Learn Several Techniques to Print PDF File with Comments

print pdf with comment In today's fast-paced world, communication is essential for producing high-quality, high-impact work. PDF files have become the standard for collaboration, allowing you to share drafts, proposals, and reports while preserving their formatting across devices and platforms. Comments and annotations are key to the feedback process, where reviewers can identify areas of improvement, recommend changes, and provide constructive feedback. But how do you include these valuable comments in your physical copy? Imagine you've completed a critical proposal with detailed comments from your team, only to find that the print version contains less important information. In this article, we'll show you how to cut through the noise and print PDF with comment, ensuring that your feedback and updates reach their intended audience – on the paper. Following these simple steps, you can close the digital-to-physical divide, ensure smooth collaboration, and always provide clear communication.

Print PDF File with Comments with AcePDF

AcePDF is a powerful ally to print comment in PDFs. This software goes above and beyond basic printing. It has features specially designed to work with annotated documents, unlike standard printing functions, which often omit comments. AcePDF allows you to include all your important feedback and edits on your printout. You can choose which comment types you want to include. Don’t you want only the reviewer’s initials and highlights on your printout? Do you want everything captured, whether it’s a detailed text comment or a pop-up note? That’s where AcePDF comes in. This level of customization allows you to customize your printed copy to meet your specific needs. You’ll have clear communication, and the paper trail will reflect the collaborative process. It lets you add comment and customize the color, font size, and add multiple comment in one comment box.

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Step 1 Install AcePDF

To print your PDF file, download the software using the button provided. Follow the process to install the downloaded file on your computer. Launch the application and find the icon on your home screen.

Step 2 Open your File

Select the file in your folder that you want to edit and print. After that, browse the toolbar and click the “Comment” tab. Within Comment, you will find “Sticky Note,” click that to add a comment to your file.

open pdf file and select comment

Step 3 Adding Comments

Next, browse the content of your PDF and find the parts to which you want to add comments. Click the part you wish to comment on, and a little note will appear. After that, you can add the comments you want to include in your file.

add your comments

Step 4 Print PDF File with Comments

Lastly, you can now print your edited PDF file with your comments. Look for the “Printer” icon on the toolbar, tap it, and a pop-up window will open. On that window, you will see the “Print Content” with a dropdown. Choose “Document and Markups,” which will print the content, including the comments.

print your file

Print Markups on PDF via Adobe Acrobat

https://get.adobe.com/reader/ is one of the popular tools for managing PDFs. The good thing is that Acrobat has built-in support to print PDF document with comments. A key option – “Comments & Forms” – is in the print settings menu. This dropdown menu lets you choose how you want your remarks handled during printing. By selecting “Document and Markups,” you can ensure all your comments – including text annotations, highlighting, and pop-up notes – are included in your printout. Acrobat also has a “Summarize Comments” feature. This choice allows you to create a separate document that consolidates all your comments into a brief overview. It’s perfect when you don’t need a full copy with all your comments. These features inside Adobe Acrobat will preserve your feedback and edits on paper, creating clear communication throughout the collaboration process.

User Guide:

  • Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Go to "Edit" and look for "Preferences" (Windows) "Acrobat" and then "Preferences" for Mac users. Select the "Commenting" category. Under "Viewing Comments," check the box next to "Print notes and pop-ups." This ensures comments appear when printed.
  • In the "Print" window (File and click Print), click the "Summarize Comments" button. It will allow you to choose how comments are displayed. Include all comments in the document, or create a separate summary document with concise comments.
  • Include only comments currently showing (if you've filtered them). After setting your print preferences (pages, etc.), click "Print." It will print markups on PDF, ensuring your feedback is preserved on paper.

print pdf using adobe acrobat

Print Comments on a PDF using Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is another useful tool for printing PDFs with comments. Much like Adobe Acrobat, the Foxit PDF Editor provides easy-to-use features to ensure your feedback gets to where it’s needed. In the “File” menu, go to “Preferences” and then to the “Commenting” tab. Here, you’ll find the crucial option – "Print Notes and Pop-ups." By enabling this feature, you can view comments in PDF – including text annotations, highlighter marks, and the contents of the pop-up notes – printed on the document. It ensures that your edits and suggestions stay clear and accessible, even on paper. With the help of Foxit PDF Editor, you’ll never have to worry about missing comments in your printed copy again.

User Guide:

  • Open your PDF in Foxit PDF Editor. Select "File" in the top menu bar. Navigate to "Preferences" and then select the "Commenting" tab. Locate the option labeled "Print notes and pop-ups." Ensure there's a checkmark next to this option. This option guarantees that all comments, including text annotations and pop-up notes, will be printed.
  • Tap on the "File" menu again and select "Print." Within the print preview window, you can zoom in and confirm that comments are visible on the pages you intend to print. If needed, you can also use this preview to adjust print settings like margins or page scaling.
  • Once you're satisfied with the preview, ensure your printer settings are correct (paper size, etc.). Choose "Print" in the print preview window. This will print PDF with comments on same page or with all enabled comments, ensuring your feedback reaches its destination.

print using foxit pdf editor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why wouldn't comments show up when I print a PDF?

It is a common issue. Most PDF viewers and editors don't automatically print comments by default. You'll need to enable a setting within your chosen software to ensure comments are included in the printout. This guide above has detailed instructions for Adobe Acrobat and Foxit PDF Editor.

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Can I choose which comments to print?

Some tools, like AceThinker AcePDF (mentioned earlier), offer more granular control over comment printing. You can include specific comment types, such as highlights or text annotations, for a cleaner and more focused printed document.

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Can a summary of the comments be printed instead of the full document?

Yes! Adobe Acrobat and other PDF editors often have a "Summarize Comments" feature. Furthermore, a separate document condenses all comments into a concise overview. It can be helpful when a full copy with every comment might need to be revised.

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While it’s no secret that digital collaboration is crucial, including comments in your printed copy is also important. In this guide, we’ve looked at how tools like AceThinker AcePDF, Adobe Acrobat, and Foxit PDF editor provide features that allow feedback to flow effortlessly from your screen to your paper. These tools will be printing PDF with comments showing, eliminate the confusion caused by missed comments, and help your team work more efficiently. Clear communication is at the heart of everything you do. With these printing options, you can build a stronger foundation for your team to work on together.

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