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feature websites to download pdf booksIn recent years, PDF books have become increasingly popular among avid readers, thanks to the convenience and versatility of digital reading. With the advancement of e-readers, tablets, and smartphones, more and more people are opting to read books in a digital format. PDF books, in particular, have gained popularity due to their compatibility with an exhaustive range of various devices and their ability to preserve the original layout and formatting of the printed book. This article will explore the diverse advantages of reading PDF books, including their portability, flexibility, and accessibility. Additionally, we will discuss some of the best websites to download any PDF book for free.

Best Website to Download PDF Books

1. Project Gutenberg

Distinctive Feature: It contains older books on world literature for which the U.S. copyright has expired.

Limitation: The site doesn't allow large-scale deep-linking to eBook files hosted on our servers.

Supported Output Format: The books are available in multiple formats, including plain text, HTML, EPUB, and Kindle, making them accessible to readers on a wide range of devices.

Project Gutenberg is the first on the list as a free eBook download website. It is a digital library with a extensive collection of e-books that are available for free. The site offers over 60,000 e-books in various languages, including English, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Moreover, the books in Project Gutenberg's collection are mostly in the public domain, indicating they can be freely copied and distributed without legal restrictions. The website is also easily accessible, with a easy to use interface that enables users to search and download books easily. Overall, Project Gutenberg is an invaluable resource for book lovers and researchers, providing completely free access to a large collection of literature.

project gutenberg interface

2. Open Library

Distinctive Feature: It is committed to bridging the digital and physical reading gap. Through partnerships with libraries across the globe, users borrow physical copies of books.

Limitation: Some popular and recently published books may not be available due to copyright restrictions. The availability of specific books can vary by region.

Supported Output Format: Open Library provides books in various formats, including PDF, ePub, and plain text. You can select the format that works for your reading device or preferences.

Open Library is indeed one of the revolutionary free PDF books download sites that is dedicated to providing a vast catalog of books, and this is a project of Internet Archive. This platform collaborates with individuals and libraries worldwide to create a comprehensive online catalog holding 20 million books. This diverse collection covers multiple genres, including fiction, non-fiction, academic works, and reference materials. Likewise, Open Library employs a method that is driven by the community. By adding books and updating catalog details, users with Open Library accounts may actively contribute to the platform and ensure that the collection is accurate and comprehensive. Furthermore, the platform's user-friendly layout makes it easier to find, borrow, and read books online. For digital reading, it offers several formats, including PDF.

open library interface

3. Internet Archive

Distinctive Feature: It is a digital library that hosts a massive collection of books, including historical texts and rare texts.

Limitation: Some titles may have limited availability, and you might need to join a waitlist to borrow certain books.

Supported Output Format: It provides books in mixed formats like PDF, ePub, and online reading through its book reader interface.

Another free PDF download website you can access is Internet Archive. It hosts a large spectrum of files that includes millions of books, texts, audio recordings, videos, and other media. This collection encompasses a range of subjects and different genres, like poetry, literature, research, and others, catering to helpful resources for researchers, scholars, and the public. As displayed on its interface, it’s a Wayback Machine that permits readers to easily access archived or track the historical evolution of websites and access content that may no longer be available online. Besides, the platform also features a rich collection of audio and video content of interviews, news broadcasts, and historical recordings. With its textual search, users can search for precise content within the website.

internet archive interface

4. HathiTrust Digital Library

Distinctive Feature: It focuses on preserving and providing access to cultural and scholarly works.

Limitation: While many books are accessible to users, some materials are restricted to specific categories of users, such as those affiliated with partner universities.

Supported Output Format: It offers books in different formats, including PDF, plain text, and ePub, allowing users to download or read books online.

HathiTrust Digital Library is an excellent option for those seeking websites to download free PDF books. The website presents access to a massive collection of books, journals, and other publications. These collections make a valuable resource for researchers, scholars, and bookworms. Also, it collaborates with numerous universities and libraries worldwide, contributing to its collection's richness. In fact, users can read and download these books without any cost. Besides, the books available in the public domain can be accessed in full text, granting readers in-depth research. Users can also search easily for specific titles, authors, or subjects using the platform's advance search features and discovery tools. With its collaborative community, it allows users with accounts to contribute to improving catalog information and adding books.

hathitrust digital library interface

5. BookBoon

Distinctive Feature: It is a platform that primarily provides educational textbooks and business-oriented literature. It specializes in textbooks for students and professionals, offering a range of academic subjects.

Limitation: BookBoon focuses on textbooks and educational materials. You might find limited selections of fiction or non-academic genres.

Supported Output Format: The books on BookBoon are available in PDF format.

