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Best Audio Recording Software for Mac [2023 Hot Picks]

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Most people could not deny how Mac devices give them a smooth and great user experience. Without a doubt, most of our daily tasks need the aid of this type of device. One thing, if you are letting yourself soak in the world of video editing and content making, you would likely need as well to record your voice narration to achieve an impressive output. With the help of audio recorders, your words get digitized for the world to hear. So, if you are one of those people who are looking for the best voice recording software, you are in the right place. This article will give you a rundown of the 10 great audio recording software Mac. Moreover, we'll add a section where you can find some valuable tips you can apply to your voice recording activity to ensure high-quality output.

Music Recorder
AceThinker Music Recorder

Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.

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AceThinker Music Recorder

Output Formats: You can export your audio recording to formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, and WMA.
Pricing Plan: You can avail of this lifetime subscription for $35.95, working on one PC with lifetime support and upgrade.
Social Sharing: You can directly share your work online on Facebook, Google Drive, YouTube, and more.

Whatever your purpose for audio recording, you will never go wrong with AceThinker Music Recorder. This program is geared with advanced features, making your the best quality for your output. It can record the system sound, microphone, or both. Moreover, it has a Task Scheduler feature which is best to utilize when you are away from your Mac device. By setting the exact time and date, the tool will automatically record your upcoming webinar, lecture, and live stream and save them as an audio file. Besides that, Screen Grabber Premium has all it takes to make your voice narration made like a pro. It has a noise canceling and enhancement feature. This way, you won't have to dread annoying recording noises in the background, anywhere you are. Look at the quick guide we created below on using this best audio recording software.

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Step 1 Install the MP3 Recorder Mac

First, get the installer of the program by clicking the download buttons above. If you are using a Mac device, hit the right buttons. After that, run the AceThinker Music Recorder and follow through with the installation prompt.

mr interface

Step 2 Start Recording

Once the program launches on your screen, it's time to select your recording requirements. Toggle on both functional buttons if you need to record the internal and external sound. You may also hit the gear icon, where you can configure the audio quality and output. Once done, hit the "REC" button and start doing your task.

configure recording requirements on screen grabber premium

Step 3 Save and Listen

Finally, when you are done recording, you can hit the "Stop" button on the control bar. Afterward, the program's preview window will appear where you can listen to your output. If you are already satisfied, hit the "Save" button. Select the "Re-Record" button on the flip side to create a new task.

listen to record audio on screen grabber premium

Logic Pro X

Output Formats: You can export your output in a Dolby Atmos file which is highly compatible with Apple music.
Pricing Plan: $199.99/lifetime
Social Sharing: You can instantly share your work on SoundCloud.

Logic Pro X is one of the professional audio recording software designed for Mac devices. This program has been a well-sought tool among savvy songwriters and hitmakers because of its defining features. Aside from microphone and system sound recording, the program can turn your output to the next level with its host of editing tools. If you are recording a song, there are just 5,900 pre-recorded instrument sounds like drums, piano, bass guitar, and more that you can add to arrangements. While the program may be pretty pricey, especially for amateurs, you can have a free trial of Logic Pro X for 90 days.

logic pro x interface


Output Formats: It allows you to export your output to MP3, OGG and WAV.
Pricing Plan: Free and open-source.
Social Sharing: Not Available

The next audio recorder we have is Audacity. Not only on Mac, but this program also works well on old versions of Windows and Linux devices. It allows you to record your voice along with the system sound with a bit of twist in the middle. While recording, Audacity lets you edit your works by trimming the length or combining several audio clips into one. Besides, a wide range of special effects, such as the normalizer, echo, and fade in and out, which you can add to spice up the process. Lastly, Audacity impressively allows you to have as high as 32-bitrate and a sample rate of 48,000 Hz.

audacity as mp3 recorder for mac


Output Formats: AAC, MP3, WAVE or AIFF.
Pricing Plan: Free
Social Sharing: It lets you upload your work directly on Soundcloud and other music streaming platforms.

Feel the beat of your creativity by using Garageband. This program facilitates audio recording to the next level within the vicinity of your Mac device. Specially made for music creators, Garageband lets you record your voice and computer audio, and digitize even your instrument sounds. In case you want to incorporate a melody on a song that will come best from a piano, drum, or guitar, do not fret not to push this to reality if you have none. Garageband offers touch instruments that sound like the real ones. Moreover, you can play any beat on a loop like a professional DJ until you are satisfied with the EDM that you are working on.

garageband interface


Output Formats: The default output is MPEG-4 format.
Pricing Plan: Free
Social Sharing: Not Available

Quicktime is a free audio recorder Mac best for simple recordings like voice memos and class lectures. Although this native utility program of Mac is known for playing media files, QuickTime is also used for audio and screen recording. It can capture the system and microphone sound at a maximum sample rate of 44 000 Hz. However, one of the drawbacks of using the program is it does not include a pause button in case you need to stop while recording temporarily. Furthermore, you may need to look for another tool to enhance your output since the program does not have a built-in editor.

quicktime interface

MuLab 8

Output Formats: It lets you export your work to lossless formats like WAV and FLAC.
Pricing Plan: $79.00 /lifetime
Social Sharing: Not Available

