How to Use AceThinker PDF Converter Lite

This guide will show you how to use AceThinker PDF Converter Lite to convert PDF to text, word, JPG, PNG, etc. online for free.

How to Convert PDF to Text for Free

A quick way to convert a PDF file to text is by using an online tool that does not require any payment or download. You just need a browser and working internet to be able to use it. No need to pay for a premium account or download the software. You can access it anywhere, even on your mobile device. Simply convert in 4 steps.

Step 1 Visit the official website

Visit the official site of Acethinker or be directed by clicking the link here.

Step 2 Upload the PDF you want to convert

Then you will see a box that contains the small "Blue circle," and in the middle, there is a "Plus sign." Click it to upload the file being converted. Another window will then pop up where you can locate the file from your computer drive.

choose file

Step 3 Start the convert

Wait until the PDF file is uploaded, the fill will then be converted once detected.

start convert

Step 4 Download converted text file

When the conversion is done, it will give you a download button below. Click it and wait until the file is saved on your PC.

download the file

How to Convert PDF to Word Online

To easily access PDF files on your mobile device, it is best to convert them into Word docs. This browser-dependent tool can help you convert without having to pay for the service of the tool. You just need your browser and your internet connection to be able to do that. It is also guaranteed safe without worrying about malware that can harm your PC. You can try the reliability of the tool by trying it and following the steps below.

Step 1 Visit the official page

Visit the official site of Acethinker. You also have the option to click this link to easily get there.

visit site

Step 2 Upload the file

Upload the PDF file to be converted by clicking the "Plus Sign" in the middle of the white box. Then another window will pop up where you can locate the file from your hard drive.

choose a file

Step 3 Start the conversion

Once the file is uploaded, the conversion process will start. Just wait until it is finished. Remember, the speed depends on how big or small the file. If it is a huge file, then it may take longer than usual. You might see it looks like it is stuck, but it is not. That is normal for large files. Just wait for it.

convert the file

Step 4 Download the file

Once the conversion is complete, click the "blue download" button below. Wait until the video is saved on your computer.

download the file

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