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Get to Know the Best Solutions to Record YouTube Audio

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How often do you watch a YouTube video and the song that played in the background struck you the most? If you could remember, it's too many to count. On the flip side, you may want to listen to a podcast while doing another task. You could be driving somewhere else, waiting on your turn in the queue, and the like. Undoubtedly, one way to spend time is to make it productive by indulging yourself in a song or listening to some valuable discourses. While YouTube is ready to serve us, it relies heavily on your internet connection. Also, saving YouTube videos takes a large amount of your storage space, which is why audio recorders came into existence. They help us capture sound, either from the internal source or with our microphone. Plus, they lessen the long process of downloading and converting the file. Underneath, we have curated different YouTube music recorders that you can rely on. Get ready, and let's dive in.

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Record Audio from Youtube with AceThinker Music Recorder

Distinctive Feature: It provides three types of recording: the video, audio, and gameplay recorder.
Price: A freemium service. To access all the program’s features and bypass the free trial limitation, you can avail of its premium plan for $39.95.

AceThinker Music Recorder has the upper hand if you are looking for an efficient solution to record audio from YouTube. It is famous for recording your screen activity, but there's more. Screen Grabber Premium can also record your microphone or system sound alone. Since the program is straightforward, you only need a few clicks to capture any songs or podcasts on the said video-sharing site. Regarding compatibility, fret not because you can save your file to different audio formats of your choice like MP3, WMA, AAC, and M4A. Beneath, you can follow the process of capturing audio using the program.

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Step 1 Get the Best Audio Record for YouTube

Begin by locating the prpgram file on your device. You only need to click the appropriate “Download” button above for your PC’s operating system. Afterward, run the program and follow the setup process until it’s finally launched on your screen.

mr main interface

Step 2 Specify Audio Recording Requirements

Next, toggle on the “System Sound” and hit the gear icon to configure your output file quality. On the preference window, head to the Output tab and select your required “Audio Format.” Next, set the “Audio Quality” to lossless for a satisfying result. Once done, hit the “OK” button to save your changes.

apture audio on youtube with acethinker acethinker music recorder

Step 3 Record Youtube Sound

When the sound configuration is complete, hit the "Rec" button to start recording. After the three-second countdown, go to Youtube and start to play the content you wish to have. Once done, click the "Stop" button on the floating control bar to save.

record youtube sound with acethinker music recorder

Step 4 Play and Save

After hitting stop, a new window will appear where you can listen to the recorded sound. If you want to trim unnecessary parts, feel free to adjust the in and out playhead buttons. Finally, hit the “Save” button below the interface to store the file in your local directory.

save record audio from acethinker music recorder

How to Record Sound from YouTube Using Audacity

Distinctive Feature: This open-source program works two-in-one. It can be your audio recorder and editor, depending on your needs.
Price: Free

Are you looking for a program that saves you from spending bucks? Then, you can opt for Audacity. This YouTube sound recorder can capture audio from different streams online, including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and more. Also, Audacity helps you improve the quality of your file when you can trim, adjust playback speed, and remove unnecessary noises. Besides, the program lets you save your output to MP3, WAV, and OGG, which are pretty good in quality and compatibility. However, if you are a beginner, exploring Audacity may feel a bit of a challenge because of its interface. Meanwhile, some experience Audacity not recording audio. That's why here is a quick tutorial beneath on using the YouTube MP3 recorder.

Step 1 Configure Recording

Once you launch Audacity on your device, click the "Transport" tab on the menu bar above. Afterward, select Record> Record New Track.

record youtube sound with audacity

Step 2 Play Youtube Content to Record

Once done, the recording progress will appear on the Audacity “Timeline” panel. Next, proceed to your YouTube application and start to play your desired file to capture audio from YouTube.

stop audio recording on audacity

Step 3 Save the Recording

When the YouTube video ends, hit the “Stop” button on Audacity. Before saving the track, you can edit the work further by exploring the tools provided on the ribbon. Finally, hit the “File” tab, click “Export,” and use your preferred format to save.

save youtube audio recording from audacity

Capture Music from YouTube with YouTube to MP3 Converter

Distinctive Feature: The program is geared toward fast downloading speed as it maximizes the bandwidth of your internet connection.
Price: Free

Are you still looking for more solutions to record YouTube audio? While screen recorders are a good option, online programs can also help you. Free Youtube to MP3 Converter by AceThinker is an online tool that allows you to download videos into an audio file. Moreover, it allows you to save commentaries, podcasts, songs, and more with 128k audio quality in smaller file sizes. Aside from YouTube, the tool also caters to 100+ online sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Audiomack, Mixcloud, and more. But what makes YouTube to MP3 stand out among the rest is that it provides security among users. For a plus factor, you do not need any sign-up and registration process before using the tool. Therefore, read the guide below to capture sound from YouTube with this online downloader.

