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How to Cast Android Phone Audio to Computer

If you are looking for the most reliable and legit way to cast your Android phone audio to a computer, follow the steps below.

Mode 1: Cast Android Phone Audio to Computer

Step1:Find Aux Cables

Find the aux cable, then connect it to the blue jack on the back of your computer. Also, plug the other end into your Android phone. For those who use laptops, get an external sound card, then connect it to your phone via aux cable.

connect aux cable to computer

Step2:Click the Volume Button

After that, right-click the “Volume” icon on the right lower corner and tick “Open Volume Mixer.”

click volume icon on right lower corner

Step3:Tap on the System Sounds

Click the “System Sounds” option; then, a window will pop out; find the “Recording” tab. Right-click “Line In” and tick “Enable.”

click the system sounds and find recording tab

Step4:Right-click Line In and Properties

Right-click on the “Line In” again, then tick “Properties.” Then tick the box beside the “Listen to this device” and then hit the “OK” button to cast your Android phone audio to the computer.

listen to this device to cast your android phone

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