BookBoon is an educational publishing platform that offers a range of features geared toward providing free and premium academic textbooks and learning resources. Since it focuses on textbooks it is also considered as a site like library Genesis. While many resources are available for free, it also offers premium contents. This is considered one of the best PDF download sites as the high-quality educational materials it offers are written by experts in their respective fields. In addition, its user friendly interface makes navigating smooth even if you are not tech-savvy. It also features a filtering function, letting readers to search by personal development, productivity, management, communications and more topics. The platform offers premium content with added features like interactive exercises, quizzes, and other supplementary materials that enhance the learning experience.

bookboon interface


Distinctive Feature: It has an active community of readers and authors. Authors can submit their ebooks to its collection, providing users with fresh and up-to-date reading materials.

Limitation: The availability of specific books may change over time, and some may only be available for a limited period.

Supported Output Format: Users can access e-books in different formats, including PDF, Kindle, TXT, and ePub. is an ideal resource for individuals looking for websites to download PDF books for leisure, self-improvement, or educational purposes. As the website name suggests, all the e-books on the platform are available for free download. Users can access and read books with its expansive catalog of e-books that cover various genres. This genre includes fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and more, guaranteeing you can access diverse e-books. With the search and categorization feature of the platform, users can find specific books by title, author, or genre. Further, when you click on a particular category, the books can be sorted from the newest to the most popular. Metadata or overview of each e-book is also displayed, like the available format, published date, number of downloads, synopsis, and pages. This lets users choose which book to read and which suits their tastes and preferences.

free ebooks interface

7. PDF Drive

Distinctive Feature: The website can be accessed in different languages such as English, Spanish and Russian.

Limitation: The quality and availability of books can vary, as PDF Drive relies on user-contributed content. Some books may be outdated or of lower quality.

Supported Output Format: The primary format available on PDF Drive is, as the name suggests, PDF. You can easily download free textbooks from the platform.

PDF Drive is a prominent player among free PDF books download sites, offering a straightforward platform with a multitude of features. This website boasts extensive free e-books spanning various genres, making it a go-to resource for literature enthusiasts. Its UI simplifies the process of finding and downloading e-books in popular formats. Members can access personalized bookshelves, making managing their digital libraries and revisiting favorite reads easy. Additionally, fosters an active community of authors and readers, providing a platform for engagement and discussions. Whether you seek classic literature, contemporary fiction, self-help guides, or educational resources, this website is a valuable hub for those pursuing free books.

pdf drive interface

8. Freeditorial

Distinctive Feature: The platform is dedicated to providing access to a curated collection of high-quality, original literature in various genres. It focuses on promoting new and emerging authors.

Limitation: While it offers a unique selection of original content, the number of available books may be limited compared to larger platforms. It may not have a wide range of well-known titles.

Supported Output Format: It allows you to read online in TXT, send it to Kindle, and download it in PDF format.

Freeditorial is a website to download free books. Its large selection of literary works, available in many other languages with a clear emphasis on Spanish-language content, makes it unique. With its user-centric layout, the website makes it simple for users to search and access numerous genres, from classic literature to trendy fiction and non-fiction. Besides, Freeditorial is a go-to location for individuals looking for free e-books and is available to users all around the world because it is not region-specific. Additionally, it encourages an inclusive reading experience by providing a wide range of Spanish-language books that appeal to diverse Spanish-speaking readers.

freeditorial interface

9. Manybooks

Distinctive Feature: The classics and contemporary works are available in multiple languages.

Limitation: As with some other platforms, the availability of specific books can change over time. Some titles may be limited to certain regions or have restrictions due to copyright.

Supported Output Format: Manybooks offers books in various formats, including PDF, ePub, Kindle, Mobi, HTML, and plain text. Users can choose the format that suits their reading device.

Manybooks is one of the prominent websites to download free books, offering a plethora of features that cater to avid readers and digital bibliophiles. This platform boasts vast and diverse e-books spanning multiple genres. With over 50,000 titles available, readers can easily find and access their favorite books. Its robust search and categorization features enable users to discover new titles and authors effortlessly. Moreover, it encourages community participation by allowing users to submit their e-books and provide reviews. This action fosters a sense of engagement and collaboration among book enthusiasts. With its commitment to free access and a user-centric approach, it remains a go-to destination for those seeking to expand their digital library with free textbooks.

manybooks interface

10. PDF Books World

Distinctive Feature: Users can find and download books without the need to create an account or subscription.

Limitation: It primarily focuses on older, classic works and public domain books. This means that it may not have the latest or contemporary publications.

Supported Output Format: Like PDF Drive it only provides PDF file formats.

