How to Highlight PDF File with Tools on Windows and Mac

highlight pdf In the digital age, PDFs are a common way to share important information. Highlight PDF key passages within these documents allows us to identify and revisit crucial details quickly. This ability to focus on specific content makes it easier to comprehend complex topics. Study effectively and efficiently to reference important points. Highlighting passages is helpful for students and business types. Emphasizing the critical reports, research key points, and phrases. However, with various highlighting methods available, choosing the right one can significantly impact your experience. This article will dive into the different highlighting tools and approaches. It can help you select the most suitable method for your PDF annotation needs.

How to Highlight PDF File Using AcePDF

Highlighting PDFs becomes a powerful tool for information retention and organization when you have the right software. AcePDF features can significantly enhance your experience on how to highlight PDF file. Firstly, customization options for color and opacity allow you to create a personalized highlighting system. Imagine using bright yellow for key points or a softer pink for secondary ideas. Adjust the opacity to ensure the highlighted text remains readable. This color coding system lets you visually differentiate important concepts at a glance. However, adding notes and comments alongside highlights takes your understanding to the next level. Consider leaving a concise explanation next to a highlighted passage, improving your comprehension and creating a dynamic study guide. Imagine noting down questions or follow-up ideas directly within the PDF! These features, combined with the inherent searchability of digital text. Transforming static PDFs into interactive learning tools allows you to review information easily.

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Step 1 Launch AcePDF and Open the File

Get AcePDF on your computer and launch it to start editing your file. Click the “Open PDF” button to open your document on the application. Browse the path on your computer and locate the folder where your file is stored.

acepdf main interface

Step 2 Highlight Text

Once you open your file, find the “Comment” tab on the menu ribbon at the top. After that, look for the “Highlight” button and click it to enable the feature. Find the paragraph, phrase, or text you want to highlight. Left-click your mouse from the start of the section and drag until you reach the end of the text.

go to comment and click highlight

Step 3 Change Highlight Color

Next, you can also modify the color of the highlight according to your preference. To do that, find the Color dropdown on the right side of the ribbon. Click it to show the available colors.

change color

Step 4 Add Comments and Notes

Another feature of AcePDF is that you can also add comments or notes on different parts. Still, under the "Comment" tab, find and click the "Sticky Note" button. Locate the passage where you want to add a comment or note. Click on that, and you will see a paper icon, which will add text box PDF.

add sticky notes on pdf

Step 5 Save Your Work

You can save your work once you have highlighted all the important text. To initiate this option, go to the File menu and select “Save As.” Then, choose your preferred folder to save the edited file.

save the new pdf

Annotate Using Preview App on Mac

Not all people need a PDF editor, so how to highlight PDF on Mac? Mac users don't need third-party tools to highlight phrases or underline in PDF. The built-in Preview app offers a convenient way to highlight PDFs without software downloads or additional costs. While it may not boast the extensive features of dedicated tools, Preview provides a streamlined highlighting experience ideal for quick markups and essential note-taking. Whether you're a student annotating lecture notes, a researcher jotting down key points from a paper, or a busy professional reviewing a document on the go, Preview's user-friendly interface allows you to jump right in and start highlighting. Let's delve into the world of highlighting with Preview and explore how to hold its capabilities to enhance your workflow.

Step 1 Open your PDF File

Find the path where you saved the file and open the PDF file on your Macbook. Mac has a built-in PDF viewer called Preview. Double-tap the file, and it will automatically open with the Preview.

open the file

Step 2 Highlight your Text

Once you open your file, you will not see the Preview menu at the top of your screen. Find the Tools tab, click it, and select Annotate. Within the Annotate option, choose Highlight Text to start highlighting.

select the tools tab

Step 3 Change Highlight Color

After that, find the passage you want to highlight and color it. If you don’t like the default color, see the pen icon to show the colors you can pick. If you're satisfied with your work, you can save it by holding Command+S.

choose a highlight color

Alternative Tool Using Online Platform

Highlighting can be done not only on your desktop. This is for those who crave ultimate flexibility and accessibility. Online platforms like PDF2Go are an alternative to highlight PDF online. Imagine highlighting important passages in a PDF while commuting, waiting at the doctor's office, or enjoying coffee at a cafe. With PDF2Go, you can ditch the software downloads and highlight PDFs from any device with an internet connection. This web-based tool offers a convenient solution for busy professionals, students on the move, or anyone who needs to annotate documents away from their computer. Let's explore the world of highlighting with PDF2Go and unlock a world of convenience and accessibility, empowering you to mark up your PDFs from virtually anywhere.

