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Do you need to delete fillable form fields from PDF?
  • Download and install the AcePDF Editor on your PC
  • Launch the tool and access the PDF file to edit
  • Remove the fillable forms and save the PDF file

We live in a digital age where PDF documents become essential to our daily lives. From job applications to legal paperwork, we rely on PDFs for many purposes. However, having a clean and organized PDF document is valuable. This is crucial for a professional and polished PDF document appearance. That's where removing fillable fields comes into play. Fillable fields can be useful for collecting information but can also clutter the document and ruin the overall aesthetic. In this article, we'll focus on the importance of having a clean PDF document. We will provide a comprehensive solution to remove fillable fields from PDF. From using reliable tools, we'll cover all the options available to make your PDF document look its best. So, read on to learn how to remove fillable fields from your PDF documents.

Common Reasons Why Fillable Fields Become Necessary

Fillable fields are form fields that allow users to enter data into a PDF document. They are commonly used in various forms, such as surveys, job applications, and registration forms. Fillable fields streamline the process of collecting information from many people while ensuring the data is accurate, complete, and legible. PDFs with fillable fields can be easily distributed electronically. It makes them a popular choice for firms and organizations that need to collect data from a large audience. Moreover, multiple instances exist where the process to remove form fields from PDF becomes necessary. Read them below.

Legal Compliance: In some cases, fillable fields in PDF documents may contain sensitive information. These need to be protected to comply with legal requirements. For example, a tax form may contain social security numbers or other personal data that should not be visible to unauthorized parties. In such cases, removing the fillable fields may be necessary. It is to ensure privacy and security regulations compliance.

Confidential Information: PDFs that contain sensitive or confidential information should not have fillable fields. This is because unauthorized individuals can easily extract and access the data entered into the fillable fields. To avoid this, fillable fields should be removed before the PDF is distributed to anyone outside the organization.

Document Security: If they are not properly secured, fillable fields can also pose a security threat. Hackers could potentially access or manipulate the data entered into the fields, compromising the document's integrity. Removing fillable fields can mitigate this risk and protect the confidentiality of the information in the document.

Archiving Purposes: When PDFs are archived or stored for future reference, it is important to remove fillable fields. This is because the data entered into the fields can become outdated or irrelevant over time. Removing the fillable fields ensures that the document remains accurate and up-to-date, even years after it was created.

Editing Restrictions: Fillable fields often restrict edits to specific document sections. However, there may be instances where the document needs to be edited or modified beyond the original intention. Removing the fillable fields can make the document editable and more flexible.

understanding fillable fields

Ultimate PDF Editing Software to Remove Fillable Fields in PDF

AcePDF is the top recommended solution for editing and manipulating PDFs. If you are using Windows or Mac, this powerful software allows you to manage fillable fields in PDF documents easily. The software can scan through the PDF and identify all fillable fields. It offers the ability to edit fillable fields or easily remove them when they are no longer needed. You can simply navigate to the fillable fields and delete them individually. Alternatively, you can switch to the "Form" mode in AcePDF. It provides a comprehensive overview of all fillable fields in the document. From checkbox, text field, and list box to signature fields, AcePDF enables users to customize and remove fillable fields with just a few clicks. Moreover, AcePDF ensures that all changes made to the document don't impact the formatting or structure of the PDF. Adhere to the step-by-step instructions on how to remove fillable fields in PDF using AcePDF:

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Step 1 Install the PDF Fillable Fields Remover

Acquire AcePDF on your Mac or Windows computer by ticking the "Download" button that matches your operating system. Then, run the installer and follow the setup instructions. After completing the installation, open the PDF fillable fields remover and familiarize yourself with its settings, features, and main interface.

acepdf interface

Step 2 Import and Open Your File

Next, drop your PDF file into the program for direct uploading. Or, use the "Open" button or the "+" icon in the top section of the tool to find and open the PDF from your computer folder. After that, AcePDF will analyze and display your PDF document with all its fillable fields highlighted.

import and open your file

Step 3 Remove Fillable Fields in PDF

Once you open your PDF file, click the "Form" tab to find the fillable fields. From here, you can delete or hide specific fillable fields as needed. To remove a fillable field, right-click it and choose "Delete." Alternatively, you can select the fillable field and then use the property menu to mark it as "Hidden." Make sure to pick the appropriate choice based on your requirements.

remove fillable fields in pdf

Step 4 Save Your Changes

After removing or hiding the fillable fields in your PDF file, save the document to retain the changes. To do this, tick on the "File" tab and press the "Save" or "Save As" option to save the modified PDF with the removed fillable fields. Then, verify that the changes have been successfully applied by opening the saved PDF file and confirming that the fillable fields are no longer visible or functional.

save you changes

How to Delete Fillable Form Fields PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a popular PDF tool for various professional document management purposes. It has become widely utilized as the standard in working with PDF documents. If you have installed Adobe Acrobat and subscribe to its services, deleting fillable form fields in a PDF becomes quite straightforward. The software offers a "Prepare Form" feature that allows users to easily identify PDF fonts and modify fillable form fields within their PDFs. This includes converting forms into digital formats. It simplifies removing these fields while maintaining the file's quality and formatting. It's important to note that Adobe Acrobat requires a paid subscription to access this feature for deleting fillable form fields, as there is only an option for utilizing a free trial after first subscribing to their services. To help you learn how to remove fillable fields in PDF using Adobe Acrobat, adhere to the following steps below.

