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Best 10 Apps For YouTube to MP3 Converter iPhone

feature youtube to mp3 iphone You loved a YouTube video but couldn't find the MP3 version? Don't worry! You can now easily convert YouTube video to MP3 on iPhone. Over the past years, downloading YouTube videos has been made easier. There are many services that allow you to simply tap a button and download YouTube videos in any resolution. However, when it comes to download YouTube video to MP3 iPhone, not many options are available out there. Fortunately, there are some free YouTube to MP3 converter app for iPhone, and we have created a list of top YouTube MP3 downloader iOS to help you get those songs for offline use directly on your iOS devices.

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Reasons to Convert YouTube to MP3

People around the globe prefer to listen to audio music over video. MP3 files would be a great option for them to store in their cars, car stereos and home theaters as well as on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. There is no legitimate app that streams MP3 audio without compromising the quality. People have turned to YouTube to MP3 converters in order to convert their favorite videos to MP3. These converters are popular because of several reasons:

  • Video files occupy a lot of storage space. To save space, people convert videos to MP3 files. They still receive the same audio as they would on video files.
  • You might not get the best sound quality if you download a YouTube video directly. You can turn YouTube music to an MP3, which will give you the best sound quality.
  • Video bandwidths are often twice or triple that of an MP3 file. Converting YouTube videos into MP3 reduces file bandwidth. This makes loading YouTube videos faster and easier.
  • Converting files allows you to store them in smaller stores and allow you to listen to them on mobile devices such as smartphones and car stereos.
  • You can extract the sound from YouTube and save it to your device. The audio can then be played whenever you want it.

10 Best Apps to Convert YouTube to MP3 on iPhone

1. MyMP3

MyMP3 is the best YouTube music converter for iPhone that you can share audio via social media. You must have the video downloaded from YouTube before you can use this tool. This restriction is in line with Apple's terms and conditions. MyMP3 still does the job well once the video has been downloaded to your phone. Although the features are limited, the conversion process is more stable than other options. The ability to modify metadata is a nice bonus.

mymp3 as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • Online YouTube Converter (iPhone compatible)
  • Very stable YouTube to MP3 iPhone app

  • You can only share files through social media, messaging and email
  • You must have videos already downloaded to your phone's gallery

2. YouTube++

YouTube++ is the most user-friendly YouTube music downloader for iPhone. YouTube++ allows you to convert any YouTube video into MP3 in just one click. This app is based on the original version for Android. You may be interested in the Audio player, which can play almost all formats except those downloaded from YouTube.

youtube plus plus as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • It is easy to use and has a user interface that is identical to the official app
  • If you don't want to take up too much space on your iPhone, you can play audio in the background
  • It can be used as a regular YouTube client to take advantage of all the additional features

  • Client updates are not always consistent

3. Video Saver & MP3 Converter

Although the app doesn't allow you to directly download YouTube to MP3 iPhone, it connects seamlessly with many cloud services. Video Saver & MP3 Converter allows you to import previously downloaded videos to your iPhone and convert them to audio. It is quick and simple to use and supports nearly all video formats. You can reduce the amount of app bloat by using an integrated music player.

video saver as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • One of the simplest to use is YouTube to MP3 Converter iPhone apps
  • Allows you to access the iPhone's local storage, so that you can also use it for non-YouTube videos
  • You don't need to install separate apps to playback your media files with a built-in media player

  • In-app purchases are available to help fund future development
  • Frequent ads are shown to users who are not paying for it
  • Users can export videos only to M4a and MP3 at the moment

4. Easy MP3 Video to MP3 Converter

The Easy MP3 Video Converter is another option for YouTube to MP3 converter iPhone. It's lightweight and fully functional. This app works with all iOS devices, even older iPhones. The app has a media player built in that can be controlled with AirPods. It also allows background playback and a full-featured equalizer. The app can convert videos to MP3 and allows users to edit ID3 tags. This will help you organize your collection. The app also allows you to select bitrate and sample rates, something that paid apps don't offer.

easy mp3 video converter as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • It is lightweight but very feature-rich
  • ID3 tag editing
  • Control of background and media player via AirPods

