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5 Phenomenal Methods to Record Audio on Google Slides

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Google Slides has made digital presentation making much easier in our time today. This web-based tool has become the resort of many especially, on the academic field. However, visuals alone are not enough to catch a student's attention. Aside from inserting images and fancy letter styles in the slides, your teacher can include voiceover narration. Some students are effective in audio or visual learning or a combination of these two. Sadly, if you only need to take the voiceover to listen to it in your free time, there is not yet a built-in recorder in Google Slides. So, if you are wondering how to pull this activity off, stay on this post. You will begin to discover the optimal ways how to record audio in Google Slides during this walkthrough.

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Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.

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Premium Way to Record Audio for Google Slides

1. AceThinker Music Recorder

Type of Output Format: This program lets you save your recordings to MP3, WMA, M4A, and more.
Privacy and Security: AceThinker Music recorder is committed to pursuing safety and security for its users. It applies extensive encryption and fraud protection measures.

There are various occasions why you should choose an advanced program to record your voice for Google Slide Presentation. Having that, AceThinker Music Recorder is your one-time solution. With it, you can record voicemail message, commentaries, voice narrations, and more. Furthermore, the renowned tool can simultaneously record your system sound and microphone in 320 kbps. It also works with Windows and Mac platforms, where you usually take a glance at Google Slide presentations. Besides, you will not miss any more recordings because it has the Task Scheduler feature. Set your target time and date, and you can leave the program automatically starting and stopping your recording. To know how to record audio on Google Slides, read the following guide.

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Step 1 Get the Recorder

First, you should locate the program on your device. If your computer runs on Windows OS, click the left button. Meanwhile, click the right one if you have a Mac device. After downloading, double-click to run and follow the setup wizard to launch the program on your screen.

music recorder interface

Step 2 Select Audio Source

Toggle on both the sliders if you need to capture the system and sound and microphone for work. Next, click the Gear icon to set your output preferences, such as the format and sound quality. Then, hit "OK" to save your changes. When ready, hit the "REC" button and start to record the audio tracks inserted from the slide presentation.

select the audio source on music recorder

Step 3 Listen to the Voice Recording

While recording, you can adjust the mixer if you want to increase the volume of your audio sources. Once finished, hit the "Stop" button on the control bar, or you can use the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+S for a shortcut. Then, the preview window will appear for you to listen to your work.

save voice recording on the music recorder

Step 4 Save MP3 Output

If you are already satisfied with the outcome, click the "Save" button. Finally, change the file name and set your destination folder. Then wait for the rendering process, which will be for a few seconds. To start a new recording, hit the "Re-Record" button and follow the steps mentioned here.

select destination for recordings for music recorder

Online Solutions to Record Voice on Google Slides

1. Rev Online Voice Recorder

Type of Output Format: This program lets you save your recordings to MP3 audio format.
Privacy and Security: Rev servers do not collect any recording saved by the user and employ encryption.

The first online solution to record audio Google Slides is the Rev Online Voice recorder. This program is compatible with the desktop and Android versions of Google Chrome and Safari of iPhone devices. Maneuvering the program is pretty straightforward. That's why, most beginners appreciate the recording process anytime as long as they connect to the internet. Not just that, Rev Online recorder offers to transcribe your voice recordings in two ways. If you need 99% accuracy on your transcriptions, you may pay $1.50 per minute within a 12-hour waiting process. On the flip side, they also offer a speech recognition transcription at cheaper pricing. This way gives 80% accuracy for $.25 per minute only. Anyhow, read below how to voice record on Google Slides using this tool. Also, if you are looking for ways to record class lectures in an instant, the post right here.

User Guide:

  • To start, click the "Record" button at the center of the site interface. Once the dialog box appears, you are asked to use your Microphone, hit the "Allow" button, and then go to your Google Slide.
  • Then start to play the music file on your Google Slide. You may also use your external mic to record your voice. See to it that the animation display shows while you are recording. Moreover, you can hit the "Pause" button or the "Stop" button to save the file.
  • There is also a preview panel in the program after the recording. You can edit your output from the same panel by fast-forwarding, rewinding, trimming, or simply playing the file. Once done, hit the "Download" button to locate the program on your device.

record google slide audio using rev voice recorder

2. Rev Online Voice Recorder

Type of Output Format: This program lets you save your recordings to standard audio format.
Privacy and Security: Mote allows users to insert their recordings on sites like Notion, Google Slides, Classroom, and more. Moreover, you can embed a QR code on your recording for sharing notes with others.