PDF Books World is a website that specializes in showcasing a wide selection of free books. It categorizes books to conveniently explore and discover new titles based on user personal interests. As you can see on the website's interface, you can see a description or plot of each book to grasp its kind efficiently. Furthermore, this resourceful platform regularly updates its collection of books, presenting the latest and most sought-after titles for bookworms. So whether you are a fiction lover, a student in search of academic texts, or someone who is seeking self-help or nonfiction literature, this perfectly fits you.

pdf books world

Extra Tip: Download Audiobooks for Free

1. LibroVox

LibriVox is an online platform offering a vast collection of audiobooks, primarily public-domain works that volunteers have recorded. Although the quality of the audiobooks may vary, they are generally of good quality. The website and app interface are user-friendly, making it easy to search and navigate. Additionally, the volunteer narrators feature provides diverse reading styles, making it a unique listening experience. However, the selection of contemporary titles may be limited due to the platform's focus on public domain works.

librivox website

2. Loyal Books (formerly Books Should Be Free)

Loyal Books is a free website that offers a vast collection of free audiobooks. This includes both classic public domain titles and some modern books. You can download audiobooks in different formats, such as MP3 and iTunes, or stream them directly from the website. However, it's worth noting that the quality of human-narrated audiobooks may vary. Additionally, some users may find the interface and website design outdated and not user-friendly.


Read Your PDF Books with AcePDF

Downloading PDF books is a straightforward process, and here's a step-by-step guide using a Manybooks website as an example. However, you must note that downloading a book from the internet should be in PDF format. PDF is the most common format for digital books as it retains the original formatting. It is also suitable for most devices and e-readers, and you can protect PDF from copying so your PDF files are secured.

Try it for Free

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Step 1 Search and Select a Book to Download

The initial process for you to save the PDF book you need is to go to the website where you intend to download books. For the sake of this example, let's use Manybooks. Then, use the website's search feature to find a specific book or browse their catalog to discover books of interest. After that, click on the book's title or cover to view its details.

manybooks interface

Step 2 Download the PDF File

Once you decide which PDF book to download, click the "Free Download" provided on the page. Subsequently, you must log in or register an account to proceed. Then, you can select the PDF as the output format and click the save selection. You have to click "Download Now" after that, and it will be saved on your computer.

select pdf format

Step 3 Access the PDF Book

The downloaded PDF book can now be accessed in the location you saved it. You can open and read it using a PDF reader on your device. You can use ACEPdf as an example of PDF reader.

acepdf access pdf

Tips: Troubleshooting Solutions for Common Download Issues

If you encounter issues when downloading PDF books, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable internet connection to prevent download interruptions.
  • Browser Issues: Try a different web browser if your current one is causing problems. Clearing your browser's cache and cookies can also help.
  • Storage Space: Make sure your device has enough storage space for the downloaded PDF.
  • File Integrity: If the downloaded PDF is corrupted or doesn't open, try re-downloading it or downloading from an alternative source.
  • Website Specific Issues: If the problem persists, contact the website's support or check if they have specific download instructions.

troubleshooting solutions

Tips for Finding Free PDF Books

Here are some tips when you find free PDF books online.

  • Use Public Domain Websites: Websites like Project Gutenberg, Open Library, and ManyBooks offer a huge collection of free public domain books in PDF format.
  • Check Out Library Websites: Many public libraries offer free access to ebooks and digital resources. Check your local library's website to see what digital collections they have.
  • Visit Free Ebook Websites:, BookBoon, and Smashwords offer free ebooks in various formats, including PDF.
  • Google Search: You can also use Google to find free PDF books. Simply type in the name of the book you're looking for followed by "PDF," and you may be able to find a free copy.
  • Social Media: Join social media groups related to your interests. Many groups share free ebooks and PDFs related to the topic.

Remember to be cautious when downloading free PDF books online, as some websites may contain malware or viruses.

tips in finding pdf books

FAQs About Websites to Download PDF Books

Are these websites free to use?

Yes, many websites offer free access to PDF books. Open Library, HathiTrust, and Internet Archive, for instance, provide free access to a wide range of books and other materials. However, some platforms might offer free and paid content, so checking their terms and conditions is essential.

websites to download books faqs

Can I download books without registration?

The ability to download books without registration varies by website. Some platforms allow direct downloads without registration, while others may require creating an account. Open Library, for instance, will enable you to borrow books after registering for a free account.

websites to download books faqs

How do I convert PDF to other formats?

You can use online tools or dedicated software to convert a PDF to another format. Online converters like ACEPdf or Adobe Acrobat offer conversions to formats like Word. Be mindful of copyright and usage restrictions when converting PDFs.

websites to download books faqs


In this guide, we explored the best PDF download sites like Open Library, HathiTrust, and Internet Archive that provide access to free PDF books. Also, we outlined the steps to download PDF books, discussed format selection, and troubleshooted common download issues. Besides, PDF books offer a convenient and accessible way to indulge in the joys of reading. Whether you're a student seeking academic resources or a literature enthusiast exploring new stories, these digital platforms offer a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. As technology advances, the world of digital literature continues to expand. With more e-books and online libraries becoming available, readers have an ever-growing selection of titles at their fingertips. Additionally, embracing these digital resources promotes reading and facilitates knowledge sharing and access to a world of information. So, dive into the digital realm of PDF books and discover the limitless possibilities it holds for your reading journey.

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