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Best 8 Online Sites to Identify Songs

featured image who sings this songHave you ever experienced that frustrating moment when you hear a song in public, on TV, or over the radio but cannot figure out who the artist is? I think we have all faced this dilemma where a song gets stuck into your head, and there is absolutely no way to identify who sings this song. There are hundreds of millions of songs in the world, and new ones keep on adding, which means that chances of listening to a song and not knowing who sung it are also high. Usually, when people heard an unknown song, they pick few catchy sentences from lyrics and search them on google and successfully find the exact song. Nevertheless, some specific songs from music genres like classical, electronic, and jazz are extremely difficult to find; no matter what you write, you just can't find them. If you've been in a similar situation and looking for some full-proof ways to identify songs, we've got you covered. There many online music identification applications and websites you can use to recognize music online, but some are definitely better than others. To recommend you the best, we've put together a list of the best websites to identify music playing around you. Let's take a look.

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AudioTag is a popular web-based platform used by millions of people around the world. This is one of the best music identifiers you can use for figuring out the artist behind the song stuck in your head. AudioTag quickly identifies the songs from audio files and YouTube videos you throw at it. All you have to do is paste the URL of the audio file or upload the audio/video clip, and it will do the rest of the job. AudioTag requires you to upload an audio clip between 15-45 seconds duration. It then scans and compares the uploaded music clip with its huge song database and returns with a list of matches. The audio tag can recognize MP3, WAV, MP4, OGC, FLAC, and many other formats. AudioTag is available for both Windows and Mac and requires no registration.

music identifier audiotag


Tunatic is a great song identification program that lets you find even some of the extinct songs you can’t find anywhere else. This cool software allows you to identify a song by simply using a microphone and let it listen to the song. Tunatic then searches your query and displays the results with possible song and artist names along with download links. It also gives you an option to read the lyrics of the song. The software features a pretty neat user interface and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

music identifier tunatic


3rdPARTY is one of the most popular and widely used music identifiers by sound that can help you identify songs correctly without many failed attempts. It can flawlessly recognize any song or music playing on TV, Computer, or in the background and even get lyrics so you can sing along. Besides all the great features, Shazam still can’t recognize the singing or humming as compared to other music-identifying websites. The Shazam app is available for both iOS and Android devices and works great without any hitches.

music identifier shazam


Unlike other music identification websites, WatZatSong is designed as a social network for music identification. You can post the sample on the website, and the active members of the community will supply many answers in minutes. You can type the lyrics or hum the song, and someone will be able to find it for you. This program with an amazing concept is undeniably one of the best song identifiers and provides fast results unless your sample is inaudible or vague. It requires you to sign up to avail of the services.

music identifier watzatsong


Musixmatch has the world’s largest music database to help you identify any song you possibly imagine. This amazing community has over 6 million monthly users around the world. The music identification feature in Musixmatch is powered by Gracenote, which is renowned for having the largest music database and video metadata. This means that Musixmatch can identify a massive number of songs you can’t find anywhere else. You can click on the music ID and record the song or music you want it to recognize. Musixmatch also provides you with the lyrics of the songs without searching them on the browsers. Musixmatch has a Karaoke-style feature that allows you to remove the singers' voice from the song and insert your own to make a personal version of your favorite song.

music identifier musixmatch


There are times when you can’t remember the title of the song but know few chunks of the lyrics. This where Lyrster can help you get one step closer to solve the mystery. Lyrster is a search engine that searches the only collection of lyrics to songs. The website uses advanced song identification technology and requires only a few lyrics to recognize the song. Just type the words and hit “Find my Song” and Lyrster will search the song lyrics from over 450 lyric websites to get you the most accurate results possible. It basically matches the song's lyrics you’ve entered with all reliable and popular lyrics sites rather than analyzing the audio clip. The site needs no sign-up and is 100% legit, reliable, and safe to use.

music identifier lyrster


SoundHound is one of the fastest music identifiers on the market today. It’s extremely helpful when you can’t recall the lyrics and just remember the tune. It lets you hum the tune to it provides instant information about the song you’re seeking along with the lyrics. The accuracy of the results depends on how close your humming is to the original song you’re looking for. Not to mention it saves all your song discoveries so you can access them whenever you want. Apart from finding music, it also allows you to play music from all popular music streaming sites like YouTube, Spotify, and more.

music identifier soundhound

AHA Music

AHA Music identifier that you can use to recognize any music playing in your surroundings. The website utilizes the powerful music database of ACRCloud to identify songs and get you the matching results within few seconds. AHA Music to identify songs with incredible precision and provides you with all the information to need to find that song again. It works well on all web browsers, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, and more. It also offers Edge and chrome extensions for users to save you from the hassle of opening the website every time you want to identify a song.

music identifier ahamusic


WhatSong is not your ordinary music identifier because it doesn't let you search for any lyrics or play sounds. The site has a music library that lets you discover new music from live shows and movies. Thus, if you've encountered a song from a particular live show or movie, this site is perfect for you. Also, it allows you to create a playlist based on your preferences. It allows you to stream the music with Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music.

music identifier whatsong

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Last updated on October 29, 2021

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