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How to Screen Record Anything with Ease

It's straightforward to capture videos with a screen recorder. Here is the simple guide to get your started.

Step 1 Set Up the Recording Settings

Launch the program on your computer and select the recording method you need from the main interface. Afterwards, you can set the recording parameters such as recording area, output format, output folder, etc.

Step 2 Record Your Video

Once the settings are OK, click the red Record button to start the recording process. In the recording, you can annotate the screen with various elements as you need.

Step 3 Save the Recorded Video

When the recording is over, click the Stop button to end the recording and it will be saved to the preset folder and display the recording history. You can then edit the video with the built-in tools.

Best All-in-one Screen Recorder for Everyone

No matter you're a video enthusiast, social sharer, gamer, content creator, teacher, student, business manager, newbie or professional, as long as you need to record on-screen video, don’t miss this screen recorder. Start recording your video today!

Record Any Screen
Video Recorder

It enables you to record any kind of activities on your computer screen, including videos, gameplays, mouse movements, etc. Moreover, you can capture the entire screen or just select a specific area to record for various purposes. The recorded video can be saved in MP4, MOV, MPEG, WebM, GIF, etc. for playing and sharing on different media players and platforms. Besides the general Video Recorder mode that allows you to record customized area, it also offers other recording modes like Window Recorder, Last Recorder, Advanced Recorder, etc. to fulfill all your needs.

Record Your Webcam
Webcam Recorder

Want to show your game skills on YouTube, Twitch or other platforms? With this screen recorder, you can record gameplay videos in stunning 4K resolution at 60 frames without any lags. It provides a game recording mode that allows you to lock and record only the gameplay window while eliminating all the distractions. Moreover, you can add the webcam and narrations for better explanation. Just go ahead to record your gameplay highlights and share with friends or followers.

Record Phone Screen
Phone Recorder

Apart from recording video and audio on your computer, you can also use it to mirror and display the screen of iOS or Android mobile devices on PC. This function is perfect if you want to create a tutorial video demonstrating how to use an app on the mobile on the bigger display. Simply connect your phone to the computer via QR Code or Pin Code and start to record your phone screen with ease. The quality of the output video is guranteed and you can also take screenshots while recording the phone screen.

Record Any Sound
Audio Recorder

You can record only the audio from system, capture only the microphone voice or record audio from both the system sound and microphone simultaneously without any hiccups in a few simple click to suit all your needs. Whether you want to record online music, business calls, voice chats, live broadcasts, your own singing/statement, etc., you can rely on this audio recording software to get exactly what you want. With the microphone noise cancellation and microphone enhancement features, the background noises are removed and human voices are guaranteed to be clear.

Screenshot Screen
Capture Screenshot

Apart from video and audio recording, this screen recorder is also a convenient free screenshot software that lets you capture and screenshot any area on your computer screen. You can take snapchosts of a full screen, a specified region or a scrolling window as you prefer. Besides, you're free to draw and mark up on the captured images before saving them as JPG, PNG, BMP and so on.

Extra Highlights for More Efficient Screen Recording

It's definitely one of the best screen recording software for you to record everything on computer screen. Here are some more features it offers for you to get the greatest recording experience.
Real-Time Annotation

Add texts, shapes, lines, highlights, etc. to your recording in real-time to offer explanations or emphasize some points.

Scheduled Recording

Set up the recording with designated time in advance and let the program start the recording automatically.

Smart Video Editing

With the built-in video editor, you can freely trim, split, merge, compress videos, etc. after the recording.

Mouse and Keystroke Effects

Capture mouse cursors, mouse clicks, and keystrokes for others for easy tracking of your actions in the recording.

Auto Stop Recording

You can set up the recording duration and let the software stop the recording automatically as you prefer.

Add Watermark

Add your logo to the video during the recording to protect your content from being distributed without permission.

Lock Window

Lock and record only the particular window while eliminating all the other distractions.

Customizable Shortcuts

Set your customized hotkeys to start, stop, pause, resume recording, etc. fore more convenient recording.

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