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Best Beatport Downloaders to Save Beatport to MP3

featured-beatport-recorderBeatport is an online music store that caters fans of different music genres, electronic dance tracks, on-demand music streaming, and other events. The application is said to be the arsenal of DJs and musicians who use beats to compose music. As mentioned, it is a music store, so it comes with a payment. Without any subscription, you can only play music up to the middle part of the song. However, we can download Beatport music through a third-party application. And this is what we search for the best method to download music from Beatport to MP3. Please continue reading below.

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Best Method to Download Beatport Music

Forget about the monthly subscription as you can download Beatport music with the original HD quality. Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium will get that job done for you. The best software to record music from significant sites, including Beatport. The tool is originally for screen recording, yet it can also record audio tracks with quality sound external and internal sourced. Also, a distinctive feature "task schedule" will let you record at a scheduled timeframe even if you are away from the computer. So if you don't want to pay for the tracks, this is a more economical and better way to capture Beatport music. Here are the steps to follow.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download Button

The first thing to do is to click the download button above to get the setup wizard and finish it. Once ready, open the app and see options for recording video, screen capture, and audio.


Step 2 Audio Configuration

Go to "Audio Recorder" and click the "Settings" icon to launch a new window. Then, go to the "Output" panel and change the audio format to MP3. Then click "OK".


Step 3 Select the Audio Source

Choose the "Audio Recorder" option on the main interface, then choose "System Sound" since you will be recording from Beatport. Then all is set.


Step 4 Record your Beatport MP3

Once the tool is ready for recording, go to a browser, visit the Beatport website, and play the sound you want to record. As you do that, go back to the app and hit the "REC" button to start recording.


Step 5 Stop the Recording

You can click the red "STOP" button on the left side of the toolbar. After that, a window playback will pop up, and it will let you listen to the recording. It will also give you two options, to re-record or to save it.


Alternative Tool to Download Beatport Music

Another tool that lets you grab Beatport to MP3 beat is AceThinker Music Keeper. This helps you get the music and beats you want quickly and easily. Its user-friendly interface allows you to download up to 3 songs per day for a free subscription. Meanwhile, unlimited songs once you avail of the premium plan. Aside from Beatport, you can also download videos and convert them to MP3 from any video and music platforms including, YouTube, DailyMotion, Jamendo, AudioMack, and more. Its advanced downloading features let you get that music in a breeze.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download and Install Acethinker Music Keeper

The first step is to download the app by clicking the "Free Download" button below. After that, double click the downloaded file and run the program as directed. Next, install and launch the tool for final set up.

mk interface

Step 2 Search for the Song

Once set up, visit the Beatport site and choose the beats and mix you want to download. Next, copy the song's name and go back to Music Keeper's interface and paste it to the "Search" bar. After that, select the song of your choice from the list.

mk beatport step 2

Step 3 Start Downloading the Sound

When you have already selected a song, copy the URL from the app's browser. Then, click the "+" sign and wait for the tool to analyze the music. Next, click "More" to choose the quality of your Audio. Finally, click "Download" to start the process.

mk beatport step 3

Step 4 Play the Audio

When the downloading progress is completed, and you want to play it, go to the "Music" tab. From there, you will see your downloaded files. Right-click and select "Play Music" to stream all you want.

mk beatport step 4

Download Music from Beatport Through Purchase

Downloading beats or music on Beatport itself is straightforward. Also, the price of beats or music depends on the particular sound you want. You have to make a payment first, and then you can download your beat. It would range $1.99 for a single play track, and up to $14.99 for DJ Mixes, depending on the quantity.

Steps on how to download music from Beatport

  • First, You need to hit the pink "purchase button" at the right part of the track. So it would add the audio track into the cart.
  • Then, you need to process the payment with Credit cards or Pay Pal before you can download the beats as MP3 files.


Alternative Way to Download Beatport Music

Another way to download Beatport to MP3 beats is with the help of Tuneskit Beatport Downloader. The software rips the data of the played MP3 files directly, giving it original sound quality up to 320kbps download speed. Also, the app has a lot of features for music editing. It can record multiple tracks within different music sites, mix soundtracks into one file, and more. The price of a permanent license for TunesKit Audio Capture is $29.95, and you need to purchase the app before you can capture a full song.

Step 1 Open Tuneskit Beatport Downloader

Once you have successfully installed the tool, it will show you the main interface, which shows a list of target apps and try the list of web browsers to play Beatport beats. You can also click the "+" icon to choose a player, Or a more natural way is to drag and drop a browser into the list.


Step 2 Set the output settings

You have to click the circle button with a "speaker" icon on the interface's bottom right to run the configuration. From there, a window will pop, and you can set the format and other settings.


Step 3 Start downloading Beatport beat

To start downloading, click the browser's icon, and a window will pop up automatically. Then, on the newly-open browser, play your Beatport beats. After that, the download will begin after a few seconds. When the downloading is done, click the "Stop" button.


Step 4 Edit the Beatport music

The tool has a feature to trim off unwanted parts of the music. You can click the "Edit" icon at the rearmost part of every track to trim easily. Also, you can rename the output, the artist, genre, and more.


Step 5 Edit the Beatport music

Once everything is done, you can now click the "Stop" to stop the process. After that, go back to the main interface. Select the History tab to look at the beats you just captured. Clicking the icon at the reach of a track will open a folder where the tracks are located.


Conclusion & Comparison Chart

To sum it all up, Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is the best way to download or capture MP3 through Beatport. Why pay more if you can have it at a lower price with the same quality? Right? The more economical way which I think every one of us will agree. Let the beat live within you!

Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium Acethinker Music Keeper TuneKit Audio Capture
Ratings 4.8 4.6 4.5
Compatible to Beatport Yes Yes Yes
Output Format MP3, WMA, AAC, and more MP3 and MP4 MP3, M4A, WAV, and more
Price $9.95/monthly, $25.95/yearly, $35.95/lifetime $29.95 yearly $29.95 lifetime
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Last updated on August 15, 2021

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