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Top 10 PDF Compressor to Reduce PDF File Size

pdf compressorWe all know that PDF is considered as the best file format for sharing documents. It preserves the formatting of the file even after the process of transferring. The only problem though is that you won’t be able to transfer a PDF document with a large file size. This happens if the content of the file contains multiple pages, rich texts, and images. In such situations, people tend to revise the content by removing text, images, or pages from the content. Foxit PDF Compressor is a famous and very good tool to help you reduce the PDF size. And there are also many great PDF compressors like Foxit PDF Compressor you can use to compress and optimize PDF. Here we have listed the best 10 Foxit PDF Compressor alternatives for your reference.

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Acethinker PDF Writer

AceThinker PDF Writer is the first Foxi PDF compressor replacement on the list. This is an excellent app, especially for compressing large PDF files into a small size PDF without affecting the quality of the file. Before the conversion process, the tool allows you to optimize images, fonts, objects, user data, and clean up some bookmarks, invalid link, and so much more. You can choose to change the color of the images into grayscale instead of removing them from the PDF file. Also, you are given the option to configure their pixel density to reduce the size of the PDF file further. For those of you who may be wondering, there’s a default setting for optimizing the content. But you can still make some changes according to your preferences by exploring through the app. Thus, here’s a simple guide on how to use AceThinker PDF Writer.

Step 1 Install AceThinker PDF Writer

Firstly, you need to download the AceThinker PDF Writer by clicking on one of the download buttons provided below. Select the right platform for your computer and then start installing the program. Run the program afterward.

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Step 2 Upload the target PDF

By now, open up the file into the program to begin compressing. Click the “File” button and find your target PDF from the file explorer. Click the “Open” button from the interface of the file explorer, and the PDF file should show on the interface of the program.

upload pdf file

Step 3 Compress PDF

Once the file is successfully uploaded, you can now start compressing PDF documents to reduce its file size. Click once more on the “File” button and select “Optimize current document.” Then, a PDF Optimize window should pop up. From here, you can do some configuration to reduce the file size of the PDF file. You may choose to modify the PPI of the image, embed or retain fonts, discard objects, or user data. Once all are set, click the “OK” button at the bottom to save the changes made. Make sure to set it to the folder where you can easily find the compressed file.

start compression

Price: $29.95


  • Customize compression profile
  • Offers support to Mac and Windows devices
  • Loaded with useful PDF tools

  • Free trial comes with watermark

Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is another good option you can consider using when compressing PDF into a small size PDF. This is a lightweight program available on Mac and Windows platforms. The tool offers an instant way for file compression. Otherwise, if you want to manually optimize the content of the PDF including, fonts, images, objects, etc. you can also do so. If you wish, you may also discard document information and multimedia, which helps you reduce more the size of the file. Moreover, the app has an online version that allows you to reduce the document's file size without having to install its desktop app.

foxit phantompdf compression

Price: $13.99


  • Compress from scanned PDF
  • Has online tutorials and manuals available

  • Complicated setup of features

PDF Compressor

Next on the list is PDF Compressor. This is a PDF tool designed to compress PDF files with the benefit of compression value configuration for a much better output. Also, it allows you to reduce the file size of the scanned PDF document. That means if you don’t a soft copy of your PDF file, you can still send it to other individuals with reduced file size. In addition to that, users don’t have to worry about the encrypted PDF file as this tool can read through them and reduces the file size effectively without any quality loss.

pdf compressor

Price: $29.95


  • Merely developed for PDF compression
  • Offers additional functions that compression

  • Low compression quality

Nice PDF

If you are looking for a PDF compressor like Foxit PDF compressor, Nice PDF is for you. It can compress PDF file from its actual size to a high quality compressed PDF document. It comes with advanced functions for shrinking document file size. This includes using Flate and RunLength, which is a lossless form of data compression, making it easier to be transferred. Just like the early mentioned tools, this software allows you to set the compression level to generate a reduced PDF file with the smallest size possible. Furthermore, this tool allows you to compress PDF files one at a time and gives you the advantage of compressing a folder of PDF documents.

