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Best 5 Alternative Sites Like MP3Skull

featured mp3skull alternativeThese days, music has always been a way for people to entertain themselves, and the same can still hold today. Before, people listened to music on their radios, Walkman, cassette players, and lots more. Recently, the advent of technology means people can listen to music on various devices like MP3 players, iPods, phones, laptops, and more. Also, MP3skull is one of the best sites that allows music lovers to listen and download their favorite music. On the other hand, we listed below some of the best MP3Skulls alternatives in terms of function and performance. You can make use of these sites to find your favorite songs, listen to them, or even download it.

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AceThinker URL to MP3

In case you are looking for a safer MP3skull alternative to download music, then, look no further than AceThinker URL to MP3 Converter. It is an online downloading site that offers you reliable service free from viruses and other harmful effects. You can use it to get your favorite songs, and it can also act as an MP3skull for Mac. Furthermore, simply paste the video URL that contains the music you like and convert the video to a high-quality MP3. This tool offers first-hand service to music lovers and fanatics. When it comes to MP3skull alternatives, an online URL to MP3 converter is one of the best.

Step 1 Access the Online Tool

First, copy the URL of the video that you want to convert and download. Then, visit the official website of AceThinker URL to MP3 and paste the video on the URL box within the site.

convert url to mp3 online

Step 2 Convert the Video

Next, click the "Convert" button beside the URL box to start converting. Then, a new window will appear containing the available video format and quality that you can choose.

convert video file

Step 3 Download the Converted Video

Once you choose your desired video format and quality, click on the "Free Download" button to get the converted file on your PC

download mp3 file

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Another music streaming site that equally compared to MP3 skull is MP3raid. This website focuses on organizing its music library for users to look for their favorite songs quickly. In fact, Mp3Raid consists of over a million free mp3 downloads access all over the net, which you can use to safely download music. You can also watch music videos and read the lyrics of the song that you are listening to within this music streaming site.

mp3raid cover


MP3Clan is one of the best alternatives to MP3Skull because this website lets visitors listen to different kinds of music. As soon as you visit this music site, you will see the list of the top 20 most popular and trending music. Also, you can choose the album of each artist that contains all of their songs. There are lots of music genres that you can select, like Alternative, Blues, Classical, Country song, Dance, Electro, Rock, Reggae, R&B, and lots more. Besides, you can choose the country to list its most frequently listened to music into each place. You won't get bored once you visit this website because you listen and also download music for free.


Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music mostly consists of indie music that you won’t find any music streaming site. Just like MP3Skull, this website lets you listen and download music in high audio quality. It has a section of music handpicked by its own music experts, which you can trust when it comes to good music. In fact, Jamendo Music also has the soundtrack of the newly released movies, and you can listen to all of these songs for free. So if you miss a piece of music from a film, or want to explore for new indie artists with their own music. Don't hesitate to visit Jamendo Music as you may find your new favorite tune on this site.


AceThinker Music Recorder

Another tool that we are going to show that focuses on the music itself is AceThinker Music Recorder. This tool allows you to record audio in its highest quality. Also, you can use this tool to search and download music for free. You can edit the title of the song, artist, album name, year, and genre with the help of the ID3 Tag Editor feature. Another great feature is that you can easily manage your library, which means you won't have any problem looking for a specific song you want to play. To understand more about this tool, keep on reading below to see the steps on how to use it.

Step 1 Get the installer

First, visit the official of AceThinker Music Recorder to download and install the tool. You can also use the "Download" buttons below, just choose one of the platforms that you are using, then click that button. Once you get the installer, proceed on installing by following the installation wizard.

Try It Free

Step 2 Search and download music

Next, after installing the tool, launch it, then go to the "Search" that you can see within the list from the left part of the tool. You can search for the music that you want to download, just type the title of the song on the search bar. Then, click on the "Download" icon button after you search it.

mp3skull step2

You can see the download progress within the “Download” tab. It also shows the download speed and status of the song. You can also pause the download, or you can just cancel it if you don't want to continue downloading that song.

Step 3 Listen to the downloaded music

Lastly, you can listen to the downloaded song under the "Library" tab. From there, you can see all the recorded audios and music inside a playlist you created. Within the playlist, simply double-click the song to play it instantly.

mp3skull step 3


This article shows the best alternatives to MP3Skull. All of the said tools can help you to gain the music you want to have. These tools can be beneficial whenever you want to listen to new music. Among these alternatives, AceThinker Music Recorder is the top choice. It can not only do the job as MP3Skull but also can help you record audio, convert audio, edit the ID3 tag, and even burn MP3 to CD. Whether you decide to use the web-based online apps or the desktop program, we're sure you will be enjoying any music you like.

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