Step 1 Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat

First, get Adobe Acrobat up and running on your computer. Ensure you have a valid subscription to the software that includes the "Prepare Form" feature. Then, import your PDF file with fillable fields to proceed to the next step.

open pdf in adobe acrobat

Step 2 Access the Prepare Form

Move your mouse cursor to the lower right section of the interface to access the "Prepare Form" option. Click the icon and select "Open" from the drop-down menu. This will open the PDF in the form editing mode.

access the prepare form

Step 3 Delete the Fillable Form Fields

Find the fillable form fields you want to delete within the PDF document. Press the "Delete" cue to remove the selected fields on your computer keyboard. Otherwise, right-click on the form field and select "Delete" from the context menu that appears.

delete fillable form fields

Online Method to Delete Fillable Box in PDFs

Are you wondering, "How do I remove editable fields from a PDF online? PDFfiller is what you're looking for. It is an online PDF platform known for creating and editing PDF documents. It is known for its diverse features, such as editing, signing, and sharing PDF files. PDFFiller is also useful as free PDF form creator software, especially for individuals who prefer a web-based solution. One of them is the ability to delete fillable form fields in a PDF. This can be easily navigated on the fillable form, and any unwanted fields can be removed. It supports up to 25MB files for any files with fillable form fields to be deleted. Moreover, the tool integrates seamlessly with popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. In this case, the tool allows you to access your PDF files from anywhere and collaborate with others in real time.

Step 1 Visit the Online Tool

Go to the PDFfiller website and upload the PDF file with fillable form fields that you want to delete. The online platform enables you drag and drop the PDF file into the designated area or click the "Select from device" button to browse and select the file from your computer.

visit the online tool

Step 2 Remove Unwanted Fillable Fields

After the file is uploaded, you will see a preview display of the PDF document on the screen. Scroll through the pages and locate the fillable form fields you want to delete. Select the fields by clicking on them. You can right-click on the selected form field and choose the "Trash" icon from the menu that appears.

remove unwanted fillable fields

Step 3 Save All Changes

Once you have deleted the fillable form fields, you can save the updated PDF file by pressing the ctrl + S keys on your keyboard or hitting the "Save" button on the toolbar. This will ensure that any changes to the PDF file are saved and applied to the document.

save all changes

Remove Editable Form Fields PDF via Microsoft Word Conversion

When removing fillable fields from a PDF document, converting it to Microsoft Word format is a viable option. This process involves converting the PDF file to a Word document format. It will enable you to make the necessary changes to remove the fillable fields. This process can be long and cumbersome, especially if the PDF document contains a large number of fillable form fields. Another disadvantage of this method is that it may affect the formatting and layout of the document. However, if you are comfortable using Microsoft Word and have experience with formatting documents, this method can be an effective way to remove fillable form fields from a PDF. Follow the steps outlined below on how to clear a PDF fillable form using Microsoft Word conversion.

Step 1 Convert the PDF to Microsoft Word format

Use a PDF converter tool or built-in feature in Microsoft Word to convert the PDF to Word document format. Save the converted document with a new name.

convert the pdf to ms word format

Step 2 Remove Fillable Fields from the Word Document

Open the converted Word document and locate the fillable fields. Select and delete the fillable fields, or use the "Clear All" option in the "Protect Document" tab to remove them all at once.

remove fillable fields from the word documents

Step 3 Save the Updated Document as a PDF without Fillable Fields

Once the fillable fields are removed, save the updated document as a Word document. In the "Save As" prompted box, pick the option to save it as a PDF without fillable fields. Review the updated PDF to ensure all fillable fields are removed and the document is free of unnecessary elements.

save file as pdf without fillable fields


In summary, there are several ways on how to delete a fillable box in PDF. Users can use the best tools available, such as AcePDF, Adobe Acrobat, online PDF editors, or Microsoft Word. While some tools offer a comprehensive solution, they may require advanced technical skills. On the other hand, online PDF editors provide a more user-friendly approach. Still, users must exercise caution when using free services. Lastly, while Microsoft Word can easily remove fillable fields, it may offer fewer features than Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the most reliable and powerful tool to help remove unwanted fillable fields on PDFs and best fit the user's needs and expertise.

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