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Guideline for Taking Screenshots on UC Browser

uc browser homescreenUC browser has gained popularity steadily since its release eight years ago. It has expanded to the point that it has achieved the largest share of total internet usage worldwide. UC browser has been acclaimed for its secure browsing and its sync capabilities. This syncing facility allows people to access their customized browsers from any computer. The appeal for the UC browser lies mainly in the speed and the simplicity it offers. Google has gone out of its way to make the UC browser compatible with the web. UC browser has been designed specially to load quickly and efficiently. Whatever browser is being used, there is always the need for taking screenshots. Screen captures are images that are made by users so that they can record their desired visible items displayed on the web pages. This article is for users who want to take screenshots for web pages on the UC browser. It becomes necessary for capturing screenshots for essential pages such as images, designs, and documents like electronic bills.

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AceThinker Website Screenshot Online App

AceThinker Website Screenshot Online App The essential feature is its ability to offer screen capture of a web page via the uniform resource locator (URL). This powerful option allows users to take screen captures of selected web pages by just entering the URL. It also provides the facility of capturing the entire page or the current screen. You can quickly get the desired screen captures for targeted web pages, and you do not even have to visit them. You can get the images customized in several ways with various editing options. You do not even have to capture a web page; you need to focus or highlight something on it. Ace Thinker's app offers a robust suite of features for editing, particularly highlighting, annotating, or explaining the screen capture's content. You can draw lines, use watermarks, circles; and add text to customize your screenshot in the way you would like to present it.

Step 1 Start taking screenshots

Click the link here to launch the official website of the AceThinker Website Screenshot Online App. You can take screenshots of whatever activity you are doing on your display screen.

launch free screen grabber

Step 2 Choose the specified screen area

Next, click the "Screenshot" icon button from the leftmost part of the floating toolbar, and then choose the area you want to capture. You can also press the "CTRL+D" on your keyboard to take screenshots quickly.

select the part to capture

Step 3 Edit and save the screenshot

Once you finish taking a screenshot, a new toolbar will appear around the image. You can use that toolbar to annotate the picture, upload it online, and save it to your PC. To edit, use the annotation tools below the photo to see shapes, lines, and arrows. You can click the "Save" icon button from the rightmost part of the toolbar to save your screenshot on your PC.

edit and save the image

Screen Grabber Premium

Are you wondering about using an alternative tool to take screenshots of the UC browser? No problem, Screen Grabber Premium will be the answer. It is an easy-to-use screen capture tool that allows you to capture all the screens on your computer as many as you can with HD quality. Also, it will help you capture webpages on your UC browser with different capture modes like Fullscreen. This tool supports many file types to choose from, and these include JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. Aside from that, it is working on both Windows and Mac computers. To help you use this tool, follow the simple steps written below.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Save the Software on your PC

To start using this program, save it on your computer by clicking one of the "Download" buttons above. Launch its installation wizard and follow the instructions to save the tool on your PC. Then, open it to see the tools.

sgpremium main interface

Step 2 Begin taking screenshots

Next, click the "Screen Capture" button from the software's main interface and drag the cursor from the area you wish to capture, and then customize it by selecting from its editing features like adding text located at the lower part of the floating toolbar.

sgpremium take screenshot

Step 3 Save the ScreenShots

Finally, you can now save your screenshot by clicking the "Save" icon from the lower right part of the interface. A screenshot will be saved automatically on your computer.

sgpremium save screenshot

Duck Link Screen Capture for Windows

This is an easy-to-use and free tool to take screenshots. Duck Capture is available with four models for capturing to make it simple for users. You can capture a whole window on the screen or capture only one section. You can also accommodate the contents of a long web page that has to scroll. Editing and sharing a screenshot can be done quickly. This program offers a simple interface. It has icons that the users can click to choose regions, full screens, windows, or scrolling pages. The scrolling facility is bright as the users can click on longer web pages. Duck Capture scrolls down automatically to capture the whole thing. Once it is captured, users will copy it to clipboards, annotate it or print it.



Paparazzi is a utility software tool for Mac OS X operating systems that can help in taking screenshots of web pages. It has been written in the Objective – C language, and it uses the Cocoa applied programming interface and WebKit framework.


Chrome for Android

The application on desktops influenced the popularity of the Chrome app on Android ddevices. This android app automatically synchronizes all information (login information, bookmarks, and browsing history) on the Chrome you use on your desktop. Features offered by this app include:

activate incognito mode


  • An Incognito mode allows you to browse the net without saving your browsing history.
  • Safe browsing alerts you when you try to visit dangerous websites or download files that may harm your device.
  • The Voice Search feature saves you the stress of typing.
  • Built-in Google Translate, this feature translates words and web pages between different languages. You can translate the content of a web page from English to French, and so on.
  • Data Saver feature that minimizes data consumption when browsing. When you activate this feature, you can browse the internet using about 60% less data as the app compresses images and videos.
  • iOS Version of Safari

    Safari is a powerful, built-in web browser on iOS devices. This easy-to-use app with a user-friendly interface has existed since the first iPhone. This unique iOS web browser contains updated features following every iOS release. Some of the latest features of the Safari browser include:


    • An option that allows users to save web pages for viewing offline in the Safari Reading List.
    • An option to Block All Cookies
    • Auto Reader View; this removes styling and formatting to offer a clear presentation of images and text.
    • A setting to stop cross-site tracking by advertisers
    • Long-press options for Back and Forward buttons, URLs, Bookmarks buttons, images on websites, and other added features that increase possibilities and options when using the browser.
    • Safari syncs passwords, history, tabs, bookmarks, and reading lists on every Apple device you own.

    view offline

    Safari is part of the iOS for Apple mobile devices.


    There are numerous reasons why people have to take screenshots of web pages, documents, and programs on their UC browser. On many occasions, it is to record how something is interacting on a particular web page for debugging. On other occasions, it is to share with friends and family or to browse at a later and convenient time. Regardless of the reasons, web page screen tools in the form of apps or stand-alone programs can help capture snapshots for UC browser browsers. These are extensions that are easy to use. Entire web pages or portions can be captured and edited later with easy-to-use tools that allow the users to mark up images before sharing them so that certain areas could be highlighted or blacked out.

    screen grabber free online

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