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How to Download Nicovideo to MP4 Online for Free

All you have to do is copy the Niconico video's link then go to the Nicovideo converter and paste the URL into the box provided. Next, choose which format and quality you want and download the Niconico video on your device.

  • Visit the official website of Niconico to search for any video you want to download. Open a new tab and access the online Niconico downloader.
  • Once you found the video, copy its URL then switch back to the tool. Paste the link to the URL box and click the download button next to it.
  • Finally, click the Download button to save Niconico video with your preferred format and video quality.

Why Choose Our Nicovideo Downloader Online?

Niconico (NicoVideo) is a famous Japanese video hosting website where you can find different kinds of anime-related videos, music and other popular video channels. If you ever experience network buffering or low video quality when watching Niconico videos, you may want to download Niconico to MP4 so that you can enjoy them offline. Whenever you have the idea to save Nicovideo video, you can just try our free Niconico video downloader as your one-stop tool. Within a few clicks, you will be able to download Nicovideo MP4 for playing on any device.

This Nicovideo video downloader can be accessed on all popular web browsers like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and others. Aside from Nicovideo, it also allows you to download videos from all popular video-sharing websites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Tiktok, Bilibili and more effortlessly.

FAQs About Niconico Video Download

Is Niconico free?

Yes, you can register for a free account. But you can also avail of a premium account. Here your playlist library will increase to 500 videos per Mylist that you create.

Does Niconico have a mobile app?

The app is both available on Google Play Store and App Store. Android phones must have an OS version 4.1.0 and above, while iOS phones must update their OS version from version 9.1 or later.

Will my playlist get deleted if I uninstalled the Niconico app on my phone?

Technically, yes, especially if you're an Android phone user. For iOS, you can avoid this if you will back up your files or playlist using your iTunes account.

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