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6 Reliable and Tremendous YouTube to FLAC Converter

youtube to flac feature YouTube is undeniably one of the world's most re-known and entertaining social media platforms for audio and video streaming. From cartoons, music videos, and even tutorials, you can find almost any video on YouTube. It now has over two billion monthly logged-in users who generate billions of views. Unfortunately, you cannot use YouTube without the internet or mobile data. In that case, you need a little help from a YouTube FLAC downloader to save audio offline, so you can play them anytime you want. Free Lossless Audio Codec, also known as FLAC, is an audio format similar to MP3 that can convert and save your file without compromising its quality. In line with that, looking for the right tool to do such a task should not be hard. We narrowed down most of the YouTube to FLAC converter online, and here are the top 6 tools that made it to our list.

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6 Best YouTube to FLAC Converter

1.VLC Media Player

Available on: Mobile Phones and Computers.

Other Supported Format/Codecs: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WEBM, WMV, and MP3.

First on the list is VLC Media Player, from the name of the tool itself. It can play audio and video media files. It can even add filters to your videos while watching it for a different, fun experience. Aside from being an exceptional media player, it is also a great cross-platform YouTube video to FLAC. This tool has a straightforward user interface. All buttons are located at the bottom of the screen and are small enough to avoid bothering the users. Once the conversion process is done, you can adjust the audio or video file quality optionally. Another benefit of VLC Media Player is that it doesn't contain ads. Lastly, this tool is free and has available plug-ins that you can download online.

youtube to flac vlc

2. Ontiva

Available on: Computers, Tablet, and Mobiles.

Other Supported Format/Codecs: M4A, MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, and WMA.

Ontiva is a tool you can count on to download or convert YouTube to FLAC online. You can have your audio files converted into FLAC format with just a few clicks. This web-based tool has a fundamental user interface with just a few buttons to easily follow the conversion process. Aside from that, you can also specify the part of the video that you only want to save when converted. Conveniently, when you choose the quality and format you need, the file size of the output is indicated. You can download and convert using Ontiva as much as you want if your file doesn't have copyright claims.

youtube to flac ontivia


Available on: Computers, Mobile devices, and Tablet.

Other Supported Format/Codecs: MP3, M4A, WEBM, AAC, OPUS, OGG, and WAV.

LOADER.TO is one reliable tool to download YouTube FLAC. Although Loader's primary focus is to convert videos to WAV files, this online tool still provides various audio format options and quality when you want to convert. Aside from that, the conversion process of this tool is pretty straightforward; you have to click, copy and paste YouTube links. Furthermore, it supports YouTube and several sites like Vimeo, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Tiktok, and IMDB. Users are also allowed to download YouTube album or convert an entire playlist. At last, guarantees its users that it is 100% safe to use and free from phishing and spyware.

youtube to flac loader

4. Convertio

Available on: Computers and Mobile devices.

Other Supported Format/Codecs: WAV, OGG, M4A, AAC, WMA, PVF, CVS, AVR, MP3, and others.

Convertio is also a user-friendly tool that will surely help you convert YouTube to FLAC online. You can convert your file in multiple ways, such as uploading it from your local storage, Google Drive, and Dropbox, or copy the link from YouTube and paste it on the conversion bar. In addition to that, what's impressive about Convertio is that you can drag and drop your file into the page, and it will be uploaded in seconds. Moreover, users can also adjust the frequency and volume of the audio output before converting it. However, the maximum file size that it can convert is only limited to 100 MB. You need to sign up to avail the right plan and access unlimited conversions.

youtube to flac convertio


Available on: Computers, Mobile devices, and Tablet.

Other Supported Format/Codecs:
MP3, OOG, and AAC.

Extract audio out of a YouTube video and save it into a FLAC format using It is an online tool that allows the users to adjust the file's bitrate, sample rate, and audio channel. Like any other converter should work, this tool also allows users to choose the output and quality of the file from the available options provided. All of that customization can be accessed on the main interface. However, the only setback of this Converter is that it will redirect you to another site every other click, and it has a lot of ads on the interface.

youtube to flac catchvideo

6. YouTube Converter

Available on: Computers and Mobile devices.

Other Supported Format/Codecs: MP3, MP4, FLAC, and WAV.

Convert YouTube videos without limit because the last tool on our list is YouTube Converter. This online can convert a video with a maximum length of 15 minutes. Despite it being free to use, this tool can still perform fast and reliable conversions. There's only one way to convert audio using this tool: copying and pasting YouTube links. Another unique feature that YouTube Converter has is that it provides a search bar that you can use to search and audio or videos from YouTube that you want to download. However, this tool only caters to limited output formats such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and WAV.

youtube to flac youtubeconverter

How to Download YouTube Video and Convert to FLAC

Available on: This tool is compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

Other Supported Format/Codecs:
MP4, MP3, and more.

There are different ways to download YouTube videos and convert them to FLAC. The primary tool to download YouTube videos is AceThinker Music Keeper. This tool is a reliable video downloading and converting utility that provides lossless quality video and audio. It can cater to various audio qualities, including 128kbps, 256kbps, and 356kbps. Additionally, this tool can download audio formats, including FLAC, MP3, WAV, and more. In addition, this computer software is compatible and works with Mac and Windows devices. What is more, this tool is equipped with a search box that can analyze and acquire video files. Below is the process for downloading YouTube videos and converting them to FLAC.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker Music Keeper

To get the YouTube videos to FLAC, you need to install AceThinker Music Keeper on your computer. Tick the download buttons presented above to acquire its installer. Run the file to pass through the installation wizard. Please open the file once you have installed it.

music keeper interface

Step 2 Download YouTube Video

Next, acquire the link to your desired video. Go back to the tool and paste it into its search bar. Then, wait until the tool analyzes the video. Hit and Tap the download button to save the video on your computer. Once the video has been saved on its output folder, open its folder to preview and play it.

mp3 birthday song music keeper amazing downloader tool for your music step2

Step 3 Convert YT to FLAC

Then, use AceThinker Music Keeper to convert the downloaded YouTube video. Upload the file on its interface and wait until it is imported into the software. Then, hit the Convert all to convert video to FLAC. Open the file on its output folder to play and preview the converted FLAC file.

cant download mp3 music keeper best way on how to download mp3files step3

AceThinker Music Keeper

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  • Provides its users with an advanced built-in music player.
  • Aside from being an MP3 downloader, it also helps users find songs directly to it as it has a browser.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

And that's it; those are the best YouTube to FLAC converter that we have tested and proven works perfectly. Now that you have an idea of the best YouTube FLAC converter be wise to choose the suitable Converter for you! If you know more tools to convert YouTube videos and audio to FLACC, let us know in the comments section! Keep in mind that these tools are not limited to one video-sharing platforms only. They also compatible with sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and more.

Tool Supported Platform Convert Limit Price
VLC Media Player Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux Unlimited Free
Ontiva Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Unlimited Free
LOADER.TO Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Unlimited Free
Convertio Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, or iPhone. Up to 100MB file size per download Free to $5.99 annually for Light Plan. Windows and Android Unlimited Free
YouTube Converter Windows and Android Videos longer than 15 minutes Free
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