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Best Tool to Record Sound from Browser with Quality

record-audio-browserSince videos consume much space on your devices, some people choose to record the audio instead. That's because, as we all know, audios only take much lesser space on our devices, yet they are effective learning materials as well. In line with that, there are different video converters platforms available on the web to satisfy our needs - some are free while others have fees. And though we are fortunate enough to have these kinds of tools, isn't downloading a tool, converting the file, or extracting the audio tedious? Luckily, you can use a more straightforward app to grab audio online with the help of tools that help you record browser audio accordingly. As such, read this article and discover what tools are the best in handiness, output quality, and accessibility.

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How to Record Sound from Browser with Online App

For the best online recorder that lets you record audio from a browser hassle-free, AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online is such a tool to try. This web-based sound recorder enables you to record any audio from your computer, whichever browsers you are using for free. It also gives you less recorded sound. With this app's user-friendly interface, you can capture audio from a browser like a pro in no time and effortlessly. Moreover, this app is an online tool as it is excellent for education. This Chrome Audio capture is best for taking down notes during your online classes since it supports video messaging apps. Moreover, it also helps you record your system's audio accordingly, or you can also add your voice to record your voice via microphone. Interestingly, you can choose not to download music anymore as this tool can record audio from all online sources, including YouTube, VEVO, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Step 1 Launch the online recorder

Go to AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online. Then click the Start Recording button on the site to launch the app. For first-time users, you still have to download the launcher to start using it.

free online audio interface

Step 2 Choose your audio source

Once the tool's interface appears, you can finally record browser sound. Click the icon on the bottom-left corner of the device and select your audio source. Use a microphone if you want to register yourself. Meanwhile, click System Sound if you only want to record from your browser alone. Or else, choose Both System Sound and Microphone if you are to make interactive videos.

free online audio step 2

Step 3 Play music or audio to record

Go to your preferred browser and visit the site where you want to listen to and record music. After finding the song you want or video, go back to the app's interface.

free online audio step 3

Step 4 Start to Record Music from Browser

After playing the video or music in the background, click the Record button. Once you think you have recorded everything. Click the Stop button to save the media on your PC. The file automatically transfers to its library.

free online audio step 4

Step 5 Playback your output

To listen to your recorded sound, click the three horizontal lines located on the app's bottom-right corner. You will see the list of recordings there, so find the output you want to playback. Once found, click the Play button and enjoy listening to your recorded sound anytime and anywhere.

free online audio step 5

You can always organized and customized your library by editing its metadata.

Browser Extensions to Record Audio in Chrome and Firefox

The mentioned tool above can also have problems in working. You may encounter lags or bugs due to app updates which can interrupt your recording session. That's why we have shortlisted below other tools you can use. And to help you more, what we listed below are extensions or browser sound recorders working both for Firefox and Chrome. Check them below.

1. Audio Capture

True to its name, Audio Capture recorder allows you to record Chrome audio accordingly. It makes the sound available on your PC after it captures the audio on your computer. Moreover, what's great about this extension is its ability to capture audio from browser in multiple tabs all at once. Meanwhile, if you suddenly don't want to include the sound from one tab, you can mute it. Additionally, for the final touch, you can save your output to MP3 or WAV format.

record audio online chrome recorder

Don’t forget to save the file before closing the tabs you recorded. This way is to prevent losing files.

2. Audio Recorder

One more way to record audio from browser that you can find on the Chrome Store is this Audio Recorder. It has the most straightforward interface⁠, making it easy to use even for beginners. You can record any sounds on your browser and save them as WAV. Interestingly, it even works even when you are offline.

record audio online record audio online audio recorder

This tool is only perfect for short recordings. For longer lectures, use another tool instead.

3. Live Recorder

If you are to record a tab from your Firefox browser, then use Live Recorder. This extension or add-on is available as a Firefox audio capture tool. Its button will let you know how to use this recorder efficiently. In fact, after adding it on your browser, you can only use two buttons, which is the Rec and Stop button. Moreover, this easy-to-use app doesn't just record audio but also lets you screen your online activities and save them as WEBM.

record audio online live recorder

Whenever you want to change audio codec, use and external program to do so.

4. Simple Audio Voice Sound Recorder

Last but not the least, Simple Audio Voice Sound Recorder should include on this list. This web browser audio recorder lets you record your system's audio⁠— any sound or voice through a microphone, whereas you can save them in MP3, WAV, & OGG format. And after recording, you can either download it or delete it right after listening to it.

record audio online firefox audio recorder

Save your output into MP3 so you can absolutely play it at any devices.
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