Audio recording and editing are made easy with the help of MuLab 8. This audio capture software Mac is a massive deal as it only requires a 10.6 version for you to install it. Moreover, it's best to achieve interactive and crisp podcasts for your online platforms. Or, if you want to pursue your love for music, you may experiment with different patterns for the type of genre of your liking. You can mix VST plugins and fine-tune effects with your work and expect a top-quality output.

mulab interface for audio recording software mac


Output Formats: MP3 and M4A
Pricing Plan: You can take the premium version of the tool for $25.00.
Social Sharing: Not Available

Piezo is simple to use and needs almost little setting on the user's end. It's not complicated, yet it doesn't come cheap, which is a winning combo. It also can save the audio to separate channels, making editing much more straightforward. You can change the parameters to customize the recording quality, give the clip a name, and add comments. Piezo can record sound from almost any Mac program. It is a simple recording profile that streamlines the process of adjusting the various parameters. It has an appealing user interface that is eye-catching and easy to navigate. In addition to making recording enjoyable, you may also use a web browser, such as Safari or Chrome to select your source and download audio from the internet.

piezo interface

Audio Hijack

Output Formats: MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV files.
Pricing Plan: You can purchase this app for $64.
Social Sharing: Not Available

Audio Hijack is one of the eldest audio compressors and voice recording software for Mac and Windows with its 15 years of existence. With the program, you can record a podcast, TV shows, and phone calls. Also, it can record a high-quality recording, making it more worth using. What’s even more excellent about this tool is that you can set a timer when you want to start and end your audio recording. Furthermore, it has simplified audio effects, making it easier to manipulate everything until you find the right sound for your output. Despite its excellent program for audio recording, it still has drawbacks that might unmotivate you to use it. Audio Hijack is not a user-friendly tool because it has a hard-to-operate interface. And for you to use its maximum functionalities, you need to install certain features.

audio hijack interface

Pro Tools

Output Formats: AIFF, WAV, WAVE Extensible, BWF, RF64, and BW64.
Pricing Plan: $9.99 per month or $99 yearly.
Social Sharing: Amazon Music, TikTok, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and other audio streaming outlets.

Reach the professional level of editing with the help of Pro Tools. The program is best suited for larger studios equipped with advanced audio tools for intricate audio editing. Plus, it integrates 64-bit architecture that can allocate host processing resources across different plug-ins. In addition, you will experience a low-latency input buffer when editing because of its robust architecture. Besides this, the program enables you to search through tracks, multiple select items in a menu, search instruments, and many more. The only requirement for you maximizes this streaming audio recorder mac is to have at least 16 GB of RAM and macOS 10.14.6 and later. Overall, it is an excellent program for professional and intermediate-level users.

pro tools interface for audio recording on mac


Output Formats: AAC, MP3, FLAC and more.
Pricing Plan: It's a one-time payment for $125.
Social Sharing: Not Available

Ardour is a music production suite for intermediate and professionals. With its latest version, this Mac music recording software makes the audio recording and editing less painful. You can easily connect your microphone to record your voice or even your keyboard instrument for creating melodies. Moreover, the program caters to an unlimited redo and undo feature if you haven't put into reality the music idea you have in mind. Lastly, aside from saving your works on your local folder, you may opt to use this tool as a CD burner.

ardour interface

Excellent Ideas to Do With Your Mac Audio Recorder

The sky will be your limit once you find the best program for your Mac device. If you think this tool is only best for creating simple works, then here are the best possible scenarios to make you realize its importance.

  • Record Information- Sometimes, taking down notes is impossible. It could be a seminar, meeting, or class lecture. Try to record the whole session for your future reference. Afterward, you may try to play the file on your Mac device if you want to recall some essential concepts from your instructor.
  • Write a Song- There are moments when a single bright idea slips your mind. If you do not want to wonder what happened before you forget that great beat, lyrics, and rhythm, get your audio recorder and capture it.
  • Use it for Speech Improvement- do you need to improve your public speaking skills? Then, get your voice recorder and start to practice with it. By recording your voice, you will be more aware of the things that need improvement, like inevitable fillers when speaking.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart of the Audio Recorders

And there you have the list of the top-notch Mac music recording software. Depending on the work you need to complete, you may select which program will help you the best. If you are into music production, we highly suggest you take the Digital Audio Workstation or DAW apps even though you need to spend more money to purchase them. However, if you only have basic audio recording needs, programs like Screen Grabber Premium will do the job since they can record the system sound and your microphone at a high quality. Nonetheless, if you are still undecided, you may refer to the comparison table we created underneath.

Mac Music Recording Software Audio Quality Installer Package Size Audio Enhancer
AceThinker Music Recorder Low, Standard, High, Lossless 22 MB BASIC
Logic Pro X High to Lossless 1 GB ADVANCED
Audacity Standard to High 33.1 MB AVERAGE
Garageband High to Lossless Built-in ADVANCED
QuickTime High Built-in UNAVAILABLE
MuLab 8 Lossless 33.6 MB ADVANCED
Piezo High to Lossless 22.4 MB AVERAGE
Audio Hijack High to Lossless 32.1 MB AVERAGE
Pro Tools High to Lossless 113 MB ADVANCED
Ardour Standard to High 89.5MB ADVANCED
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Music Recorder
Capture quality audio from computer and microphone.
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