Five Feasible PDF to Word Converter Tools You Must Try

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Are you in search of a great PDF to Word converter?

  • Download this tool called AcePDF.
  • Upload the PDF file you want to convert into PDF.
  • Configure conversion settings and save the converted file.
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PDF and Word are different file formats for creating, editing, and sharing documents. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The file format was created by Adobe Systems. It allows users to share files across different software and operating systems while maintaining the document's original formatting. On the other hand, Word is a word-processing software developed by Microsoft to create and edit text-based documents. Converting PDF to Word can be helpful when users need to edit the content of a PDF document. Utilizing a PDF to Word converter is a fantastic option when dealing with complex copies that require significant editing. It can save time and reduce the margin for error. This page lists software tools that can help you convert PDF documents to Word. You can try out each tool to determine which best meets your needs.

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Benefits of Using PDF to Word Converters

Ability to Edit and Reuse Content from PDF Documents: One of the particular benefits of using PDF to Word converters is its ability to edit PDF files easily. You can also reuse content from PDF documents in a more flexible and editable format. Users can easily access and modify the text, formatting, images, and other elements within the document using Microsoft Word's editing tools.

Flexibility in Choosing Which Software to Use: PDF to Word converter allows users to choose which software they want to use for editing and modifying their documents. Numerous software options are available for converting PDF to Word. It gives users various choices based on their needs and preferences. In addition, each software has unique features and functions to convert PDF to Word. Therefore, it can be utilized to improve the quality of the converted document.

Cost Saving Compared to Purchasing Full PDF Editing Software: Using a PDF to Word converter can save users money compared to purchasing full editing software. Most PDF to Word converter online are available for free or at a certain low cost. On the other hand, some desktop converters have affordable options for people who require occasional document editing. This software helps reduce the need to purchase expensive PDF editing software. These may not be used frequently enough to justify the cost.

benefits of using pdf to word converters

Top PDF to Word Converters

2.1 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a popular PDF editing software that can convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word format. Its OCR feature allows users to convert scanned PDF documents into editable PDF files. This platform provides various tools for users to enhance and customize their documents. It can add and remove text, images, links, headers, and more. This software is best for professional users who require advanced editing tools. It is ideal for users who have frequent document conversion needs. Moreover, this PDF to Word converter software allows for cloud storage and collaboration. It gives easier options for teams to work together more efficiently. When converting a PDF file to a Word document using this tool, the OCR function is automatically utilized for quick file extraction.

convert pdf to word using adobe acrobat pro dc

2.2 AcePDF

AcePDF is another powerful PDF-to-Word converter offering users a range of features for converting individual and batch files. This best PDF to Word converter is built for users who need to edit or modify PDF files and want to search through the text of their documents quickly. Users can import any image-based PDF files. Its PDF OCR feature allows users to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. The language of the PDF file can be selected to ensure precise and effective text recognition. AcePDF Editor provides text recognition capability and a range of editing functions. It enables users to make changes such as adding, deleting, and adjusting texts and images in PDF documents. Customize your formatting by adjusting paragraph spacing, font size, and type. This software extracts text from PDF files and allows for batch processing. It can export files in multiple formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF. The converter feature of the tool is equipped with high-end OCR technology, ensuring speedy and precise conversion.

acepdf main interface

2.3 Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF is a versatile PDF to Word Converter for Mac, Windows, and even iPhones. It provides an easy process to convert PDF documents into Microsoft Word format. This software includes an OCR feature that allows users to convert scanned PDF documents into editable files. It offers document results with accurate text recognition. Nitro PDF also gives users a range of advanced document conversion and editing features. It can add or eliminate text and images, create and fill out forms, annotate documents, and more. Its converter function helps users to convert PDF documents into fully editable Microsoft Word files. Plus, it is user-friendly and offers fast conversions. The tool helps with file conversion while maintaining the structure and formatting of the initial document. The best part of utilizing the tool is that it lets you convert multiple files simultaneously. This solution is excellent if your business needs to convert many PDF files to Word format.

nitro pdf to word converter

2.4 SmallPDF Converter

SmallPDF Converter is a popular free PDF to Word Converter. It lets users transform PDF files into various formats, including Microsoft Word. It provides easy drag-and-drop functionality. It can upload files from multiple sources, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Its OCR technology ensures accurate text recognition and maintains the original format of the PDF file. Besides its conversion capability, SmallPDF also provides a range of editing tools. It includes adding and removing pages and compressing files easier. In addition, it has a range of editing functions that enable users to modify the formatting, add or delete text and images, create forms and annotations, and more. SmallPDF Converter is a hassle-free option for converting PDF files to Word. You can utilize it without downloading any software or plugins. This serves as a quick and easy solution.

