Save Gmail as PDF: Step-by-Step Guide for Quick and Easy Backup

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Save Gmail as PDF
  • Install the AcePDF on your computer as the first step of the metod.
  • Then, open the PDF file within the tool's interface by clicking the Open button.
  • View the exported email within AcePDF, you can edit it if you want, by utilizing its editing features

In the world we live in, digital messages and notices are now common and ordinary for us. One of the means of communication is through email. Sometimes, we neglect or disregard these messages as some are notifications from social media platforms and other unnecessary info or alerts. However, saving emails into a document or saving a file like a PDF allows you to keep a permanent copy of important emails, which can be useful and helpful for legal or business purposes. By saving emails as PDFs, you can easily keep track of important communications and refer to them later as needed. In this article, we will teach you different methods to make and save Gmail as PDF with its built-in PDF converter and other alternative tools you can use.

Convert Gmail to PDF Using Built-in Tool

Gmail is a free-of-charge, web-based email service provided by Google. It permits users to transmit and receive emails, organize their inboxes, and search for specific messages. Gmail offers a user-friendly interface and features like spam filtering, email forwarding, and integration with other Google services and platforms, including Google Drive and Google Calendar. One of its greatest features is exporting emails from Gmail to PDF documents. When you store an email as a PDF file, you can customize the formatting, such as the paper size, orientation, and margins. This function allows you to make and save a PDF file that meets your needs. Moreover, saving an email as a PDF file in Gmail is a useful feature that provides many benefits. It is an easy and secure way to store and share important emails while maintaining their original formatting and content.

Step 1 Access Your Gmail Account

Accessing your Gmail account is the first step in learning how to download emails from Gmail as PDF. Go to the Gmail website on your web browser and input your account’s credentials or logins. If you are already logged in using the same browser, just access the main page of Gmail, and you will be automatically redirected to your Gmail interface.

Step 2 Search for Email

Next, on the left side of your PC screen, you can access the Inbox tab, which holds all the incoming emails and messages you received on your Gmail account. Search for the specific email you need to convert as PDF. Tap on the email to access and preview the entire message.

search for the email

Step 3 Convert Gmail Email to PDF

The final step is to check the Print icon located at the upper right part of the email you recently opened. This will launch another web page with an option to print out your email. Toggle the Destination tab to check different export options. Select the Save as PDF option and tick the Save button to complete the process.

convert email to pdf

Top 3 Alternative Tools to Save Email to PDF

1. CloudHQ

CloudHQ offers a convenient solution for saving Gmail as PDF. With CloudHQ, you can easily convert emails and attachments to PDF format and save them to your preferred cloud storage platform. This tool can be useful for archiving important emails, sharing documents with colleagues, or simply keeping a backup of your correspondence. You can even set up automatic PDF conversion for all incoming emails or specific labels. It also has customization, such as editing paper size, password protection, and more. Additionally, CloudHQ is a great tool for anyone looking to streamline their email management workflow. This web extension's ability to package and save Outlook emails to PDF and save them into CloudHQ's customer relationship management systems makes it unique from other web extensions.

cloudhq converting email to pdf

2. Convert to PDF Format

Another alternative tool on how to save a Gmail email as a PDF is the Convert to PDF Format web extension. This tool is a wonderful PDF converter for Gmail as it holds a plethora of features. It supports all Gmail view modes, including right in the box, below inbox, and no split mode. The extension also comes with a bulk conversion feature that allows you to select multiple messages or email threads on your Gmail account. It has two modes: save or print email into PDF. The orange button is touted as the Simple mode as it reforms your email with all the images, lines, and other distracting parts or elements on the email before it generates the PDF version. The latter one is the Blue button, which is called Normal mode, which converts PDF as it is without reconstructing its format. These two functions of operations make this web browser unique from other PDF converters.

convert to pdf format converting email to pdf

3. Duffel

Last tool that export emails from Gmail to PDF is the Duffel web browser extension. This add-on enables and permits users to save email to PDF seamlessly and quickly. With this chrome Gmail extension, you can easily save your important emails as PDF files and store them for future reference using its PDF button at the uppermost part of your email. The extension is easy to use and works with various email platforms, such as Gmail, making it a great choice for anyone who needs to save and organize their email messages.

duffel converting email to pdf

Add-on Tool for Gmail to Export Email as PDF

Google Takeout is a free platform offered by Google that allows you to export data from a variety of Google services, including Gmail. It's a great way to save and back up your emails and other data in case of a system failure or other data loss. The benefits of using Google Takeout to export your Gmail data include the ability to easily back up your emails and other important information and store that data on your own computer or other storage device. This provides an added layer of protection against data loss and ensures you always have access to your important information, even if something happens to your Gmail account.

Step 1 Access Google Takeout

he initial guide on exporting email using Google Takeout on your PC is in the zip file to access Google Takeout. Search it on your web browser to access the main interface of Google Takeout. Here, you will see the files that can be exported on your device.

access google takeout

Step 2 Select Gmail

Next, tap the deselect all button to untick the unnecessary files to exclude them from the backup zip. Then, browse the 50 files and apps listed on Google Takeout to search for the Mail app or icon. Click on it to export the emails only.

select gmail

Step 3 Export Emails to PDF

Finally, choose a file type such as ZIP to export your email on your computer. You can also select the maximum file size of the ZIP file. Then, wait for a notification on your Gmail when the process is completed. Unzip the file and then use third-party tools to convert the exported file to PDF.

google takeout exporting email

Extra Tips: All-in-One PDF Editor

If you are looking for a perfect PDF viewer or editor for your exported emails, the only app we know that gives you better features is AcePDF. This application contains a plethora of functionalities dedicated to having a better experience with PDF files. Its interface is easy and straightforward, making it a preferable app for new users or beginners who need to work on PDFs. The tools' editing function also comes in handy if you need to enhance your PDF files to give them a more professional look. It can insert text on PDF, identify PDF fonts, add call-outs and highlighters, and more. This tool is unique from other PDF editors because it can convert PDFs using different Microsoft Integrated tools such as Word, Excel, and more.

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Key Features:

  • You can input a signature on your PDF, which is suitable for emails that need a digital signature.
  • AcePDF contains a built-in watermark remover for those PDFs that contain logos and unnecessary signs.
  • The app can protect the PDF file with its built-in encryption feature.
  • This computer program is suitable for working on Windows and Mac computers. It is convenient for users who use their device as their working setup for emails, PDFs, and other documents.

User Guide:

  • The initial guide on getting AcePDF on your computer is to tick the download button presented above. Check your download folder and run the file. Then, once the installation process is completed, launch and open the app.
  • Afterward, hit the open button and access the exported email on your PC. Tick the Open button to view the PDF on your computer.
  • Lastly, you can use the editing options of AcePDF to enhance or simplify the appearance of your exported email. You can also convert exported email as PDF into different documents such as Word, TXT, and more.

acepdf main interface


In conclusion, saving Gmail emails as PDFs has many advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to create a permanent and readily available record of important email correspondence. PDFs are universally recognized and can be saved on any device, making it easy to share and access important information on the go. Additionally, saving emails as PDFs can help you save valuable storage space in your Gmail account. And finally, PDFs are a great way to ensure that the formatting and content of your email are preserved as you intended. Overall, saving Gmail emails as PDFs is a smart and practical way to manage email correspondence.

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