  • Unintuitive design
  • Older iPhones are notoriously slow to convert

5. MP3 Converter - Audio Extractor

MP3 Converter - Audio Extractor is compatible with iOS and includes a widget that allows you to quickly import and play audio from recently converted audio. Although it is stated that this app is a YouTube-to-MP3 converter iPhone app, it is important to ensure your YouTube video has been pre-downloaded before you can convert. The app is compatible with almost all video formats so it will accept most file types. Audio editing is the app's best feature. You can edit, trim, denoise and equalize your MP3 to your heart's content. You can even use the voice removal tool to isolate instruments within songs.

audio extractor as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • Multiple video formats supported
  • You can edit audio right from the app
  • Widget support

  • Advertisements are not available unless you have subscribed
  • Subscribers have access to a limited number of output formats

6. PPBrowser for Web Video

PPBrowser for Web Video is a great YouTube to MP3 iPhone converter. However, it can also double up as an alternate browser. It is free of advertisements and has a familiar, easy-to-use user interface. The browser also comes with all the features you need. Video Downloader Pro makes it easy to convert YouTube videos to MP3 by removing one step. The browser scans the video and gives you the option of downloading it in any audio format.

ppbrowser as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • Doubles as a fully featured web browser
  • File manager for handling multiple conversions
  • There are no advertisements

  • A monthly bill to access the complete feature list
  • It is slower than other browsers

7. Ringtone Maker - Extract Audio

Ringtone Maker is a tool that converts YouTube videos into MP3s. This is an iPhone friendly YouTube to MP3 converter. It can be used to set your iPhone's ringtone with a song, a theme tunes or any other audio clip from YouTube. This app uses direct sharing with GarageBand for this purpose and allows you to crop and edit the audio before it is created.

ringtone maker as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • Support for older iPhones
  • Trimming feature
  • You can set an audio ringtone

  • Free users are limited by the functionality of in-app purchases
  • Barebones design

8. Audio Converter - Extract MP3

Audio Converter is the most popular YouTube video to MP3 iPhone app. Users are happy to report that Xi Huamei, a developer, has created a valuable tool that converts downloaded YouTube videos into a variety of audio formats including MP3, OGG and the lossless FLAC.

audio converter as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • Stable and lightweight app
  • Tested and well-reviewed
  • Support for obscure formats like FLV

  • Pro-version pay walled with full feature-listing
  • Editing features are much simpler than other apps

9. Shortcut App

Shortcut App allows you to create shortcuts for certain actions. It is one of the most basic utility apps available for iOS. You can convert YouTube videos to audio right away. There are two audio formats available: M4A or AAF. After initial setup, you will only have one-tap conversion.

shortcut app as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • You have the feature to batch convert the audio files
  • This is the fastest way to convert video to MP3
  • Download manager

  • One-time setup is moderately difficult

10. Video to MP3 Convert

The selling point of video to MP3 convert is it allows batch convert to set up multiple videos to be converted and then convert them all in one go. You can save time by setting your preferences once and then letting the process start. It has an integrated renaming feature that will help you organize your MP3s. The app is completely free and does not require any in-app purchases. Video to MP3 Convert also allows you to share the file with friends and open it directly in other apps.

video to mp3 convert  as youtube to mp3 iphone


  • It let you batch converts videos to MP3
  • Allows rename files
  • You can share it directly with your friends

  • It is not the fastest
  • Some formats may not be supported
  • There are no editing tools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to convert YouTube videos to MP3 using an iPhone?
Yes, you can. You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 with many YouTube to MP3 converter sites or YouTube audio downloading app. Before you join the conversion trend, there are some legal issues that you should consider. It is technically legal to convert YouTube videos to MP3, but it is illegal for you to download copyrighted music videos. YouTube stated that stream-ripping is against its Terms of Service and has attempted to close down many websites offering video conversion services.
2. How can I save a song from YouTube to my iPhone?
There are many ways to do this. YouTube Music Premium subscription is the best and legal way to do this. You can download YouTube songs and save them to your iPhone for offline listening. Alternative methods include numerous apps and websites that allow you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 and then download them to your iPhone. However, this approach is illegal and should not be used.

In Conclusion

People have turned to YouTube music converters for their iPhone in order to change their favorite videos to MP3. There aren’t many legit apps that provide YT to MP3 iPhone converter options. The above mentioned converters are popular because of several reasons and you can decide based on the pros and cons list.

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