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The Most Reliable Tools to View PDF Metadata on Any Platforms

metadata viewer Metadata is known as data information that contains other data. It serves many important roles like data description, information system, and descriptive data. Since metadata consists of images and flowcharts, some of the office formats won't be easily read. That is why many users use a PDF editor to view metadata easily. With a PDF editor, you can not only view metadata but also edit it if you need to add new information. Most of the companies use metadata to provide informative, descriptive, and administrative metadata all at once. It is so helpful to maintain the text fonts and image quality when you open a PDF metadata file. Therefore, we have searched for the best PDF metadata viewer tools that can read PDF metadata.

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Best Tool to View and Edit PDF Metadata

AceThinker PDF Writer

The first PDF metadata viewer that can read metadata is the AceThinker PDF Writer. This tool can not only read the metadata file but also edit it to enhance your PDF. This tool can also help you secure your PDF metadata file by encrypting a password. You can also manage your PDF file by merging multiple pages or split an unwanted page. You can sign on your PDF file with this tool on your metadata PDF if it needs your signature. Besides, you can fill out a form if your metadata PDF consist of personal information. With AceThinker PDF Writer, you can make a new metadata PDF file with all the information you need to put and share it with your friends and colleagues. On the other hand, we listed down the steps on how to find metadata using PDF Writer.

Step 1 Download and install AceThinker PDF Writer

First, download the installer of AceThinker PDF Writer by clicking one of the "Download" buttons below. Then, launch the driver and follow the guidelines on installing the tool on your computer.

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Step 2 Open the specific file

Next, open the metadata PDF file that you want to view. To do that, run the PDF Writer, and click the "Open Files…" button from the bottom leftmost part of the tool. Then, find the PDF file that you want to open to start viewing it.


Step 3 View and manage metadata PDF file

Since you opened the metadata PDF file, you can start viewing it. You can also enhance your data by using the PDF Writer's toolbar. You can convert, edit, manage pages, encrypt a password, put a signature, and add comments on your PDF. Once done, you can save your PDF on the "File" menu, choose the "Save" option, and choose your preferred file location. You can also press the "CTRL+S" key on your keyboard to save the polished metadata PDF file on your PC.


Alternative PDF Metadata Viewers You Can Use

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. It is free software that lets you view, edit, print, and comment on PDF, especially for metadata PDF files. You can also control your PDF file by combining numerous PDFs to save space when saving it. You can also enhance your metadata by putting annotations like shapes, arrows, texts, and lines. Besides, you can secure your metadata that contains confidential data by setting a password on your PDF, which can help you to avoid unauthorized access to your document. With all of the said features of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, you can view and polish all kinds of metadata PDF you have.


2. PDFYeah

Next on our list that can view metadata PDF is the PDFYeah. This web-based tool is primarily made for converting PDF files to Word, PPT, Excel, images, and vice versa. Of course, reading metadata PDF files is a simple task with PDFYeah. Besides, you can repair corrupted PDF files with this tool. PDFYeah can also turn PDF to HTML, XPS, PostScript, and it can also remove unwanted metadata files. Moreover, you can rotate your PDF, decompress, and extract images and put them to your metadata PDF. You can enhance your metadata PDF by changing or adding new information regarding the metadata PDF file's content. For that reason, PDFYeah is worth trying if you want to view and edit a metadata PDF file.


If you're looking for a different online tool, try PDFChef. This all-in-one PDF tool provides several functions like converting, editing, and re-arranging PDF pages and files. Moreso, it has a desktop version that features advanced functions like creating an entire PDF file with images, and others.

3. Get-Metadata

Get-Metadata is an online tool for reading hidden metadata on your file. It will undoubtedly view the metadata no matter its documented info, image, or video EXIF. Get-Metadata can check all the information about a PDF metadata file, even the security terms of it. Also, images that contain EXIF data can be read by this tool, which means you can see where and when the photo was taken. Same with the video metadata, as long as you upload the file on Get-Metadata, it will show you all the hidden metadata information. All of the unseen details on your metadata PDF will be shown with Get-Metadata.


4. FileTagSleuth

FileTagSleuth is a decent photo, PDF, and EXIF metadata viewer. By dragging and dropping the metadata files in this tool, you can view what's inside your file. You can also get the ID3 tag, photo tag, and other useful data from files like PNG, JPG, RAW, AAC, MP3, PDF, and many more. Also, FileTagSleuth allows you to search for all the information you need from a thousand of files quickly. It can be useful whenever you want to explore the data, and you do not know the full details. Another good thing about FileTagSleuth is you can use all of its features for free.


5. ExifTool

ExifTool is a command prompt based tool for viewing metadata on each file you have. It shows you all the accurate details you need about your metadata file. You can support files like EXIF, images, MP3, and PDF files on ExifTool and see all the hidden data you need from them. Also, this tool can extract thumbnail images, preview images, and the large JPR and RAW files to help you save space on your storage. Moreover, you can delete unwanted metadata individually, by groups, or all together. This fast, safe, and reliable metadata viewer will surely help you to view all the information you need to see on your PDF file.



You can now see all the hidden information on your metadata file with all of the said tools above. Each tool has its unique features, but they can surely view metadata PDF files. Also, with some of these tools, you can create, edit, fill up, signature, and protect your metadata file while you read it. Since these tools can be used on Windows and Mac there is no doubt that you can check all the information you need on each metadata PDF file you have. So don't hesitate to try all of the tools in this article if you want to see what's inside your file.

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Last updated on April 1, 2021

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