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Five Most Handy and Accessible Ways to Record Streaming Audio

feature record streaming audio Streaming audio is the way people listen to different songs online, it can be great if you get them with the same quality of sounds to your preferred format. People who are fond of music primarily seek good and accessible audio streaming platforms. In this regard, it is an excellent opportunity if users can record streaming audio while listening to it and save them offline. In this regard, you must look for a tool that possesses a multi-functional audio recording feature. The capability of recording streaming audio with high-quality output and managing audio records based on your preferences. Explore and follow the given methods on this page to make it possible. You will find out the best tool you should use.

Music Recorder
AceThinker Music Recorder

Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.

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5 Most Handy and Accessible Ways to Record Streaming Audio

Method 1: Record Streaming Audio Using AceThinker Music Recorder

Distinctive Feature: It has the functional feature to convert streaming audio into different advanced audio formats including WMA, MP3, FLAC and more.
User Group: This tool is perfect for people who like to manage music files easily.

Music Recorder software is a highly suggested tool if you're seeking a powerful audio streaming recorder on your Computer. It is famous as a functional software for recording any sounds at high-quality audio results for up to lossless quality. This tool supports internal and external sound recording, storing data sounds from a computer sound and microphone. Moreover, Music Recorder is a reliable software that can be used in most handy ways. It can easily capture any streaming audio from your web browser, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. The desired recordings will be saved according to your desired file format. This way, the quickest method to capture streaming audio is covered by this tool.

Step 1 Install the Streaming Audio Recorder

The initial thing you have to do is to grab the best streaming audio recorder on your Computer. Click the suitable “Download” button above as a software installer for your device. Then, run the installer and follow the simple instructions provided. Continue with the installation until the program successfully launches on your Computer.

install the streaming audio recorder

Step 2 Modify the Recording Preferences

Open the Audio Recorder interface of the tool. Then, move to the recording set by clicking the “Gear” button in the upper-right corner. Navigate to the output menu and set streaming audio to MP3 format or other. Moreover, set your audio quality to “Lossless .”You can also check or change the location of your recordings. Lastly, click the “ok” button to save all the changes.

modify the recording preferences

Step 3 Start Audio Recording

Once you're done setting up the options from the recording setting, go back to the main interface of Audio Recorder. Enable your preferred audio source. Choose from System Sound and Microphone. You can turn on both if you need them. Finally, hit the “Rec” button to start the audio recording. You can adjust the audio volume using the available toolbar while recording and stop whenever your streaming audio ends.

start audio recording

Step 4 Save and Share your Recorded File

The audio playback will eventually appear once you end the recordings. You can listen to it and save it afterward. The tool will ask you to enter the filename of your recorded audio and set the output format. However, you don’t have to set another file location if you've already modified the file location of your output files. Click the “Save” button to proceed. On the history panel, you can select the share button of the tool if you want to upload your file to Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

save and share your recorded file

Method 2: Record Streaming Audio Using Audacity

Distinctive Feature: This tool has multi-track features and Audio effects that can easily modify and be used.
User Group: It is good for users who have passion in voice recording intended for composing a song, podcasts, vlogging and more.

One accessible free streaming audio recorder tool in the market is Audacity. This tool comes with an intuitive user interface with numerous audio recording and editing features. It is designed to create numerous recordings with a quick and easy process. It specifies the means of simply beginning a multi-layered track recording session with Audacity, even if you are a new user with no experience using streaming audio recorder software. You can easily change the songs around using the drag-and-drop feature and the fact that they are all color-coded, making them easy to identify. However, even though a tool is simple, it will still need to improve on the capabilities required to produce the most expert audio projects.

User Guide:

  • To Rip streaming audio, download and install Audacity on your PC. Access the main interface of the tool to initiate the recording. Select “Audio Setup” to modify essential keys for your recording, including the interface host, playback, and recording device for the audio source. Tick the drop-down button from each option. First, choose “Windows Wasapi,” then select the ComputerComputer speakers for your audio recordings.
  • When you’re done setting up your recording needs, play the streaming audio on your computer and click the “Record” button. The program will eventually start the audio recording on your computer system. The tool will generate an AudioWave visible on the tool's interface to see the recording length recording.
  • Once streaming audio ends playing, you can also stop the recording by pressing the “Stop” button from the toolbar. You can play your recorded audio and add effects if you like. Once you like to save it, go to the “File” tab and select “Export .”Choose your preferred file format to save in the folder you want.

record streaming audio using audacity

Method 3: Record Streaming Audio Using Power Sound Editor Free

Distinctive Feature: This tool supports the functional feature of posting recorded streaming audio on the different websites and sharing via email.
User Guide: It is best for users who seek a multi-functional streaming audio recorder with editing and sharing capability.