Step 1 Go to PDF2Go

Go to the PDF2Go website to see all the tools they offer. Find the “Edit PDF” tool, a PDF highlighter for PC. This tool is designed to edit your PDF text, link, or highlight. After that, you will see a button to upload your PDF File.

pdf2go main interface

Step 2 Edit your PDF

Select Highlight on the toolbar at the top of the website. Select Options to modify the highlighter's color and opacity. After changing it, you can now highlight the text in your document.

highlight option

Step 3 Save your File

Once you finish the highlighting process, you can save your new file. Select the Save As dropdown on the right side of the website. Modify your file name and tap the Save button to start the download.

save your file

Highlighting PDFs on Android devices

The digital age thrives on mobility, and our Android devices have become extensions of ourselves. We carry them everywhere, constantly consuming and interacting with information. But what if you need to highlight key points in a PDF while you're on the go, away from your computer? How to highlight text in PDF with your phone? We’ll dive into some popular third-party apps designed to supercharge your highlighting experience. With Adobe Acrobat, you can transform your Android device into a powerful PDF annotator, keeping you productive and informed wherever life takes you. Whether you're a student reviewing lecture notes during your commute, a busy professional marking up a document while waiting for a meeting, or simply someone who prefers the convenience of mobile learning. This section will equip you with the knowledge and resources to highlight PDFs like a pro on your Android device.

User Guide:

  • If you haven't already, download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Google Play Store. Launch the app—it's a PDF reader with highlighter—and locate the PDF you want to highlight. You can browse your device's storage or access files from cloud services like Google Drive.
  • Tap on the PDF document you want to highlight. This will open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader's viewing mode. Once you access the annotation tools, look for the highlighter icon. It typically resembles a marker or a highlighted text section.
  • Tap and hold on the beginning of the text you want to highlight. Drag your finger across the text you want to mark. As you drag, the selected text will be highlighted in your chosen color. Release your finger to finalize the highlight.

highlighting pdf in android

Highlighting PDFs on iOS devices

The iPhone, a modern mobility, is for more than staying connected and capturing memories. IPhones can be used to manage and annotate PDFs for those who work and learn on the go. This section dives deep into highlighting PDFs directly on your iPhone. We'll explore the built-in functionalities offered by Apple's iOS, allowing you to leverage the familiar features of your device for basic highlighting needs. With these tools, your iPhone can transform into a portable PDF annotation powerhouse. Imagine marking up crucial passages in a research paper while waiting for a coffee, taking notes on lecture materials during your commute, or reviewing a document while traveling. Whether you're a student, a busy professional, or someone who simply values the convenience of mobile learning, this section will equip you with the knowledge and resources to know how to highlight a PDF document like a pro on your iPhone.

User Guide:

  • Find the PDF you want to highlight. It can be located in the Files app, in email attachments, downloaded from a website, or stored in iCloud Drive. Tap on the PDF to open it. By default, iOS will likely use the Books app to open PDFs.
  • Look for the highlighter icon in the Markup toolbar at the bottom of the screen. It typically resembles a marker or a highlighted text section. Tap and hold on the beginning of the text you want to highlight. Then, drag your finger across the text you want to mark. As you drag, the selected text will be highlighted.
  • While in Markup mode, tap on the highlighter icon again. This might reveal a small menu with different highlighter colors. Pick the color that you prefer for your needs.

highlight pdf in iphone


In conclusion, we've explored various effective methods for highlighting PDFs, from desktop software like AcePDF to mobile apps and even your device's built-in viewer. Don’t forget the best approach depends on your specific needs and preferences. How about you? How do you highlight a PDF? So, experiment and find the highlighting method that empowers you to learn and retain information most effectively!

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