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FAQs of AceThinker Video Master Premium

Trafalgar Law. May 7, 2022

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How to use Video Master Premium?

Why does the program fail to load videos I want to convert?

The problem could be due to a variety of factors. Please confirm the following information to assist in resolving this issue:

  • Check to see whether the program supports the video file format.
  • Make sure that the video file is DRM-free, such as iTunes and Amazon videos.
  • Play the video on a media player to check if the video was corrupted or damaged.
  • Try to drag and drop the video into the software to test if it can be loaded properly.
If none of those solutions work, please get in touch with us by clicking the "Feedback" option in the program. Make sure to incorporate a copy of the files that failed to load.

How to increase the speed of the conversion?

To increase the conversion process on Video Master Premium, you need to make a few modifications and adjustments.

  • Go to the program's "Preference" window. Under the general settings, enable the GPU Acceleration and the Intel App Acceleration. (Note: The Mac version of the tool doesn't support GPU Acceleration)
  • Do not open or run other programs on your computer while performing a conversion process.
  • The higher the resolution and frame rate of the source video, the longer it takes to convert it. You can set or change the minimum specifications of Resolution and Video Bitrate to speed up the conversion. However, the quality of your video will be affected.

Can I convert DVD with this program?

For sure! Video Master Premium is a professional video converter that can convert DVDs to various file formats. With this tool, you can convert DVDs to 200+ video and audio formats, such as MP4, AVI, WebM, MOV, WMA, and more. The conversion process is super-fast as it is equipped with various acceleration technologies. Converting DVDs with AceThinker Video Master Premium gives you the convenience you need without using other tools.

Can this software convert DRM-protected movies?

Digital rights management or popularly known as DRM, is a term for obtaining control technologies to limit the use of devices or digital content. Currently you can't use Video Master Premium to remove DRM from protected videos like files purchased from iTunes, Amazon, etc.

I can't register the program, what should I do?

Here are some of the solutions you can execute:

  • Check and verify whether you have typed/pasted the correct email address and registration code into the program.
  • Make sure you've acquired the correct version of the program.
  • The installation and registration of the software should take place on a stable internet connection.
  • Have you received any error messages? If so, please submit feedback to the program with the screenshot of the problem for analysis and resolution.

How to merge multiple videos into one?

Here are the following steps on how you can easily merge more than two video files on Video Master Premium.

  • On the program's main interface, click "Add Files" or the "+" button to import the media files.
  • Once the video files have been loaded, tick the box beside the "Merge into one file" option.
  • Select one video format that the program supports from the "Convert All to" menu option. Then, click "Convert All" to start the conversion process.
  • After a few moments, you will see that all the videos are now converted into one video file format.
video master premium merge videos

How to reduce the size of the output video?

The file size of the output video is determined by the length of the source file and the output parameters. As we all know, high-definition video is much larger than standard video. The higher the output video settings you set, the larger the output video you'll obtain. To reduce the file size of the output video, you can modify the profile settings of the video format. This includes the parameters of Resolution, Video Bitrate, and Frame Rate.

reducing file size on acethinker video master

What to do if my program crashes when I open it?

This problem could be due to numerous reasons. The most common one is when the program is corrupted or not installed correctly. To solve this problem, you can follow below some troubleshooting procedures.

  • Uninstall the tool and then download the latest version of it from our official website:
  • Temporarily disable the anti-virus program on your computer to avoid download failure of the set-up file.
  • Run the downloaded set-up file. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install the program successfully on your computer drive other than C:\
  • Do not execute the software if you are running Windows 7. Instead, right-click the application icon and choose "Run as administrator."
  • When the Mac version of the tool crashes, a crash report log is generated. You are welcome to email it to us for review so that we can address the problem quickly.

Where to find the converted files?

There are two ways to find the converted files on the program.

  • Navigate to the "Converted" tab at the top section of the tool. Here, you can locate the converted files by clicking the "Open Folder" icon.
  • output folder video master premium
  • Launch the output folder of the converted files by clicking the "Open output folder' icon at the bottom section of the program.
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