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Best Tools to Record Music from Spotify

Do you need to record spotify song?

  • Install Aqua Sound in Your Computer
  • Launch Aqua Sound and Hit the Record Button
  • Stop Recording and Save your Recorded Spotify Audio

Are you a Spotify user who likes to explore new artists and listen to different playlists? If you love streaming music on Spotify, you'll love using the best Spotify recorder. Spotify Recorder is a fantastic tool that allows you to easily record music, podcasts, and other audio content from Spotify. Whether you want to capture your favorite playlist or record a live session from your favorite artist, Spotify Recorder lets you do it all. Without worrying about internet access or additional membership costs, you can enjoy the flexibility of listening to all your favorite Spotify tracks offline with Spotify Recorder. As a music lover, the Spotify Recorder is an indispensable tool that makes streaming and recording songs from Spotify easy and convenient.

How Spotify Recorder Works

Spotify Recorder uses advanced recording technology that captures high-quality audio streams directly from Spotify. The tool works seamlessly, with easy-to-use features that allow you to start recording in just a few clicks. One of the benefits of recording Spotify playlists is that you can easily create personal collections of your favorite Spotify tracks. You can also collect podcasts and other different music, which you can listen to anytime and anywhere without relying on an internet connection. Some Spotify recorders also allow you to edit recorded tracks, enabling you to trim unwanted sections and enhance the sound quality according to your preferences.

spotify recorder how spotify recorder works

Features of Spotify Recorder

Spotify song recorder uses an advanced recording program that records high-quality audio streams directly from Spotify. The music' audio quality is crystal-clear and undistorted, with no background noise. It also has an automatic split function to record tracks into individual songs, creating a seamless listening experience. Spotify Recorder is intelligent enough to identify when one song ends and another begins. It makes it easy to create playlists or organize tracks according to your favorite artists, genres, or moods. Furthermore, Recorder offers customizable settings for tagging tracks, allowing you to add information such as the artist's name, album title, and track number. This makes it easier for you to navigate your collection and locate specific tracks quickly.

spotify recording features of spotify recorder

Alternatives to Spotify Recorder

This section will give you a list of tools to record Spotify music. We will also describe each tool included. This will serve as a Spotify recorder review for users searching for a perfect tool to record Spotify audio.

3.1 Aqua Sound Recorder

This software captures high-quality audio streams from Spotify. It allows you to save them in multiple formats, including MP3, WAV, and FLAC. The tool's advanced recording function lets you record high-quality music with clear and crisp sound. Aqua Sound Recorder has an exceptional feature that allows you to set a timer to stop recording automatically, making it convenient for users who want to record music while busy with other tasks. Moreover, this software offers customizable settings for sound quality, bitrate, and tags to organize your Spotify recordings according to your preferences. So if you are looking for a Spotify music recorder, consider this tool your first option.

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Step 1 Install the Aqua Sound

To start using AceThinker Aqua Sound Recorder, install it on your PC first. Click the download button above to get the installer file. Once installed, you can launch the program.

aqua sound install the aqua sound

Step 2 Adjust the Settings

Before recording, you can adjust the audio settings as needed. You can modify the output format, bitrate, and sample rate from the "Settings" menu. And most importantly, since you will be recording from Spotify, select "System Sound" as the audio source and disable the "Microphone" option to avoid background noise.

aqua sound adjust the settings

Step 3 Start Recording

After adjusting the settings, you can start recording your favorite music from Spotify. Play the song you wish to record on Spotify. Then click the "Record" button on Aqua Sound Recorder to capture the audio stream.

aqua sound start recording

Step 4 Stop Recording and Save the Audio

Press the "Stop button" to put the procedure to end recording. After stopping the recording, preview the audio file to ensure it sounds perfect. You can also cut or trim the recording to your preferred length. The audio recording will then be saved to your computer when you click the "Save" button.

aqua sound stop recording and save the audio


  • It has customizable settings for sound quality and tags.
  • It can also save the recorded audio in multiple audio file formats.

  • You must purchase the premium version to unlock the tool's full potential.

3.2 Audacity

Audacity is another option to record audio from Spotify. It is an open-source audio editor that allows you to record audio from any source on your computer. Also, it offers an array of features like editing, mixing, and mastering audio tracks. Audacity also supports multiple file formats, making sharing your recordings with others easier. However, even though this tool is a free-to-use app, the quality of recordings may sometimes be poor, and it requires some technical knowledge to use effectively. To use Audacity as your personal Spotify stream recorder, follow these steps:

  • To use Audacity, you must first download and install the software on your computer. You can visit the official Audacity website to obtain the latest software version. Click the download icon to get the installer file and install the app.
  • After installing Audacity, launch the app and go to the "Edit" menu. From the Edit menu, select "Preferences," and then click on the "Recording" tab. Choose your preferred input source from the available options in the Recording tab.
  • Once you have adjusted the recording settings, play the music you want to record on Spotify. Then, go back to Audacity and click the "Record" button to capture the audio stream. After recording, stop the recording by clicking the "Stop" icon. Then the recorded video will be displayed in Audacity's interface, where you can edit and export the audio.

how to record spotify audacity


  • You can use this tool to mix audio tracks
  • You can also use it to add and generate sound effects on the recorded audio

  • It may require technical knowledge to use effectively, and the recording quality may not always be perfect