nice pdf app

Price: $69.00


  • Intuitive and sleek user interface
  • Available in different languages

  • Available only for Windows

PDF Reducer

Looking for another effective PDF compressor? Look no further than PDF Reducer. This is powerful and fast compression software that can reduce file size up to 80%. This compressor can remove objects and data you no longer need. It works by recognizing the document as Black&White and reduce the file size by encoding them as plain B&W documents. Also, it reduces the size of the high-resolution images and encodes PDF to plain B&W retaining the original quality. Aside from PDF files, this tool can also decrease the file size of other document formats.

pdf reducer app

Price: $199.00


  • Easy and simple interface
  • Shrink PDF file size instantly

  • Way expensive than other programs

PDF Squeezer

If you prefer to reduce file size using your Mac computer, you should go with PDF Squeezer. This is a decent PDF compressor with a user-friendly interface supporting multiple PDF files compression. Also, it supports the drag-and-drop function for uploading a file and compresses the file in an instant. Moreover, you can set your preferred compression setup or use the recommended compression value set as default in the app. And, as we know, people used to send files online, which puts your PDF at risk. Thus, the software is integrated with a file protection feature to add a security layer to your confidential document.

pdf squeezer program

Price: $5.99


  • Fast offline PDF compressor
  • Allows configuration of compression filter

  • Exclusive for Mac


You can also perform reducing PDF file size using PDFOptim. This is very helpful for shrinking PDF files with images that are large in size. This works by lowering the resolution of images from your PDF file. Also, it has available color presets, including CMYK, RGB, Gray color, and Monochrome profiles, which can help users decrease PDF files into the smallest size. Similarly, the program supports compressing PDF files in batch, which means you can process multiple PDF files as you like. For added compression filters, PDFOptime comes with JPEG compression and quality control to produce the best output. Most of all, it lets you preserve your customized compression filter or stick with the compression filter initially set by the application.

pdf optim app

Price: $2.99


  • Preview compressed PDF real-time
  • Batch compression is supported

  • Issues with workability

ExSqueeze It

Designed to shrink PDF file size while managing to deliver the best quality, ExSqueeze It is worth considering the program. This app reduces PDF file size even if the PDF file is loaded with so many high-quality pictures. Although it is only exclusive for Mac platforms, it offers types of output PDF quality that includes very high, high, medium, low, and very low. But even at its lowest quality output, you can still see a great result as if you are looking at the original quality of the PDF file. Also, you can preview the reduced PDF in real-time for your convenience and save it anytime.

exsqueeze app

Price: $3.99


  • Uses advanced memory management
  • Delivers high quality compression

  • Free version is only available in three languages

PDF Utils

PDF Utils is also a good means to compress PDF files using your Android device. This is a mobile application that is composed of PDF tools, including conversion, split, merge, reorder, and a lot more. It also supports PDF compression allowing you to reduce the file of a PDF document. The program can be easily installed from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. The only problem though, is it contains ads that may interrupt you from processing your PDF file. Yet, if you want to avoid these ads and experience a seamless PDF file processing, you can purchase the app's upgraded version.

pdf utils app

Price: $4.99


  • Decent compression quality
  • Best offline compression tool

  • Color images are inverted after the process

Compress PDF

It is also possible to compress PDF on your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad through the help of Compress PDF. The app uses the JPEG format for images to decrease the size of images and the overall size of the PDF document. As per chances, the file size can be reduced by up to 90% when using this software. This results in faster transfer speed and files load up. For added features, users can import PDF from Dropbox, Mail, Safari, and other supported apps. You can also share PDF via Wifi file transfer by using a web-browser or WebDAV clients. On the other hand, you can transfer via USB with the help of iTunes.

compress pdf app

Price: $4.99


  • Single-function app to reduce PDF file size
  • Premium version compress PDF in fast manner

  • Very slow when shrinking large file


You have now learned the tools for compressing your PDF file. Through the help of the app mentioned above, you will be able to send your large PDF files without worrying about the size limit. Regarding the best app, it will definitely depend on your preferences. The choice now is yours. However, if you are still not sure where to begin with, AceThinker PDF Writer is a recommended program. It is designed to be helpful and has a friendly user interface allowing you to easily compress your PDF file and do all your PDF processing.

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