Step 1 Land on the Program’s Site

First, any web browser of your choice, and enter the official site of Youtube to MP3 Converter. Afterward, go to YouTube and copy the video URL of the file from the address bar.

youtube to mp3 downloader interface

Step 2 Paste URL

Go back to the online downloader and paste the URL into the input box. After that, hit "Enter" on your keyboard and wait for the result to load. Luckily the program will give you an accurate file.

paste video url on free youtube to mp3 converter

Step 3 Download Video to MP3

Next, hit the “Download” option from the tool and select the 128k as your audio quality. Finally, hit the “Download” button again and wait for the locating process to complete.

download audio using online downloader

Record YouTube Sound on iPhone

Distinctive Feature: The program lets you share your recordings directly on Google Drive, Evernote, e-mail, and more.
Price: Free

Rev Voice Recorder & Memos is an excellent tool to convert Youtube videos into audio files. Using the program requires no technical mastery and has an impressive blue and white interface. You can record the internal sound of your phone, but there’s more. This program is perfect for those who want to record voicemail, interviews, lectures, and meetings. Besides, Rev Voice Recorder & Memos lets you transcribe any of your recordings through human or AI transcriptions. However, the turnaround time and accuracy of your transcripts will vary depending on your option. Find out underneath how you can navigate the tool with ease.

  • Open your App Store and look for the Rev Voice Recorder & Memos. Once you find the program hit the “Get” button to install it on your iPhone. Next, hit the “Record” button on the center of the tool’s interface to start.
  • Next, play the YouTube Video, and the voice recorder will do its job accordingly. As a tip, record in a quiet area to avoid background noise. Once done, hit the "Stop" button and save the file.

record youtube with rev voice recorder

Capture YouTube Audio on Android

Distinctive Feature: This program lets you simultaneously record the internal and system sound with high bitrate.
Price: Free

Our Android phones have become increasingly advanced over time. Fortunately, you can now also record music from YouTube to MP3 with the help of third-party applications in the PlayStore. The Audio Recorder is a phenomenal tool that lets you capture sound in M4A, WAV, and 3GP format. You can expect detailed and clear YouTube audio by setting the sample rate between 8kHz and 48kHz. Besides, tons of users are not only impressed with its features, but you can also customize your interface into different colors. To use the tool, refer to the guide beneath.

  • First, open your Play Store application and install the Audio Recorder on your device. Once done, the program will launch on your screen.
  • Before you can record on this YouTube audio recorder, the tool will ask you first to specify your audio output quality. You can choose your desired format, sample rate, and bitrate. Once done, hit the white circular button to start the recording. While recording, you can also hit the “pause” button to skip the parts you do not want to capture from the YouTube video.
  • Once done with the recording, hit the “Stop” button and label your file name. Afterward, hit “Save,” and voila! You now have the recorded audio file.

record youtube sound with android application

Comparison Chart of the Best Audio Recorder for YouTube

Audio Recorders Installation Packaged Size System Compatibility Sound Quality
Screen Grabber Premium 71.87 MB Windows and Mac Low, standard, high, and lossless
Audacity 33.2 MB Windows, Mac, and Linux Standard to High
YouTube to Mp3 Downloader Online Tool For All Web Browsers Standard
iPhone 35.5 MB For iOS Standard to High
Audio Recorder 1.2 MB For Android only Low to High

FAQs about YouTube Audio Recording

1. Is it possible to make an audio file out of a YouTube video?
Absolutely! There are tons of audio recording software for YouTube in the market that are completely for free. If you want to try an online program, we highly recommend the Free Online Audio Recorder by AceThinker.
2. Can I download music from YouTube?
Yes. While there are tons of music downloaders in the market, the program also offers YouTube Music. This feature is granted to users who subscribe to the premium plan YouTube.
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Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.
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