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The 6 Best ePub Reader for Windows and Mac

featured image best epub reader When you go through the printed books, you can read it only at the places of your convenience. Whereas using a free eBook reader, there is a lot of flexibility you can maintain in reading. As a matter of fact, printed books are immovable as per the reader's needs. Still, eBook Reader, like ePub reader free, is actually a lot easier to read at any place. We would like to best describe eBooks through the analogy of clay. ePub Readers is much more malleable, just like the clay. According to the readers' needs, they can change the font size or style and maintain line spacing and page margin.

Well, the ePub reader free online can not only assist you in reading for the specific eBooks, but you can read any type of electronic book. Moreover, it does not matter if you are reading it either through a tablet or a phone. There are still the paragraphs and chapters where you can manage the formatting, but besides this, your texts will certainly fit on the screen. You can review various solutions for the ePub readers in the following descriptions. There are some of the best free ePub Readers for both the windows and Mac. To look out for the best free eBook reader, you need to know something about open-source and commercial software. Here, we are dealing with the open-source version of the free eBook reader. You can opt for some of the best free ePub reader through the following software.

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Calibre is classified in the category of the open-source eBook manager and reader. It is a free ePub reader available for the users. This tool can allow you to change the font's size, metadata, and margins by adding the table of auto-generated content. Through this application, it is extremely helpful in managing the eBook collection.

Key Features:

Calibre has some of the great features that ePub reader free online has. It is one of the highly comprehensive eBook viewers. You can also download the available new/magazines from the web through this application. You can also use it to edit your books in the collection. In terms of sharing and backing up the library, it does quite easily. It also supports the need for every eBook, and hence operates in a fine-tune.

interface calibre

Supporting Platform:

Calibre's supporting platforms are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.


This application does not cost you the price.

Adobe Digital Editions

Going through another ePub Reader free, Adobe Digital Edition is one of them. It is also one of the topmost rated ePub readers for online free. Due to the ease of using it, Adobe Digital Editions has been one of the topmost free ePub Readers. This tool is responsible and will allow you to download as well as purchase the digital content. Moreover, you can also read it either through the offline mode or through an online one. So, it is often considered as a suitable tool as an ePub reader online. The primary significance is that it allows you to look out for the major keywords across any eBook chapter.

Key Features:

If you are keen on some of the features of ePub Reader Free, then you can look at the features of Adobe Digital Editions. Through the digital editions, this app allows you to borrow eBooks from different public libraries. Also, it is useful for windows 10. If you are looking out for ePub reader free Windows 10, you can use this one. Moreover, this helps you in organizing and managing publications and devices with ADE. This also allows you to view your eBook in multiple formats like PDF, EPUB3, and EPUB.

interface adobe digital edition

Supporting Platform:

The supporting Platform for the Adobe Digital Editions is Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS.


A free eBook reader like Adobe Digital Editions does not cost you the price. Indeed, if you go through online, it is free. Thus, it is also called an ePub reader free online.

Amazon Kindle

Looking out for another good ePub Reader Free? Then you can opt for Amazon Kindle. This application is specially designed and built for book lovers. You can view millions of eBooks along with textbooks and comics in the form of English or any other language. This is also a widely used ePub reader online.

Key Features:

Alongside reading offline, you can also read it in an online mode through Amazon Kindle. If you are looking for an ePub reader online free, you can go for this application. If you buy this once, then you can read anywhere and everywhere. This app's utmost feature is searching for any topic, section, or character and then finding it instantly. Moreover, you can also change the font size, color, background color, or any other reading columns due to its flexibility. Furthermore, it also helps you take notes, highlight the essential parts. If you decide to buy it, you can read the first page free of cost.

interface amazon kindle

Supporting Platform:

Some of the Supporting Platforms of Amazon Kindle are iOS, Linux, Windows.


Looking for the best ePub reader online? Then, it might cost you. The cost is about $129 and 99 cents. This app allows you to read the first page for free if you decide to buy it.


Another free eBook reader that you can take is the Kobo. It is, in fact, a multipurpose ePub reader free for the users. You can just start on this and then switch on to another. The choices are endless.

Key Features:

This is also an ePub reader online. Actually, it has a large space to accommodate the thousands of eBooks. You can also discover a lot of recommendations for this application. While you are reading, it is built-in Comfort Light to access you for better nighttime reading during the nighttime. Most importantly, it also has features that are customizable easily.

interface kobo

Supporting Platform:

The best free ePub reader supports Windows, Android, and iOS.


The pricing aspect of this ePub reader is talked about on various platforms. In fact, you can download it for free. So, it does not cost your money.


Freda is one in a group of ePub reader free online. It is software that helps in reading electronic books. This is often called a universal eBook app, which will run effectively on your tablet PC or the Desktop PC.

Key Features:

This eBook Reader free helps you to do bookmarks and annotations as per your need. Moreover, it can also help you integrate with some of the online catalogs kike Smashwords, Gutenberg, and Feedbooks. This tool also allows you to connect with DropBox or OneDrive to download the books. This indeed links up with your caliber book library. Another most important feature is that this helps to synchronize your devices with any of the reading contents.

interface freda

Supporting Platform:

The supporting Platform for this free eBook reader is Windows, Android, and iOS.


Wonder how much this ePub reader is free, and it costs you? In reality, it does not cost you.

Librera Reader

Librera Reader is another free eBook reader that has outstanding features and is customizable. This feature allows you to read eBooks in any format.

Key Features:

This ePub reader free online actually provides support for online catalogs and for the clouds. It also has the configurable Day and Night modes. Moreover, this has the Custom CSS code input. Also, there is a provision for auto and manual centering of the documents.

interface librera reader

Supporting Platform:

The supporting Platform for this ePub reader free online is Android.


As the name goes, this ePub reader free does not cost you any money.

How to Open EPub Files in Windows 10/Mac?

Wondering how to access for ePub reader free Windows 10? Then here is some of the useful information that might be helpful to you. If you would like to open ePub on Windows 10 and on mac, you can consider using Microsoft Edge. The user interface of Microsoft Edge is not very sophisticated. Then you can go to the option named "Open the Calibre Website." This website aids you in opening and collecting EPUB files. Then, Click on the Download Option. This tab is present on the upper right side of the page. After that, click in the Windows option, which is present on the left side. Then new windows appear and then click on the Download Calibre option. This is present at the near top of the page. Next, the Install Calibre Option displays on the window. You can also go for the launch Calibre option after going through the previous option. Make sure that you navigate through the setup of Calibre. Then, finally, add the ePub file into the Calibre Setup. Here you are, ready to go.

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