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Most Recommended Ways to Record a Google Voice Call

feature record google voice call Through emerging technology, Google launched a voice call application that offers another way to communicate not just for a single device but all available devices you have over the internet. Sending a voice call or messages is possible nowadays using the Google Voice call application. It can be used for accessible communication, such as for business talks, calling your loved ones abroad, or with online friends. If you want to record google calls for necessary purposes, we will guide you on how to do it. Hang in there and read the following ways to record a Google Voice call using your iPhone, Android, and computer device.

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The Best Way to Record Google Voice Call

In today's world, Google Voice call is one of the most used apps to communicate. With just a single click, you can directly send a message or call the person you want to communicate with. It is also possible for you to record the voice call with clear audio output using the most powerful tool online. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is the most reliable screen recorder tool you can launch for free on your computer. There are no challenging ways to access and use the app. It has a quiet simple user interface that will surely make users comfortable with recording voice calls. This way, we will show you how to record Google Voice calls for free.

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How to Record Google Voice Calls with AceThinker?

Step 1 Download and Launch Screen Recorder

Visit the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium page online. Click the "Download" button to save the installer file and proceed to the installation process once the program is successfully launched. You can use the free trial to experience recording Google Voice calls without any distractions. Sign up if you want to use its complete feature. Then, open the program to initiate recording.

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Step 2 Choose Recording Option

Open the screen recorder tool and explore its main interface. You are free to choose from recorder options. Choose "Audio Recorder" if you want to record only your voice or "Video Recorder" for recording your computer screen while on Google Voice call. After choosing your preferred one, select the system sound if you only want to record the audio from your device and microphone if you need the external audio.

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Step 3 Start Recording

After specifying what recording option you are going to use.Initiate your calls or conversation to Google Voice and click the record button on the right side. Then, the recording countdown will start after. You can record your entire voice call since this recording application is accessible and has no time limitation for free trial experience. When you want to end the recording on Google Voice, you can immediately stop the recording by clicking the “Stop” button of the tool.

sgp step 3

Step 4 Export Recorded File

Once you end the recording, the recorded file will automatically play after. You can listen to your Google Voice call on your screen. Then, go to the "Export" button and click it. Select the recorded file and hit "Import,". Your recorded Google Voice call will directly save on your local computer.

sgp step 4

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How to Record Google Voice Call on iPhone/iPad?

As it was already mentioned above, Google Voice call is not just for a single device. You can access a voice call using different devices, including iPhone. Not just for calling and receiving a Google Voice call, iPhones also have a pre-installed recording tool. You can set the recording option for incoming calls by activating the recording function on your phone from the settings. You can use this way to have a Google Voice recorder for iPhone, this method will also allow you to record Facetime call.


  • Get your iPhone device and open the Google Voice application to view its main interface. If you haven't created your Google Voice account, you can create one using your Gmail account.
  • Once you're done creating your account and signing in, proceed to the "Setting" on the top left corner of your screen. Then choose the "Call" option and scroll downtown to select the "Incoming call option" and tap the toggle button.
  • Suppose you are now answering a Google Voice call, press 4 on your device's keyboard to start the recording and press it again to end the recording. Once finished, the recorded Google Voice file will be directly sent to your email account.

record google voice on iphone or ipad

How to Record Google Voice Call on Android?

Similar to the iPhone, it is possible to record Google Voice calls on your Android phone. It is not challenging to make recordings using your android phone. Otherwise, you can launch a third-party application that finds a great solution to record your screen while on Google Voice call. You may install an Automatic Call Recorder on your android phone to record calls using Google Voice.


  • Download Automatic Call Recorder and launch the app on your Android phone After the installation is finished, open the app and go to the voice recorder from the left sidebar.
  • Select the three dots on the upper left side of the app if you want to turn the call record option on or off and change the "File type" of the recording' format. There are built-in tools you can apply to customize your Google Voice calls.
  • Google Voice calls on your android phone are automatically saved on your phone contact. However, you can share the recorded files with other social media platforms by clicking the Share icon.

record google voice on android

How to Record Google Voice Call on Windows

If you're using a Windows computer and want to record Google Voice calls for future purposes, it might be challenging for you to find a solution to record your voice call if you wish to have the screen recording tool that can record internal and external audio sound on your Windows computer. Aside from Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium, you can also use the Wondershare Democreator to record Google Voice calls. Just download the app for free and launch it on your Windows device. To give you further discussion about Google Voice record calls. Provided guides below are perfect for you.


  • You need to download the application on your Windows OS. Install the program and launch it on your computer. Go directly to the main interface to see the recording option to record Google Voice calls.
  • From the main interface of the tool, select the options for audio recording. Choose if you want to record only the screen of your computer or audio recording. You can click both the system sound and microphone to turn it on. These two audio functions will work from internal and external to provide a good recording audio result.
  • End the Google Voice call recording by hitting the stop button. Then, press export to save your recorded file directly on your Windows Device.

record google voice on windows

How to Record Google Voice Call on Mac

Aside from AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, you can record Google Voice calls using other screen recorder software that can record internal and external audio. Record outgoing Google Voice calls are possible using this third-party tool. You can choose the Movavi Screen Recorder, which is compatible with Mac computers. This tool is totally user-friendly and a straightforward recording tool which is also affordable to purchase. You can try using this tool by following the given guide steps below. You can also check the list of the best screen recorders for Mac on this page.


  • Download the Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac version. Click the download button for Mac OS. Run the installation and open the tool to view its main interface.
  • From the main interface of the tool. Choose the video recording icon and it will allow you to select the area on your screen to have the screen recording, whether selecting a specific area on your screen or recording your full screen.
  • Press the record button. Start recording your Google Voice call while using the recording tool. Stop the recording anytime you want by clicking the "Stop" button.

record google voice call on mac


1. Does recording Google Voice calls have a time limit?
With AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, you are allowed to record Google Voice calls continuously, especially when you have successfully signed into the program. You can purchase a license to the tool according to the span of time of recording Google Voice calls you need and that will surely offer you an easy to use and provide high-quality file output.
2. Can I record Google Voice calls without permission?
Using software applications are really easy to use for recordings. Google Voice record call without notification is possible with AceThinker. You can automatically record your screen while on Google Voice call without any permission. However, it is always advisable and a reminder for everyone to inform your call participant about recording their voice call as part of the legal process of the rules.
3. Is it possible to record Google Voice Conversation?
Yes, Google Voice has a built-in recording setting that allows you to record a Google Voice conversation. The recorded calls are directly sent after to your Gmail account. However, if you want to record Google Voice calls that can be saved directly on your local computer or add some edit to the file. You can use the Google Voice call recorder from AceThinker.
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