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How to Record Internet Audio on Computer and Mobile

how to record internet audio Every once in a while, you will come across new audio while surfing the net. Whether it's music or background music for your video, it's worthy of playing whenever you want to. With that being said, various audio recorders have spawned and are available to use for free most of the time. However, one must ensure the output quality in recording internet audio, so it is critical to have the right recorder for you. On that note, we have listed down some of the favorite ways you can use to record streaming audio online. Read on to learn more information about these recorders.

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Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.

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Use Stereo Mix To Record Audio on Windows

Distinctive feature: Stereo Mix lets you create audio files by combining the microphone and system audio sources. You can use it to create a voice-over narration and other audio files.

Stereo Mix is a virtual audio device present on later versions of Windows, like Windows 10. It is a feature that you can record both microphone and system audio from your PC. Although most audio recorders have the same ability these days, it is still worth knowing that you have such a feature readily available on your PC. The feature is disabled by default, so you need to enable it first. After that, whenever you use audio recording software, "Stereo Mix" will appear on the audio source choices for your PC. For example, if you are streaming audio using your headset and singing along simultaneously, both your voice and the audio will be recorded.

record audio


  • Produce MP3 audio whenever you want with Stereo Mix because of its availability.

  • It can only record Microphones and System Audio together. There is no way to record one audio source alone.

Default Way to Record Audio from Internet Mac

Distinctive feature: You can do other things like record screen and cast your iOS screen on Mac with Quicktime Player.

Quicktime Player is the built-in media player for Mac devices. The tool comes free with any Mac purchase, making it very cost-efficient. People commonly use Quicktime Player when watching videos. Still, it is also capable of other features like screen recording and screen mirroring. Aside from the said extra features, Quicktime Player can also record audio off internet on Mac. Quicktime can produce audio recordings in M4A format, the native audio format for Mac. It also doesn't have any limits to the recording time. However, as the recording prolongs, the file size also increases. Although dedicated audio recorders still have a slight advantage in terms of quality. However, considering that it is free, saves you from the trouble of downloading and installing other tools is a bonus.

record button


  • Using Quicktime saves you the trouble of installing suspicious software on your Mac.

  • It can only produce audio in M4A format.

Robust Way to Record Audio on Windows/Mac

Distinctive feature: AceThinker Music Recorder offers a "Task Schedule" function that automatically lets you record any audio from the internet. Even you're away from your device.

Now, let me present you the best way to record audio from internet to computer, either Windows or Mac: AceThinker Music Recorder. This software lets you capture any sound coming from the computer itself. It doesn't matter if you're playing a song on the internet or any audio from an app or game; the app can record them anytime you want. The reason behind it is that Music Recorder lets you record for unlimited time as long as you have available storage space. Check the steps on how to use this recorder.

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Step 1 Download the Internet Audio Recorder

Get the installer from the "Download" button provided to start. Next, open it and follow the installation process to save it on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, open it to get familiarized with its interface.

mr main interface

Step 2 Record Internet Audio

This time, let us set our audio source and toggle the "System Sound" switch on. You can keep the "Microphone" turned off, especially if you don't need to record externally. Next, hit the "REC" button, and the 3-second countdown will begin by default. Then go to a browser and record YouTube audio.

mr record internet audio

Step 3 Stop the Recording

While recording, you can access the slider for the system sound to adjust the audio of the recording. The moment the internet audio stops playing, click the red "Stop" icon immediately from the toolbar to stop the recording process.

mr stop record internet audio

Step 4 Save the Recorded Audio

After you stop the recording, the built-in player will pop up automatically. From here, play the audio recorded by you. Then, click the "Save" button to keep a copy on the output folder you prefer.

mr save internet recording


  • This internet sound recorder can record audio without losing any quality.

  • Must purchases a licensed version to unlock its audio trimming feature.

Cheap Trick to Record Sound from Internet

Audio Cables may seem obsolete these days, but they are still helpful in reality. Although it is more of tips and tricks, using audio cables to record your internet audio works. Here, the method is to make the computer think you have plugged in a headset on your device. Audio wires consist of a 3.5 mm jack on both ends, which makes it the perfect disguise. Once you plug both ends into your computer, one for the line-in (headset) and the other for line-out (microphone), you'll stop hearing the audio. You can then start recording using your audio recorder software.

audio cables


  • Audio cables are cheap and easy to find in any electronic store.

  • You can't listen to the audio while recording is in progress.

  • You can capture high-quality audio from games and on a mobile browser anywhere.

  • You cannot record audio alone with this method.

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Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.
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