Touch ID home button, you will have a home button with a Touch ID fingerprint option. The exciting part is you can set it to authenticate whenever the app store asks for the password. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

user Guide:

  1. Open Settings to go to Touch ID and Passcode. Open the settings application and search for Touch ID & Passcode. You can also scroll down to go to this option.
  2. Authenticate with your passcode. Tap it and enter the passcode/password of your device, and you will be in the following menu.
  3. Turn on iTunes & App Store option. You only need to switch on the iTunes & App Store option, and you will be good to go. Every time you need to enter the password for some app store app purchase, you can use Touch ID, which will make the overall experience pretty convenient and quick.

use touch id instead of password on app store


Facing the issue where your Apple app store keeps asking for passwords can be very irritating, but you can solve this issue within minutes. There is no need to worry as toggling some settings can free you from this issue. So, follow all the steps of whichever method you think will work for you. Only in this way will you get the best results when solving this password issue.

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Last updated on April 19, 2022

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