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Best Tools to Record System Audio and Microphone

record system audio and microphone music recorder feature imageNowadays, it's easier to capture what's on our computer screen with different screen recorder tools online. Besides recording your entire screen, it's still great to register your audio, especially if you are making a voice demo or tutorial. It is also essential for recording your voice calls. Although it's easier to record voice using a microphone, the dilemma arises when you also want to register your system audio alone or with your narration. In line with that, allow us to help you with the right tool that you can use to record system audio and microphone simultaneously on your PC. This article will give you the most recommended recorder to record system audio and microphone.

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Recommended Tool to Record System Audio and Microphone

Supported platform: Windows and Mac

One of the tool that you can use to both record mic and system audio is Acethinker Music Recorder⁠. This recorder lets you record audio and voice simultaneously, regardless of you're recording streaming music, online conferences, audiobooks, radio podcasts, audio calls, etc. Moreover, this app also supports various audio formats, like MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, and FLAC, for easier playback on any devices you want, such as PC or mobile phones. Plus, it ensures a loss-less recorded output so you can enjoy listening. Additionally, this tool also has a search engine wherein you can find songs, which you can record directly or download for offline listening. To use this, follow the steps below:

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Step 1 Download and Install the tool on your PC

First, click the download button above to start installing it on your computer. Once done, open the file and follow the installation guide as directed on the wizard window. Then launch it, and familiarize yourself with its features and interface.

mr interface

Step 2 Select your audio source

By default, the tool lets you only record your system audio, so you have to change its setting to record PC sound and microphone simultaneously. To do so, click the button “On and Off” under Microphone Tab.

mr audio source step2

Step 3 Customize your settings

On the System tab and Microphone tab, navigate and adjust your recording volume. Meanwhile, to choose your audio format hit the Setting icon above the Microphone source option. From there, you can select and choose the output format like MP3 and more.

mr customize step3

Step 4 Start recording audio

Open the file you want to record. It can be a video from any browser, a live stream, or video calls. Once you open it already, go to the app's interface. Then, click the Red button to record microphone and system audio Windows 10.

mr record step4

Step 5 Stop and play your recorded audio

If you are already satisfied with your recording, click the Stop button to end it. A preview window will pop up and lets you listen to your recording. To save it on your device, click the save button.

mr play step5

Other Recorders to Record Mic and System Audio

To give you more alternatives to record PC sound and microphone at the same time, we have shortlisted below the different tools you can also try. These tools have their unique features to give you quality output. Check them below.

1. Sharex

Supported platform: Windows and Mac

One recorder you can download is Sharex. Although it's primarily as a screen recorder of any area on your screen, this tool also lets you record your system audio and narration through microphones accordingly. It even allows you to choose your output quality and format. And for your convenience, you can use its auto-record features too. Here's how to use this tool:

record system audio and microphone music recorder sharex

  • Download and install Sharex on your PC.
  • Once launched, navigate to the Task Setting tab on its interface and select "Screen Recorder.
  • Next step, click the "Screen recording options..." button.
  • On the new window, choose the Audio Source by clicking the drop-down menu beside it. And set Video Source to "None." And close the window.
  • To start and stop recording, press Ctrl + Shift + PrtSc. The audio will then save on its designated folder where you can play it back.

2. Soundflower

Supported platform: Windows and Mac

Meanwhile, if you are a Mac user, you can rely on recording using SoundFlower. This tool is initially for audio transmission for Apple to Apple transferring of audio files. And when it comes to recording, it gives you the option for your sound source and audio quality. It lets you select your input and output audio source to your preference. Moreover, you can adjust the volume of the tracks you are recording too. Here's how to use this app.

record system audio and microphone music recorder soundflower

  • Install the SoundFlower here.
  • Launch it and open QuickTime player.
  • Next step, click Screen recording options... button.
  • On its interface, go to System Preferences, select Sound, and set your Output and your Input to be Soundflower (2ch).
  • Finally, click the Record button after setting up the tool.

3. Audacity

Supported platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Audacity is another audio recorder that you can use to record microphone and system audio Windows 10 too. This tool is a powerful, free, open-source audio recorder that's been reigning in audio work. This app is a go-to choice for your quick-and-dirty audio work on your computer. This sound recorder has a straightforward interface, which is easy to use even for beginners. And interestingly, it lets you edit the audio you recorded before saving it as your final output. To record using this, follow the steps below:

record system audio and microphone music recorder audacity

  • Get Audacity here to download and install it on your PC.
  • Launch it and open the media you want to capture the sound from.
  • While the sound is playing, customize your audio output and input source and click the Record button to start recording.
  • Click the stop button to save your file. Meanwhile, you can also edit it before saving it by using its editing tool.
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Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.
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