3.3 Bandicam

Bandicam is a screen recorder that can record audio from Spotify by capturing the sound system. This tool has a feature that allows you to record audio only on your computer. That's why this tool also can be an option to record Spotify MP3. It has decent capturing capabilities on both audio and video, making it a popular choice for recording gameplay, tutorials, and more. If you want to use Bandicam to record audio from Spotify, here are the steps you can follow:

  • The first step is to install the application on your computer. Bandicam is available to download from the official website. You can visit their official website and look for the download button. Once you find the download icon, click it to get the installer. Then run the downloaded installer file to install the application.
  • Next, launch Bandicam and go to the "Settings" menu. From there, you can modify your preferred file output, scheduled recording, and other option available. After configuring the setting, click the "Record audio only" option on the recording menu.
  • Once you have adjusted the settings, play the music you want to record on Spotify. Then, return to Bandicam and click the "Record" button. The recording session will start after clicking the record button. If you're done recording, click the "Stop" recording button on Bandicam to end the recording session. Then recorded audio will automatically save on your local storage.

 record spotify mp3 bandicam


  • Bandicam is an excellent tool for capturing gameplay and tutorials.
  • It is also a screenshot feature that you can use to capture images while recording.

  • It has no built-in editing tools, so you'll need to use a separate app for editing your recordings.

3.4 ApowerRec

ApowerRec is a versatile screen recorder that allows users to record system sound, microphone, and webcam simultaneously with varying output formats. This tool is also an excellent option for those who want to record audio from Spotify, as it can capture the sound system easily. It captures high-quality audio and video that are usually used for creating educational content, game walkthroughs, and more. Overall, this tool is advisable if you want complete control over your recording and to produce high-quality videos and audio. To learn how to record Spotify using ApowerRec, follow these simple steps:

  • To start, you need to download and install ApowerRec on your computer, which is available for Windows and Mac. You can download the installer file on their main website. When the installer file has finished downloading, click the download button. Open the app when installation is complete.
  • On the application interface, click "Settings" on the right part of the tool. Then you need to configure the audio settings of the tool. You can modify the bitrate and the sample rate as required. Additionally, you can select the output format as MP3 or WAV. Then go back to the main interface and select the "Audio Recorder" option.
  • After setting up the options needed, open Spotify and play the song you want to capture. Then, go back to ApowerRec and click the "Record" button. The recording will start immediately and captures the system sound of your device. After recording, you need to click the "Stop" record button to end the process. The recorded audio will automatically save on your local storage in the output format you selected during configuration.

spotify song recorder apowerrec


  • This tool can also perform webcam and microphone recording simultaneously with sound system recording.
  • It has an auto-stop feature to set the recording to stop automatically after a certain duration.

  • The free version of ApowerRec has a limited recording time of three minutes which may not be enough for longer recordings.

3.5 EaseUS RecExpert

The last tool on our list for recording audio from Spotify is EaseUS RecExpert. This tool is designed to capture screen activities on your computer. But even though this tool is made to capture screen activities, it can also capture the system sound of your device. This makes it a great option for recording audio from Spotify. EaseUS RecExpert offers customization options to cater to your recording needs. With these options, you can achieve the perfect recording for your desired audio. This tool can also be used for record signal call on your PC. If you need help on how to convert Spotify to MP3 using EaseUS RecExpert, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, you must access the EaseUS RecExpert website and download the software file. Once you have obtained the file, you must run it on your computer. Then proceed with the installation prompt and complete it.
  • On the tool's interface, you need to click the audio icon on the left side of the tool. Here you can select the audio source as "System Sound" to ensure it only records sounds from your device's system.
  • After configuring the audio settings, open Spotify and play the music you want to capture or record. Return to EaseUS RecExpert and click the "Record" button on the interface. The recording will start and capture the system sound of your PC. Once you are done recording, click the "End" record button to stop the recording process. Then the recorded audio will automatically save on your local storage.

spotify stream recorder easeus recexperts


  • This tool also has an auto-split feature that can split recordings into smaller sections for easier editing.
  • It also has a Record game feature that is perfect for capturing gameplay.

  • It is primarily a screen recording tool. While it can capture system sound, it may not be as optimized for recording audio as other tools on this list.

Tips and Tricks for Using Aqua Sound

How to avoid legal issues when recording music from Spotify?

  • It is important to note that recording music from Spotify and posting it on public platforms without credit or permission from the owner is illegal and could result in copyright infringement. Therefore, if you use recorded music for commercial purposes or share it publicly, ensure you have the necessary permissions and licenses.

How to improve the sound quality of your recordings?

  • You can use several tips and tricks to improve the sound quality of your recording with the Spotify MP3 recorder Aqua Sound. First, make sure that you disable the microphone or other audio input devices to prevent interference with the system sound being recorded. To prevent the recording from being overly loud or quiet, you may also modify the volume levels of your device and Aqua Sound. Also, Aqua Sound offers the option to adjust the audio bitrate and sample rate, which can greatly enhance your recordings' audio quality. If you want to record audio only on Zoom, click here for more information.

How to manage your recordings effectively?

  • Suppose you want to manage your recordings effectively with Aqua Sound. You should make a folder specifically for your recorded audio files in that situation. Aqua Sound also allows you to set customized file names and locations for your recordings to make finding them easier.

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