Mote is yet another rising voice recorder online. Its growing popularity roots in its ability to record and upload your voice recording directly on Google Slides. Moreover, this program can translate your transcriptions into different languages worldwide like English, Frenceh and Italian. It also has a Talk Stem feature in which the program can read scientific and mathematical notations. Still and all, the free version of Mote lets you create 20 monthly recordings with a 30 second limit for each recording. Suppose you plan to access its advanced features and record voice for Google Slide without restrictions. In that case, you should grab their Unlimited or School plan. Read how to record voice on Google Slides in easy peasy steps below.

User Guide:

  • First, get a Mote profile by signing in to your Google account. Then, open your Google Slide and see the Mote extension attached. Now, select one slide and then head to the Mote icon.
  • After that, hit the "Next" icons on the dialog box to permit Mote recording and allow your mic. Then, hit the Mote icon again and start talking using your sound source. Once done, hit the same icon to "Stop" and click the "Insert" button to have your voice attached to your slide.

voice record on google slide using mote

3. Virtual Speech Online Voice Recorder

Type of Output Format: This program lets you save your recordings to standard audio format.
Privacy and Security: Mote allows users to insert their recordings on sites like Notion, Google Slides, Classroom, and more. Moreover, you can embed a QR code on your recording for sharing notes with others.

If you are looking for a program without facing a sign-up process, Virtual Speech is just around the corner. This program is excellent for students who want to render voice recordings for their Google Slide presentations. With just one click, the tool is ready to do its duty and record without a time constraint. Additionally, it offers a built-in preview to check your records or download your output immediately. Plus, virtual speech is compatible with all web browsers on your PC and mobile devices. To get mastery with this voice recorder for Google Slides, use the following methods underneath.

User Guide:

  • Once you land on the program's official website, hit the "Start Recording" button. When the dialog box shows up on the upper right side of the site, hit "Allow" for your Microphone to work.
  • After that, you will see the time bar of the recorder counting. If you have the script for your slide presentation, try to read it in front of your mic with loudness and clarity. Once done, click the "Stop Recording" button to see controls where you can play the file. Moreover, the decision is yours if you want to download files in OGG or MP3 format.

record voice for google slides using virtual speech

How to Add Audio to Google Slides

Adding a piece of background music is one of the working ways to turn your slides to the next level. No matter the program you use, either offline or online, inserting audio is an always-present option. As for Google Slides, it allows its users to use audio formats, which are MP3 and WAV. However, you must first upload your track to Google Drive for a quick process. Without much ado, below is the guide on how you should do it.

  • First, sign in on your Google slide account and retrieve the work you have in progress. If you are starting a new presentation, you may select from the available themes displayed on the program. To overlay your music, click the “Insert” tab from the menu bar at the top and select “Audio.”
  • After that, a new window will show up where you can see the list of music files uploaded on your Google Drive. Pick the appropriate music for your presentation and click “Select.” And now you have it! You should see a speaker icon and control indicating the music file on your slide.
  • Lastly, you can choose in the “Format Options” panel if the audio will start playing “On Click” or “Automatically.” Moreover, if you check the “Loop Audio,” your file will repeat playing after it ends.

insert audio on google slides

Comparison Chart

Programs Price Advantage Disadvantage
Music Recorder by AceThinker A 1-year license costs $29.95. It covers advanced recording features for 2 PCs with customer support and upgrade. You may use the hot keys for more convenient recording activities. Limited voice editing tools.
Rev Online Voice Recorder Free The program's site provides instructions for using the recorder. It depends solely on the internet connection.
Mote $39 yearly with unlimited mote recordings and transcription. It supports voice-to-text transcriptions. It may be quite challenging to use for beginners.
Virtual Speech Online Voice Recorder Free It is suitable for simple recordings. It lacks advanced voice recording features such as the audio trimmer.
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Music Recorder
Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.
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