Streaming audio may quickly record, edit, and create new songs with the all-in-one Power Sound Editor Free. This tool is much recommended as streaming audio capture software that is accessible and downloadable for free, and neither registration nor payment is necessary. A remarkable array of editing and recording capabilities are available in Power Sound Editor Free. This software helps you to record sound using a sound card, a microphone, or any other input device. With the help of advanced features, streaming audio can be converted into MP3, WAV, OGG, and WMA files. When editing audio files, Power Sound Editor Free also makes it simple to perform tasks like Copy, Cut, Delete, Mix, Paste From File, and Paste From Files. You can also apply a number of effects, like Fade, Invert, MultiTapDelay, Echo, and others.

User Guide:

  • Visit Power Sound Editor Free on any of your web browsers. Click the download button to get the file installer of the tool. Next, run the installer until the program successfully launches on your ComputerComputer.
  • On its main interface, open the “File” option on the menu tab from the upper left section of the tool. Click “New Record” from the given options. Choose your preferred sample rate and channels and click “Ok.”
  • A recording window page will display. You can start to record streaming audio by clicking the “Record” button. The recording time duration will run once you start recording. Furthermore, you can end the recording by clicking the “Keep” button. Go to the “File” tab and press “Save as” to export your recorded file.

Method 4: Record Streaming Audio Using Windows Voice Recorder

Distinctive Feature: It has a helpful feature of adding a marker while recording so it can be easy to identify important parts of it.
User Group: It is best for Windows PC users who want a simple and free recording process.

The built-in Windows Sound Recorder will be the most accessible option if you are looking for a straightforward way to record voice on your Computer. With this software, users can customize recorded files after they've been recorded and also capture streaming audio for up to high-quality file output. You won't need to download or install any software in order to employ this tool since it is entirely free to use. The user interface is so simple to utilize that you will be able to record streaming audio on your PC even if you've never worked on it before. One of its advantageous features is the ability to indicate particular audio portions during recording by including markers in the audio.

User Guide:

  • On a Windows computer, open the pre-installed voice recorder program. The record icon will be visible at the center of the tool’s interface if you have not used the tool before. Then, click the “Speaker” icon if you would like to capture streaming music.
  • You can minimize the tool if you want to hide the recorder while listening to audio streaming like Spotify. If you already want to end the recording process, end it by clicking the same icon. You can view the page where your recorded file is stored.
  • If you want to check and modify your recorded file, select your recorded streaming audio file and right-click on it. Tick the “Open file location” to find the location of your file. You can also share your file through email and edit or delete it anytime.

record streaming audio using windows voice recorder

Method 5: Record Streaming Audio Using Windows WavePad

Distinctive Feature: It has an editing feature that can create and edit music,voice, and more audio recordings.
User Group: It is popular for Windows users who wants to create bookmarks and region to easily find, recall and assemble segments of long audio files.

Another free voice recorder for Windows 10 is Wavepad. It can record audio in high resolution using the microphone on the Computer. Through using various editing options available after the recording is accomplished, you can apply effects like echo, amplification, equalization, noise reduction, normalization, and more. A basic set of editing tools is also provided to you, allowing you to cut, compress, and even change the pitch of the audio files you compose. If you want access to extensive editing capabilities, you must purchase the Standard or Master edition of Wavepad. Additionally, this software can be used as a streaming audio converter to create files in a variety of formats, including WAV, WMA, OGG, and others.

User Guide:

  • Find the download of WavePad Audio Recorder online. Launch the tool on your Computer by adhering to the installation instruction provided once you download the tool. Go to the “File” tab and Create a new file.
  • Navigate to “Options” from the menu tab in the top-right corner of the tool. You can select all the Recording options you need, including the Audio device that you are going to employ. When you have already set all the selections you want, press the “OK” button and save all the changes.
  • Start the Recording process by clicking the red “Record” button or pressing “F5” to begin. On the other hand, hit the “Stop” button or the “ESC” key to end the recording. When you're planning to save your file, move your way to the “File” tab and hit” Save As.”

record streaming audio using windows wavePad

Comparison Chart

Tools Other Features Audio Output Price
AceThinker Music Recorder Audio Converter WMA, MP3, M4A, and ACC Free Trial, $29.95 per year
Audacity Audio Editor MP3, WAV, and OGG Free
Windows Sound Recorder None M4A Free
WavePad Audio Editor WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3, and more. $60 for Standard Edition


Finally, you already know about the good points of streaming audio recorders. Users can instantly acquire music on their preferred streaming services using the above-mentioned tools and procedures. The use of music recorders ensures that all audio is correctly saved in the desired file format with the best possible outcomes. If the Microphone option is used when recording, users can make several recordings and a customized file. Consequently, take advantage of this tool's powerful features.

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Music Recorder
Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.
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