Sejda Alternative: Unleash the Full Potential of Your PDFs

sejda alternativeEvery day, countless PDF files are being shared on the internet. Sejda, a popular online platform for editing PDFs, has gained a reputation among its users as they delve into the realm of digital documents. But what if Sejda doesn't quite fit your specific needs? Its editing capabilities appear too limited, its daily usage limits don't match your needs, or its costs seem excessive. Regardless of the reason, searching for an appropriate substitute is quite common. Below acts as your navigational tool for top Sejda alternative, catering to a wide range of needs and budgets. We'll showcase top-tier options designed for heavy users, explore affordable alternatives for those needing occasional PDF work, and point out services that excel in specific areas, such as seamless collaboration or editing on the go.

Top Sejda Alternative

Here are the top 8 PDF editor like Sejda. It's important to note that free plans typically have limitations such as file size restrictions, output watermarking, and daily usage limits. If you need more advanced features or unlimited use, consider a paid plan.

1. AcePDF

AcePDF isn't just an editor, it's a complete PDF manager. You can edit text and images directly within PDFs, convert them to editable formats like Word or Excel, and even split, merge, and compress them for easier handling. It's like having a one-stop shop for all your PDF needs.

Unique Feature:

  • Simple as ABC: Forget intimidating interfaces! AcePDF boasts a clean and intuitive design, making it a breeze to use, even for beginners.
  • All-in-One Arsenal: Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools! AcePDF equips you with editing, converting, splitting, merging, and compressing functionalities under one roof.
  • Speedy Performance: Time is precious. AcePDF ensures smooth and efficient processing, letting you focus on your work without waiting for PDFs to load or edit.
  • Lifetime License Option: Ditch the subscription trap! AcePDF offers a budget-friendly one-time payment for a lifetime license, perfect for cost-conscious users like myself.

Compatibility: While it reigns supreme on Windows, Mac and Linux users might have to wait a bit longer for their turn. (Here's hoping for a wider platform reach!)

Supported Formats: AcePDF plays well with all the popular players: PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and image formats like JPG and PNG.\

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  • A User-friendly interface makes PDF editing a walk in the park.
  • All-encompassing features save me time and effort.
  • Blazing-fast processing keeps my workflow uninterrupted.
  • The lifetime license option is a wallet-friendly perk.

  • Editing capabilities might feel a bit limited compared to high-end PDF editing software.
  • A free trial adds a watermark to your edited PDFs.

2. Smallpdf

This easy-to-use online PDF editor like Sejda, provides a collection of fundamental PDF editing features, such as dividing, combining, shrinking, and replace text in PDF. It also lets you switch between PDF and well-known formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Although the free plan comes with some restrictions (like a limit of two uses per hour and a watermark on the results), it's an excellent option for occasional PDF work.

Unique Feature: A notable feature is its seamless integration with various cloud storage platforms, including popular ones like Google Drive and Dropbox. This enables users to access and modify PDF files stored in their cloud storage accounts directly.

Compatibility: Accessible via the web, compatible with any browser-enabled device.
Supported Formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and more.

smallpdf main interface


  • Perfect for quick edits
  • Conversions across various formats

  • A limit of two uses per hour and a watermark on the results can be frustrating for frequent use.

3. iLovePDF

Just like any PDF editor similar to Sejda, iLovePDF offers a collection of free PDF editing tools. You can combine, split, compress PDFs, and even change them to and from other formats. They also let you sign documents electronically, and there are many things, but there are limitations. The free plan allows you to use it three times a day and only with files under 10 MB.

Unique Feature: It provides an integrated e-signing tool at no cost, eliminating the necessity of using standalone e-signing services for fundamental requirements.

Compatibility: Accessible via the web, compatible with any browser-enabled device.
Supported Formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and more.

ilovepdf main interface


  • User-friendly interface makes tasks a snap
  • Secure connections to protect users' files and data

  • Daily tasks of 3 times a day
  • A file size of 10 MB below limitations might be needed for demanding projects.

4. LightPDF

LightPDF offers an easy-to-use design and a wide array of PDF editing, conversion, combining, dividing, and safeguarding tools, all for free. This stands in contrast to Sejda, which charges for its features. LightPDF's entry-level plan offers unlimited tasks, making it a great option for users who regularly work with PDFs. Nonetheless, the basic plan uses a watermark on all documents and sets a maximum file size of 50 MB.

Unique Feature: The paid subscriptions offer optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, enabling the conversion of scanned PDFs containing text into editable PDFs. With LightPDF, you will learn how to OCR PDF.

Compatibility: Accessible via the web, compatible with any browser-enabled device.
Supported Formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and more.

lightpdf main inerface


  • Unlimited daily tasks on the free plan is a major win
  • A clean interface makes navigation easy

  • Watermark and file size limits can be dealbreakers for professional use on the free plan.

5. PDFescape

PDFescape is a Sejda online PDF editor alternative that provides a free digital version. However, it only includes some of the features found in the paid plans. The basic version still lets you make basic changes like adding text, inserting shapes, and adding notes. Moreover, it enables you to fill out forms and use an app to hide information.

