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The Best Sites Like Tubidy to Download Music and Audio

tubidy alternative Tubidy provides a platform where you can download an extensive range of music from different genres. You can also download videos from full-length movies, TV series, and even short clips. Finding what you need on Tubidy is easy and straightforward because it comes with an intuitive search bar, which you can use to find whatsoever you seek. Another great feature of the site is that you do not need to create an account or register before accessing the files. It is entirely free and offers unlimited downloads to users. Since it is free, expect that there are pesky ads that will interrupt your browsing activity. Actually, many sites like Tubidy for music and video lovers download media from the web. Here we have compiled a list of some great Tubidy alternatives.

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Best Sites Like Tubidy to Download Online Music

1. AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader

Available Platforms: Web browsers
Distinctive Feature: Let you download podcasts, video courses, and speech with ease.
Output Format: MP3

AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader is a widely known audio downloader that exists on the internet. Due to its quickest navigation and comprehensive, it is perfect for newbies or new to any web-based tool MP3 converter. This best YouTube to MP3 converter online can get all done quickly due to its compatibility with different streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and more. Thus, it is an excellent tool that can use as an alternative for Tubidy. Moreover, this tool is companionable from different web browsers like Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, etc.

mjd interface

2. BeatStars

Available Platforms: Web browsers, Android, and iOS
Distinctive Feature: It helps new artists to promote their songs by giving them a chance to get their work released to mainstream music platforms like Pandora, Spotify, and the likes.
Output Format: MP3, WAV, and others

BeatStars acts like a buy and sells market for songs and audio files. It is a platform that motivates local artists to upload their songs and be known to other listeners. Aside from that, this Tubidy alternative also provides its recommended playlist from famous R&B artists worldwide. You can also filter the songs according to their genre, whether you love Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, etc. Lastly, it also presents the trending artists according to their number of daily searches and streams.

beatstars interface

3. YouTube Audio Library

Available Platforms: Web browsers
Distinctive Feature: Expect there are weekly updates of free music by various channels.
Output Format: MP3 only

YouTube Audio Library is one of the newest websites like Tubidy that lets you download music and audio files for free. Although it was just new, you cannot go wrong since it is still produced by YouTube. Here, it boasts an extensive collection of sound effects and background music that you can use to enhance a video you are editing. All of the effects are royalty-free, so you have no concerns about copyright issues.

youtube audio library interface

4. Audiomack

Available Platforms: Web browsers, Android, and iOS
Distinctive Feature: It has a "Sleep Timer" function that sets a limited duration for your music streaming which is necessary so the app won't play music all night while you're asleep.
Output Format: MP3 only

Audiomack boasts its collections of songs performed by the most famous and trending songwriters and singers worldwide. What is good about this Tubidy alternative is that it even lets you download all the songs included in an entire album. Moreover, you can listen to as much as you want for free. Audiomack specializes in the international rap scene. Here, you can follow the official accounts of Chance the Rapper, 21 Savage, and others.

audiomack tubidy alternative

5. Bensound

Available Platforms: Web browsers
Distinctive Feature: Bensound allows you to download royalty-free music without any limit and payment.
Output Format: MP3 and WAV

One of the most accessible sites similar to Tubidy is Bensound. It offers various genres and moods for your song or audio track choice. This includes Acoustic, Folk Music, Pop, and more. Moreover, you can find a brief summary of each song so you will have an idea of what you are looking for. All of its content is all available to save for free. Hence, just expect there is an audio watermark in it.

bensound tubidy alternative

6. CC Trax

Available Platforms: Web browsers
Distinctive Feature: CC Trax allows you to download an entire album for free and its original quality.
Output Format: MP3 and FLAC

One of the best websites like Tubidy is CC Trax. This platform does not only offer you to listen to free music online, but it also lets you download songs and audio quickly. You only have to hit the "Download" button, and it will ask you to save it on your local drive. Moreover, it lets you grab an album quicker since the songs were compressed in a zip file when downloaded. However, if you are trying to listen to modern or trend music, this site is not for you since it mainly offers local scene music.

cctrax tubidy alternative

7. Jamendo

Available Platforms: Web browsers, Android, and iOS
Distinctive Feature: Jamendo boasts an extensive collection of Indie music. This platform is perfect for aspiring artists, as you can also upload your own song if you have.
Output Format: MP3 only

Jamendo claims that they are the most sought-after Indie music platform online. It has a collection of 40,000 Indie artists worldwide that upload their songs on its server. The main interface is also adequately organized. Here, you can easily filter the Indie songs according to their respective genres. Also, it has a section about the most played and hot selections critique by their "Music experts." Lastly, you can also download royalty-free music that you can use as background tracks for your videos.

jamendo download mp3

Comparison Chart

Features Need to register? Playlist Download? Price
AceThinker MP3 Juice Downloader No No Free
BeatStars Yes Yes Varies depending on track
YouTube Audio Library Yes No Free
Audiomack Yes No $4.99
BenSound No No $165
CC Trax No Yes Free
Jamendo No Yes Varies depending on track
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