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What’s the Difference Between Trial Version and Paid Version?

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Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder

iPhone Screen Recorder is the premier iOS screen mirror and recording app of Acethinker. It can provide seamless mirroring and recording functions. However, since this is a premium tool, there are limitations to what it can do under the free trial version and without an account. If you are using the tool without an account, a pop-up reminder will always tell you to log in or sign up for an account. On the other hand, if you are under the free trial with an account, the reminder window will not appear whenever you use the tool.

iphone screen recorder limitation

Limitations under the free trial version and if you did not create an account on Windows and Mac:

  • The maximum time that you can record is 3 minutes.
  • Isr limitation

  • The recorded video has a watermark.
  • watermark

Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is a robust screen recording tool that is packed with many other functions. It works on both Windows and Mac devices. But to access the full functions of the tool, one must purchase a VIP account. However, you can still use the tool, with some limitations. Both Windows and Mac versions have the same limitations below:

screen grabber pro limitation

  • 1.The finished video is marked with a water mark.
  • with watermark

  • 2.Only 3 minutes is the allotted time for recording.
  • SGp-time-limit

Acethinker Video Keeper

Video Keeper is a multifunctional tool that allows video downloading, screen recording, and video conversion. It can do the functions of three tools in one powerful software. For those who use the tool without an account, a reminder will appear every time you use the software. So it is best to use the tool with an account to reduce the time that the reminder will pop up.

VK limitation

  • 1. Simultaneous video download is not available.
  • limited download

  • 2. The maximum screen recording time is only two minutes, and the video has a watermark.
  • limitation in recording

  • 3. The tool can only convert 30% of the total file size.
  • VK limitation

Acethinker Video Master

Video Master is another multi-functional tool from Acethinker. This video converter, screen recorder, and downloader tool can do different functions at the same time. But like other tools, it requires access to its full functions by going VIP. But the tool is still available to use with few limitations.

Video master limitation

  • 1. Under free version, the tool only supports file conversion of 30% of the total video file.
  • Conversion limitation

  • 2. The screen recorder function only allows up to three minutes of uninterrupted recording.
  • video master limit in recording

  • 3. The recorded video has a watermark as a reminder that you are using a free version.

water mark

Acethinker Music Recorder

Music Recorder is equipped with many functions. Aside from being an audio recorder, it also has a radio and music downloader functions. It also requires a VIP account to be able to use the full functions of the tool. Without signing up for a free trial, you won't be able to proceed to the tool's functions. A pop-up reminder will appear, asking you to either login or activate the software.

  • 1.Under the free trial, you will be able to record audio for a maximum of three minutes and automatically identify the music without editing the details for three times every day.
  • record limit

  • 2. A simultaneous music download is disabled, which means you can only download one song at a time. You will have to wait for 5 seconds before you can close the pop-up reminder.

Download limit

Acethinker Disk Recovery

Disk Recovery enables you to get back lost and deleted data from your PC and another device. This robust tool can recover almost any type of file, even from a broken storage device. However, for free users, the only thing that the tool can do is search for the lost files. Without the VIP account, it won't be able to recover the file back. Also, the pop-up reminder will always appear, asking to activate or login to the account.

Disk recovery

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Last updated on April 1, 2021

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