Unique Feature: One standout feature is the ability to easily upload files through the web interface using the "Drag and Drop" functionality, enhancing the editing experience with a more intuitive approach. Paid plans provide extra features such as collaborative editing.

Compatibility: Online, works on any device with internet access.
Supported Formats: Primarily focuses on PDF editing and annotations.

pdfescape main interface


  • Free basic editing and annotation features are useful for light PDF work.

  • Limited editing features compared to paid plans and it might not be suitable for complex editing tasks

6. PDF2Go

This complimentary online app allows you to modify, transform, combine, divide, and protect your PDFs. It also enables you to type text and create simple annotations on the PDFs. Nonetheless, the free tier restricts the size of files to 50MB and includes a watermark on any PDFs you alter.

Unique Feature: It provides a "Merge by Pattern" option in its free plan, allowing you to merge multiple PDFs based on specific naming patterns and saving time for repetitive tasks. (Paid plans offer additional features like password protection without file size limits).

Compatibility: Online, works on any device with internet access.
Supported Formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and more.

pdf2go main interface


  • A wide variety of features, even in the free plan, makes it a versatile option.

  • Watermark and file size limits can be inconvenient for frequent use on the free plan.

7. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is a free tool for reading PDFs and leaving comments such as text boxes, highlights, and stamps. It's a good option for working together on PDFs since you can't actually edit the content itself.

Unique Feature: This free feature allows you to listen to the text content of a PDF document being read aloud. It is ideal for accessibility purposes or situations where you need to listen to the document rather than read it visually.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS (Free version)
Supported Formats: Primarily focuses on PDF viewing and annotations.

foxit main interface


  • Powerful annotation tools for collaboration
  • Free and readily available across platforms

  • It is not a true editor and lacks advanced editing functionalities for modifying text or layout.

8. LibreOffice

LibreOffice, a free office program you already have, can also handle basic PDF editing. While it's more fancy than some PDF-only programs, it lets you do things like add text, pictures, and logos. This Sejda PDF alternative makes it a good option for simple editing jobs, especially if you already use LibreOffice for other things.

Unique Feature: LibreOffice is not just free; it's open-source software. This allows for a high degree of customization through extensions and modifications to the program's code. If you're comfortable with tinkering, you can unlock functionalities beyond its base PDF editing capabilities.

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS (Free version)
Supported Formats: PDF, along with various document, spreadsheet, and presentation formats.

libreoffice main interface


  • Free and readily available
  • Good for basic PDF editing tasks if you already use LibreOffice

  • Limited features compared to dedicated PDF editors might need to be more suitable for complex editing needs.

9. Google Docs

Although Google Docs isn't made with editing PDFs in mind, it can still serve as a useful tool for simple text modifications. By uploading a PDF to Google Docs, you can open PDF in Word, make changes to the text, and then save it as a new PDF. This method is an excellent solution for straightforward adjustments you need to apply to your PDFs.

Unique Feature: Google Docs allows for real-time collaboration on PDFs with text content. Several users can make edits to a document at the same time, allowing them to view each other's modifications in real-time. This is a powerful feature for teamwork and shared editing tasks on PDFs.

Compatibility: Accessible via the web, compatible with any device that has a browser and a Google account.
Supported Formats: It primarily focuses on document editing (including PDFs with text content) and supports various other document formats as well.

google docs main interface


  • It is surprisingly good for simple text edits within PDFs
  • Requires no additional software installation
  • Convenient for online collaboration

  • It only handles basic text edits within PDFs
  • It is not suitable for complex editing tasks or modifying layout elements

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a free tool for basic PDF tasks like splitting, merging, and compressing. Are there any good Sejda alternatives?

Free alternatives to Sejda exist for basic PDF tasks. Popular options include Smallpdf (splitting, merging, compressing, converting with some limitations), iLovePDF (similar to Smallpdf with free e-signing but daily and file size limits), and LightPDF (comprehensive editing, converting, merging, etc., with watermark and file size limits).

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I can edit text in a Word document, but how can I edit text within a PDF for free?

Free tools have limitations for editing PDFs. Here are some options for basic edits. Google Docs: Upload a PDF, edit text, and download as a new PDF (text only). Foxit PDF Reader (Free): Add text boxes within the PDF for simple insertions (not true edits). For more advanced editing, consider paid plans or dedicated software.

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In this resource, we've examined several Sejda similar tools, each designed to meet various requirements. Should you only need to perform routine editing, conversion, and merging tasks, you'll be pleased to know there are free alternatives like Smallpdf, iLovePDF, and LightPDF. LightPDF's paid plan, while it includes watermarks, offers an unlimited selection of tasks and serves as an ideal introduction for regular users or those in need of sophisticated capabilities. For tasks that require collaboration and note-taking, Foxit PDF Reader stands out as an excellent selection. For those who already have LibreOffice, it presents a seamless solution for basic editing duties. To your surprise, Google Docs is capable of handling basic edits to PDFs. Given the extensive range of choices, you're bound to discover the ideal PDF companion that complements your work process!

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