convert pdf to word using smallpdf

2.5 UniPDF Converter

UniPDF is a reliable PDF to Word Converter for Windows systems. It allows users to convert multiple files simultaneously. It provides fast OCR technology for extracting text from scanned PDF documents. It helps to convert them into fully editable Word files. UniPDF's user-friendly interface allows users to drag and drop files for easy conversion. UniPDF supports 20 different languages. This makes it an excellent technology for businesses or individuals with multilingual documents. This tool also supports a batch conversion mode. Complete conversion is possible with the tools' pro version. It is recommended for a commercial and business environment that commonly deals with PDF to Word conversion. UniPDF is an ideal choice for those searching for a desktop converter with a straightforward interface. Moreover, it provides fast and accurate conversion results.

convert pdf to word using unipdf

How to Use PDF to Word Converters by using AcePDF

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Step 1 Install the PDF to Word Converter

To download AcePDF, select the "Download" button above that matches your computer's specifications. Then, follow the instructions on the setup box to install the program. Once the installation is finished, open AcePDF and become acquainted with its main interface, as shown in the image below.

install the pdf to word converter

Step 2 Initiate PDF to Word Conversion

Go to the "Batch Process" option and select "Convert from" from the new window to get started. Next, drag and drop the image-only PDF and wait for it to load. If you need to change more files, click the "+Add file(s)" button. Then, scroll below and select "Word (.docx)" format. Next, choose the output folder and set the location to save your converted file. Finally, click "Convert" to begin the conversion process.

initiate pdf to word conversion

Step 3 Review Your Converted Word File

After the conversion process, go to the output folder and search for the Word file with "OCR" in the file name. Next, right-click on the document and tick "Open with" from the menu. A list of applications, including MS Word, will be displayed. Choose MS Word to open and make changes to the file.

review yourconverted word file

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  1. Import PDF File.Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC app on your computer to begin. Next, import the file you like to convert on the tool. Please note that you can only import one file at a time. Next, click the "Tools" option in the upper-left corner and choose "Export PDF" from the menu. The export option will then appear.
  2. import pdf file

  3. Export PDF Document to Word.First, select "Microsoft Word" from the list of output formats to convert your file from PDF to Word. Next, click the "Microsoft Document" button and modify other settings, such as layout and comments, by clicking the "Gear" icon if desired. After making the necessary settings adjustments, click "Export" at the bottom of the screen. Then, choose the folder where you desire to store the converted file. Lastly, click on "Save" to finish the process successfully.
  4. export pdf document to word

General Instructions for Using Other PDF to Word Converters

For PDF to Word Converter reviews and recommendations, it is ideal to consider your personal needs and requirements before choosing a tool. To select the ideal PDF-to-Word converter, consider the features and functions that align with your unique requirements. Extend your reading and check the instructions below to ensure a smooth conversion process.

  • Select a reputable PDF-to-Word converter that meets your specific needs. It must possess the ability to convert multiple files. Also, maintain formatting and layout, or provide OCR.
  • Install the converter on your computer to access its features, or use an online converter if you prefer not to download software.
  • Upload the PDF file(s) you want to convert, either by dragging and dropping them into the converter or selecting the files from your computer.
  • Choose the output format as Microsoft Word or a compatible format. Wait for the conversion to complete. The time required will depend on your file's size and the speed of your computer or internet connection.
  • After conversion, download the resulting Word files and check them for accuracy. If necessary, edit the Word file to ensure the formatting and content match your needs.

general instructions for using other pdf to word converters

Tips for Improving Conversion Accuracy

Strategies for Improving the Quality of PDF Documents Before Conversion

  • Ensure the PDF is formatted correctly and organized, using headings, subheadings, consistent fonts, and spacing.
  • Use high-quality OCR software to ensure the best possible text extraction from scanned PDF documents. Check reviews and recommendations for OCR software to acquire the most effective one for your needs.
  • Consider manual proofreading to catch errors that the OCR software may have missed. Also, the security settings of the PDF document should be checked to ensure that copying and editing are allowed.

tips for improving conversion accuracy

Techniques for Correcting Errors in Converted Word Documents

  • Perform a careful review of the document to check for any formatting or layout errors that may have occurred during conversion. Each line should be reviewed to ensure that all necessary text and graphics are included and positioned correctly.
  • Utilize the Find and Replace function in Word to correct any spelling errors or typos introduced during the conversion. Manual proofreading may also be necessary in some cases.
  • Adjust formatting and layout as needed to ensure the document matches your requirements. Save the final Word document to your computer and ensure it is correctly formatted before sharing or using it for further purposes.

techniques for correcting errors in converted word documents

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