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Top 9 Alternative Sites Like Grooveshark

feature sites like groovesharkAs a very hot web-based music streaming service which was started more than 10 years ago, Grooveshark had attracted millions of people's attention. It was founded in March 2006 and soon became a very famous music platform. Although it had a goal of helping fans share and discover music, it failed to secure licenses from rights holders for most of its music resources. It was shut down in 2015. The sudden death of a great music platform like Grooveshark made its users have to go for other available services. To provide some help for looking for other websites that can take the place of Grooveshark. 10 most popular alternative sites like Grooveshark are listed here for your to stream music on the computer and mobile devices. They all have a similar service as Grooveshark, and the most important point is that they are all free to use.

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Pricing: $15 per month.
Distinctive feature: It has a stats page, embedded widgets, and the tracks are timely commented.

Soundcloud is a popular music-sharing site that has launched the careers of many music artists. Many amateur music artists choose to make this platform their stepping stone to a greater chance of getting scouted due to its popularity. Soundcloud is a great place to discover quality music from upcoming artists. The site is free to use but requires registration for the full experience. You need to go for premium service if you want to add additional features or upload longer hours of audio. The mobile version is available on the Google Play Store for Android, and Apple App Store on iOS devices. You can download SoundCloud to MP3 with an MP3 downloader.

groovealternativesound cloud


Pricing: $9.99
Distinctive feature: It can play instant music and allows you to listen in offline mode.

Spotify is the second one in the list and becomes another best website like Grooveshark. It authorizes you to create your favorite playlist and enjoy your favorite music library, artists, and celebrities whenever and wherever possible. Also, you are even able to create a personalized radio station in Spotify. The same as SoundCloud, typical users of Spotify can only enjoy limited features at no cost. If you want to get all permissions and enjoy commercial-free web pages, you have to pay for it.



Pricing: $3.99 per month for Rdio Select, and $9.99 per month for Rdio unlimited.
Distinctive feature: It shows the artist's page and can do smart sharing.

Rdio is a lovely Grooveshark replacement, and it has almost the same features as SoundCloud and Spotify. This website offers two kinds of services, which include a free version and a premium version. The free version provides limited features and low-quality music. Still, the other version can assure you of unlimited functions and enables you to enjoy the commercial-free and top-quality sound. The main reason Rdio's stands out is that it allows you to download not just your favorite songs, but also the full albums. What's more, Rdio empowers its users to customize radio stations and play-list.


YouTube Music

Pricing: $3.16 per month.
Distinctive feature: You can search the song by merely typing the lyrics.

One of the newest and emerging music streaming application is YouTube Music. Due to the requests of most users, Google created this music streaming platform that is available as a website for PC and an app for mobile phones. Additionally, it creates various playlists and recommendations based on the featured artists or genres you prefer. One unique function of YouTube Music is that it showcases live performances in video format, which is not available for other music streaming sites. However, the premium features it offers to require to purchase the license or to listen to music ad-free. But still, YouTube Music provides a one-month free trial for new users to test their services.

listen to music

Pricing: $3 per month.
Distinctive feature: You can easily track the logging or the last music you searched and play within its Scrobbling feature. is a large and famous platform for streaming music. When you enter this website, a very artistic homepage with trendy artists will appear in front of your eyes. Besides, you are enabled to enjoy those sounds that are selected by others and visit their communities. Similarly, also empowers its users to upload their music, create personalized play-list, and even support the sharing function to Facebook. Moreover, the embedded "Audioscrobbler" system makes it possible to record every user's preference and recommend similar pages for users when they come to this website again. Users can use at no cost, but you have to pay $3.00 per month for its subscription.



Pricing: $25 per 6 months.
Distinctive feature: It has online mixtapes of 8 tracks, and it can share it online.

Another great alternative to Grooveshark is 8tracks. It claims to have more than 2 million songs in the music library for its users to choose from. Besides, all users are empowered to create their playlists in 8tracks. What's more, 8tracks is compatible with many platforms, such as Xbox, Windows, MAC, Blackberry, iOS, and Android. Just like other music platforms we mentioned above, 8tracks offers two different versions as well. One is free, and the other one is premium. There is also a trial-free version that allows you to enjoy the commercial-free experience for 14 days freely. However, 8tracks also has a disadvantage. It is not available in every country. It only serves in Canada and the United States now.



Pricing: $14.99 per month.
Distinctive feature: It can sync and play music while offline, and it shows you the lyrics of the song.

When it comes to websites for streaming music, Deezer is similar to Grooveshark and is definitely considered one of the most popular websites. It has over 10 million valid users. It also has a huge collection of more than 100 million musical selections and 43 million songs in the library. Besides, the main reason that makes Deezer become a popular Grooveshark alternative is the possession of many distinctive features. Besides, when you listen to a song, it shows up the lyrics along with the rhythm.

deezer home page

Pricing: $4.50 a month.
Distinctive feature: It can do tracklisting automatically, and it plays music in lossless and high fidelity audio quality. is another exceptional Grooveshark replacement. This website is something new for many people. Still, it raised to fame swiftly and has caught a large number of people's attention, so it is considered to be one of the best music platforms now. is a newly developed website that starts in 2013. Also similar to other music streaming sites in this list, enables its users to upload, stream, podcast, record, and promote their favorite songs free. It also supports sharing your desired music to people in the world at no cost. homescreen


Pricing: $1.99 per month.
Distinctive feature: It can connect to YouTube and Spotify, and it can collect all the songs you discover online.

Playmoss has a very attractive Grooveshark replacement feature that enables its users to personalize their play-list. Playmoss can record your detailed searching track and collect all your favorite musical contents. The most crucial point is that it supports all the songs from Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and even YouTube. Furthermore, Playmoss empowers its users to share their favorite play-list with other people in the world and enables them to join other communities. Playmoss is a totally free music streaming website, and it only requires to register an account.


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Last updated on April 30, 2021

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