Snapchat Story Saver Online

  • 480p Download 480p Snapchat Story video
  • fast Instant conversion with fast downloading
  • One-by-one One-by-one and limited Snapchat Story download
  • websites Save video from around 200 websites

Pro Snapchat Story Downloader

  • hd quality Up to 4K quality Snapchat Story download
  • 6x faster Instant conversion with 6x faster download speeds
  • download in batch Simultaneous unlimited Snapchat Story downloading
  • website Compatible with over 1000 websites

How to Save Snapchat Story to MP4 Online for Free

Download any type of public content uploaded on Snapchat as a story or episode easily with the steps below.

Step 1

Open the Snapchat video in the browser and copy the URL, or open it in the App and use the share button to get its URL.

Stream Bilibili Video

Step 2

Open the free Snapchat Story saver online and paste the link into the blank search box, then click Download.

Paste the Link

Step 3

Choose the video quality button and click it to begin downloading your favorite Snapchat Story to MP4.

Download Bilibili MP4

Check the Best Free Snapchat Story Saver Online

No Registration for Best Safety and Privacy

With the free online Snapchat saver, you don't need to create an account or register anywhere. It only requires the link to a Snapchat Story and downloads it. It means that your accounts, email, or anything else will never be exposed to anyone.

Since the online tool does not access or require any personal information, you can be confident about your privacy and account security. Now, you can save Snapchat stories of public accounts or your friends without using your Snapchat account on any third-party application or software. Hence, your Snapchat account will stay safe, and your identity will stay private no matter how many videos you download.

safe and secure
multiple devices

Downloads Snapchat Story on Any Device

This online Snapchat saver does not require any special operating system or device for downloading your favorite Stories. It does not even require you to have the Snapchat application downloaded or your account logged in on the same device that you are using to download stories. Now, you can download anyone's Snapchat story on any device.

The only requirements you need to meet here include having a browser on that device and a stable internet connection. It means that you can access the online downloader on any device and download the required Snapchat Story on the go without worrying about your account or having the right device.

Free for Unlimited Snapchat Story Downloads

There are no limitations on how many Snapchat stories you can download with this online downloader. You can download as many videos as you want, one after the other. This free online tool does not come with limited free downloads or daily downloading restrictions. You can download unlimited Snapchat Story videos with the downloader as long as you have enough free storage space available on your device.

It means that you forget about someone's Snapchat Story expiring after 24 hours since you can download and save it in the offline storage of your smartphone or computer to watch whenever you want.

free to use

Additional Features Provided By Snapchat Story Saver


Simple, Free, and Quick

It is a simple tool that offers an easy-to-use user interface with only 3 basic steps for downloading. Usage is free, and it instantly downloads any Snapchat Story.

no personal data

No Personal Details Required

You don’t need to provide any personal details like your email or Snapchat account credentials. Being free, it does not even require your payment information to begin.

No Installation

No Installation Needed

The tool is completely web-based, meaning there will be no installation on your devices apart from any browser of your choice. Hence, it will work for everyone.

Instant Downloading

Instant Downloading

There are no queues or waiting times before your downloading starts. As you press the download button on this online Story saver, the Snapchat Story will begin downloading.

Supports More Than 1000 Websites

Best Premium Snapchat Story Saver - Aqua Clip

pro desktop version

Download the Highest Quality Snapchat Story Videos Easily

Snapchat is known for its content privacy, and if you screen-record someone's post, they get notified about it. If you don’t want this to happen and still download some public posts, then using the Snapchat Story Downloader Pro is your best choice. Here, you don’t need to worry about your identity getting leaked or any other restrictions if the videos you are trying to download are Public.

The video downloading experience here is simplest while you get advanced features like downloading in up to 4K quality (depending on maximum uploaded quality) and batch Snapchat Story downloading. So, now you don’t have to worry about someone’s Snapchat Story expiring after 24 hours or them knowing that you saved their video.

FAQs about Snapchat Story Online Downloader

Can I download Snapchat Story videos on my school tablet?

Yes, the online Snapchat saver works on a web browser, and it does not require any application installation. So, you can use it on any device with any OS.

Can I download Snapchat Story videos with privacy on them?

Snapchat allows owners to restrict who can see their stories. So, if a video has content privacy set to private or friends only, it is not public, so you may not be able to access or download it outside of your account.

Do I need a Snapchat account to download a Snapchat story?

No, you can use the web version of Snapchat to open the story and copy its URL without signing in with your Snapchat account. This way, you can download a Snapchat story while staying private.

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