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SmallPDF is a popular online platform with a suite of PDF tools. It can compress, convert and edit PDF files. This tool has been recommended because of its ease of use as it helps users to manage their PDF file needs quickly and efficiently. Some of the features of SmallPDF include merging, splitting, and password protection. However, the tool has limitations, such as with larger files or complex editing needs. It also requires an internet connection, which is ideal for those with limited access. PDF tools are crucial for professionals who often need to manage and convert a large volume of documents. SmallPDF alternative software is included in this article. Continue your search below for the best tool that provides similar or additional features to SmallPDF.

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What are SmallPDF Alternatives?

A. Definition of SmallPDF Alternatives

Small PDF alternatives are other PDF tools or software that offer similar or additional features to SmallPDF. You can pick from various options, online or offline, that work on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Each tool may have its unique features, pricing, and limitations. Some may require installation on a computer that is recommended for users who need to work with larger and more complex documents. Moreover, websites like SmallPDF offer the convenience of being accessible from anywhere with internet availability. Also, a mobile version of the tool may be available for those who need to edit PDF files on the go. Even with the popularity of SmallPDF, many alternatives can meet all your PDF needs.

definition of smallpdf alternatives

B. How they work

Software like SmallPDF work by providing users with a suite of PDF tools that can be used to compress, convert, and edit PDF files. These tools, similar to SmallPDF, are designed to simplify the management of PDF files. However, they may differ in user interface, functionality, and cost. Some alternatives may offer additional features that SmallPDF does not have. It includes the OCR or the ability to create fillable forms. One of the ideal functions is the capability to recognize text in scanned documents using OCR technology. It can make searching for specific information within the document much better. Advanced OCR tools can even recognize handwriting and convert it into editable text. This feature makes the alternative stand out from SmallPDF's capabilities.

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C. Features of Smallpdf Alternatives

Alternative to SmallPDF offers a wide range of features that can meet the desire of various users. Some common features are important before choosing an alternative to SmallPDF. It is crucial to consider the given features to make the decision-making procedure easier. Please click here to learn more.

  • PDF Editing and Annotations: Sites like SmallPDF offer PDF editing and annotation features. It lets users adjust the content of their PDF files. This feature includes adding or deleting text, formatting changes, and inserting media files. Some alternatives allow for annotations. It includes comments, highlights, or drawing tools to be added to PDF files.
  • PDF Conversion: Like SmallPDF, numerous alternatives provide conversion tools for PDF files. It can transform various formats to and from PDF documents. Most file formats, including Microsoft Office, images, and web pages, are supported. Conversion is done chiefly with the OCR function. It recognizes text and images from scanned PDF documents. This feature allows users to save the converted document as a searchable or editable document.
  • Batch Processing: Some alternatives offer batch-processing features. It allows users to process multiple files simultaneously. They can import multiple PDF files simultaneously and set the desired output for one-time conversion. This feature eliminates the need to convert files individually. The use of batch processing saves users time and effort.
  • Advanced OCR Technology: One of the best features and review for SmallPDF is the advanced OCR technology. This technology provides greater accuracy and the ability to recognize handwriting. Searching for specific information within a document becomes much easier. It works when the OCR recognizes handwritten text and converts it into editable text.
  • Reliable to Use: For concerns like "Is smallPDF legal? A reliable alternative is highly recommended. One of the factors of a SmallPDF alternative is that it should be reliable to use. Your documents are guaranteed to be private and secure. In addition, it should be a trusted source that doesn't compromise the integrity of your files.

features of smallpdf alternatives

Advantages of Using SmallPDF Alternatives

  • A. More Options and Customization: More features allow users to customize their PDF documents according to their specific needs. This leads to greater flexibility and user satisfaction. In addition, it becomes easier to perform editing, annotations, and conversions more precisely.
  • B. More Affordable Pricing: Pricing is an essential factor that should not be overlooked. If budget constraints are your concern and you're searching for an affordable option, consider using a SmallPDF alternative. Consider alternative solutions to SmallPDF to save money without sacrificing quality. Evaluate options carefully to find the most cost-effective and competitive option with valuable functions for your workflow.
  • C. Better Privacy and Security: Is smallPDF safe? Well, smallPDF is a secure platform for document processing. Therefore, alternative options may provide even greater security and privacy measures. However, they must offer end-to-end encryption and do not store user data. It can be particularly advantageous for sensitive or confidential documents.
  • D. Offline Usage: Software and website similar to SmallPDF offer the option of offline usage. It means that users can work on documents without an internet connection. Working offline can be particularly advantageous in areas with limited internet access or when a reliable internet connection is unavailable. Plus, offline usage gives users greater control over their documents. It ensures they are not accidentally uploaded to the cloud or shared without authorization.

advantages of using smallpdf alternatives

Types of SmallPDF Alternatives

1. AcePDF

AcePDF stands out as one of the top SmallPDF alternatives. It offers many features, such as PDF editing and annotations and PDF conversions, batch processing capabilities, and advanced OCR technology. AcePDF boasts a user-friendly interface and is available in the offline version. This software is secure and reliable. Users have the option to modify their PDF files. It includes adding text, pages, and images in a PDF file. It can also identify PDF fonts and convert scanned images without the hassle. The tools feature advanced OCR technology. It offers higher text recognition accuracy. It recognizes handwritten text and enables users to search for specific information. If your business heavily relies on paper documents, this could be an excellent alternative option for you. AcePDF supports multiple output formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Moreover, users can convert and extract documents in different languages. It includes Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and English. Plus, converting and editing documents with large files is supported. It has become a better alternative to SmallPDF due to its comprehensive features and versatility.

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2. iLovePDF

ILovePDF is an online PDF tool that is similar to SmallPDF. Its primary purpose is to help you convert and edit files online. One of its prominent tools is the ability to eliminate the size of PDF files without compromising on quality. Editing files with iLovePDF is simple and efficient. Numerous tools are offered in separate tabs. There are options to convert PDF files to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, or Excel. You can use the tool to convert or save files in PDF format and unlock or remove protections from PDFs. Additionally, iLovePDF allows you to add page numbers and change their position to suit your needs. iLovePDF is similar to SmallPDF, enabling users to import and export files from cloud drives like Google Drive and Dropbox. With iLovePDF, you can access a wider range of features to help you manage your PDFs than SmallPDF. It includes conversion, editing, splitting, merging, compression, rotation, protection, unlocking, and watermarking.

ilovepdf as smallpdf alternative

3. PDFelement for Mobile

PDFelement is one of the most popular SmallPDF similar sites and applications used on mobile devices. It offers PDF editing features, adding e-signatures and comments right from the convenience of your mobile device. This PDF tool is perfect for users who want advanced features for editing PDF documents. It has a strong iOS version and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This tool makes it a great option for Android users who need efficient and reliable document management software. Furthermore, it has the better feature of allowing users to edit images and text in PDF files, merge documents and split them into different parts. PDF file sharing is also easy with PDFelement for Mobile with PDFelement's cloud service.

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