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How to Download Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark downloaderGrooveshark is a streaming site that lets you play music and songs from your favorite artist and download them as MP3 files. Plus, it offers an excellent platform for music lovers to enjoy free music online. Even though you can download music on this site, there are chances that you can't get them all because there are some songs that can only be streamed but cannot be downloaded. Therefore, to help those in need, we will give you the best Grooveshark downloader that will help you grab a Grooveshark song or record them using the tools we gave below.

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Download Grooveshark Music on Windows and Mac

As we all know, there are lots of music downloaders in the market, but some are not compatible with download music from Grooveshark since Grooveshark is a little bit difficult to use. So with that case, we recommend you to use the Acethinker Music Keeper, this tool lets you download music from Grooveshark by copying the name of the song that you want to download and search it directly from the Music Keeper. Besides, it has a multi-threading function for fast downloading speed. Here are the steps on how to grab music from Grooveshark using Acethinker Music Keeper.

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Step 1 Save the software on your PC

First, you have to save the program on your computer by clicking one of the "Download" buttons we provided above. You can launch the installer and follow it to keep the tool on your computer completely. After that, open it to view and access its main interface.

main interface

Step 2 Copy the song name

Search the Grooveshark using your browser and then select a song that you want to download, then go back to the Music Keeper's main interface and paste the song name that you prefer to download from the search bar. A drop-down will appear to show all the songs you wish to download; click one from the options provided. Note: you can also download songs you stream on Grooveshark from another source.

mk paste song name

Step 3 Start downloading music

From here, you can click the "MP3" button to start the downloading process. Or, you can hit the "More" option to view all the available audio quality. Choose one of them and then hit the "Download" button located at the bottom of the interface to start the downloading process.

mk start dl music

Step 4 Play the downloaded music

Wait for a few minutes until the downloading process is done. After that, go to the "Downloaded" panel on the interface's left side to check all songs. Right-click the filename of the and select the "Play Music" to listen.

mk play the dl music

Grooveshark Downloader to Convert Grooveshark to MP3

Key Features: The software provides a "Task Schedule" function that lets you record Grooveshark songs automatically.
User-Friendly: Its primary interface is like a control bar, but aside from that, it even features a "Mini" interface. The toolbar will minimize in size but will still allow you to record audio within a few clicks.

As mentioned above, other songs are unavailable to download by default. So the best solution is to record the piece while it is playing. In that case, AceThinker Music Recorder is here to save you with that hassle. It can record any sound coming out from your computer without any limit. The best thing about it is you can record the Grooveshark music's original quality without losing any quality. Also, it lets you save or record the Grooveshark audio in several formats such as MP3, AAC, and more. Let us all discover how we can record Grooveshark using this unique solution.

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Step 1 Acquire the Installer

First of all, we need to "Download" the software and save it on our computer. Next, open the downloaded installer and follow the guide until it is installed. After that, open Music Recorder to get familiarized with its interface.

mr main interface

Step 2 Set MP3 as Default Format

Next, hit the "Settings" logo found on the interface to launch another window. Then, go to the "Output" tab and change the "Audio format" to MP3. Hit the "OK" option to apply this change.

mr set mp3

Step 3 Start Recording Grooveshark Music

After the configuration, turn on "System Sound" to ensure we capture the Grooveshark music. Then, hit the "REC" button to initiate the recording process. At this moment, quickly play the Grooveshark music.

mr record grooveshark

Step 4 Stop/Save the Grooveshark Recording

You can turn the volume up/down using the slider while recording. Once the song stops, hit the red "Stop" button to launch the media player automatically. From here, you can "Save" the recorded Grooveshark music in your preferred output folder.

mr save grooveshark

An Alternative Way to Download Grooveshare Music

Key Features: This tool allows you to record voice-over lessons more informative with its microphone use.
User-Friendly: It has a simple user interface wherein you can record or capture Grooveshark's music in just a few clicks.

This time, I will show you another way to capture music from Grooveshark by using Free Cam. This screen recorder allows you to download music from Grooveshark music with high-quality audio. Besides, it can record the sound of your programs and applications. Additionally, you can make a recording of your entire screen or select some area of your screen or single window if you want to. With that, here are the simple steps on how to use this tool.

free cam screen recorder

User Guide:

  • Download the tool on your PC by visiting its official site and hit the "Download" button.
  • Next, open the Grooveshark and play music. Then, open the tool and hit the "New Recording" icon to start the recording.
  • Once done recording, click "Done" to stop the recording. A window will appear, showing the recorded music. From here, you can hit the "Save as Video" icon at the upper left corner of the tool to save it on your computer.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

To sum it up, these are the two best tools you can use to capture Grooveshark's music without experiencing any hassle. Plus, both consist of an easy user interface wherein you can record music anytime you want. With that, you can use them together and see which one will suit your needs. Also, we provided below the comparison of these two tools.

Function Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium Free Cam
Recording Quality 1080p, 4K, and more 720p, 1080p
Price $29.95/year Free
Can record high quality Music Yes Yes
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Last updated on April 1, 2021

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