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Top 5 Best Free Music Download Sites To Give A Shot

featured image where download MP3 songs Listening to different genres of music has been a huge part of everyone's daily living as it can enable them to feel their emotions through tunes and lyrics. Indeed, music adds rhythm to the fast-paced life of living. In this generation, where do you get music? Gone are the days where CDs and purchases from digital stores were sought-after, for there are many available digital platforms out there where music can either be downloaded or streamed. These sites allow their admirers to download MP3 songs at no cost at all. Downloading music has several advantages as it enables listeners to have access to their files 24/7 without worrying about the stability of their internet connection. It is a more versatile option compared to CD tracks that are only confined to one quality, and at the top of that, users can easily access their favorite music with just a click. Hence, we have outlined 5 of the best sites where to download MP3 free of charge to help you take your favorite songs wherever you go.

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Background of Music Streaming Service and the Platforms

Online music streaming has indeed changed the way people listen to music; listening to classic radios has been modernized in these music streaming services and other music platforms. Music streaming services provide access to millions of songs for an intended period with a subscription fee. It comes with a variety of benefits like, it has tons of songs and different types of music you can choose from. One of the most convenient benefits of these services is that it enables users to download and listen to their music offline. On top of that, these services and music platforms create a community where artists and their listeners can interact effectively. As you proceed to this article, you are introduced to different music streaming services and platforms with their distinctive features and qualities that they can offer.

Review of 5 Platforms with Free Service for Downloading MP3 Songs

1. MP3Juice Downloader

Distinctive Features: It allows users to convert music videos to MP3 format from 128kbps up to 320kbps.
Supported OS: Android, Mac, and Windows
Batch Download: Available

AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader is another best free music download sites where you can download MP3 songs for free. It is an MP3Juice where you can get music from Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Tiktok, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Twitter, Audiomack, Instagram, Bilibili, etc. This MP3 download site is entirely free to use and does not require registration or sign-up. If you want to freely download MP3 songs from different genres such as Pop, Latin, Rock, Folk, Blues, and more, it is best to use. One of the convenience that MP3Juice Downloader brought is that it allows its users to convert educational videos like TED talks to MP3 for language learners. On top of that, it enables users to download songs in good audio quality and allows users to download MP3 songs from any website in just a few clicks without any hassle. Follow the three quick steps below to download MP3 music:

where download mp3 songs mp3juicedownloader interface

Step 1 Copy and the Paste Link

Begin with going to the site where your desired song is located. As soon as you get into the interface of the said website, enter the music and click the search icon. Click the orange download icon next to it. Once you have accessed it, copy the URL link of the video and paste it off the search bar.

where download mp3 songs mp3juicedownloader step1

Step 2 Choose Audio Quality and Click the Download Button

Once you have clicked the orange download icon next to it, the downloading process will start by then. Once the video's thumbnail that you want to download appears, click the “Download” button beside it. Then, tap on another “Download” button next to your preferred audio quality.

where download mp3 songs mp3juicedownloader step2

Step 3 Play the MP3 Music File

The speed of downloading process will only take a few seconds however it still depends on the stability of your internet connection. When the download process is done, you can check your downloads files. Click the “Show in Folder” and enjoy listening to your MP3 music online or offline.

where download mp3 songs mp3juicedownloader step3


Distinctive Features: It has a built-in radio station where it allows users to download songs as they play.
Supported OS: Web, Android, iOS
Batch Download: Not Available

Jamendo allows its users to share their music for free and even for commercial purposes. It opens opportunities for unsigned independent artists to distribute music and share it with their listeners comfortably. Currently, it has approximately 240,000 royalty-free tracks. It contains numerous musical compositions, which is why it will be hard to find particular songs you have been searching for. is one of the go-to options for adding soundtracks to your video without having any hassle using your account. allows its users to check out the most popular, played, downloaded, and mostly played music tracks. Right-click the download button to acquire the track once done scrolling through the platform to download the music. It lets you also stay tuned to this site’s themed radio stations and categorize the newest releases. You can easily download free MP3 songs from by selecting your desired track. As soon as the Jamendo player appears, clicking the purple download button will allow you to download the selected track only.

where download MP3 songs jamendo

3. Last.Fm

Distinctive Features: It has a splintered designed page, and it offers adjustments pitch settings.
Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
Batch Download: Not Available

Last. Fm is popularly known for free music downloads and excellent music collection. It has features that could satisfy every music fan with its good quality audio, event schedules, and fine-tuning options for internet radio—concealed from the knowledge of others, Last. Spotify currently powers fm, and it is designed for insinuating music recommendations by using a cost-free plug-in ‘scrobbler’ music player. Upon exploring the site, you’ll be provided with a great deal of genres. However, its free section is not as vast as YouTube, but still, you can surely find tracks that match your preference in music. Suppose you find great music, not only you can stream it but Last. Fm also enables you to download it by clicking the downwards arrow located on the right side of the track.

where download MP3 songs last fm


Distinctive Features: It has fantastic mixing tools for disc jockeys and novel social elements.
Supported OS: Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows
Batch Download: Available is one of the best online audio distribution and music sharing websites you can find online. It interestingly supports 40 languages. It has a digital signal processor which enables listeners to stream audios and downloads for free. The content it produces is diverse; it presently has 200 million tracks available worldwide. It is best known as the best site to download English songs for free as it contains an extensive list of English tracks. However, to explore a variety of soundtracks in SoundCloud requires an account. You can sign up using G+ accounts or Facebook if you are unable to complete the registration form. It will then allow its users to download MP3 music by tapping on the ‘Download’ button under the track being played, and the song will be directly downloaded to your PC in MP3 format.

where download MP3 songs soundcloud

5. Free Music Archive

Distinctive Features: It produces music that users can download for free and use for other creative work purposes under Creative Commons licenses.
Supported OS: Windows and Mac OS
Batch Download: Available

If you search for a collaborative library with more than 5,000 excellent legal MP3 downloads, Free Music Archive will probably be the first choice to stumble upon. WFMU launched Free Music Archive, which provides a chest of music downloads for free. It gives users easy access to lesser-known artists and provides the latest tracks to listen to. On top of that, this site enables users to explore 12 of the main genres such as jazz, country music, rock, and others, including Americana or bluegrass as country genre’s sub-categories. Social media aspects still require registration. For original song download MP3 from this site, it does not require you to register. In order to download music, tap on the circular play button beside every track on FMA and click the downward-pointing arrow found below the track to save the entire album.

where download MP3 songs free music archive

Review of 5 Platforms with Paid Music Streaming Service that Allows Download

1. Spotify

Distinctive Features: It arranges your favorite music and has the highest compatibility since it is available for all platforms.
Supported OS: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, etc.
Batch Download: Available

Spotify is the largest audio streaming and media services provider in the world. Previously, it had over 381 million monthly active users, which included 172 million paying subscribers. Suppose you are looking for a music streaming service that accommodates a wide range of songs, podcasts, and interactive playlists. Other than that, users can maximize its use since it is compatible with all devices. It offers both free and paid subscriptions. The mobile interface and skip limitation are some of the noticeable key functional differences between Free Spotify and Spotify Premium. Free Spotify only limits you to skip six tracks every hour; contrastingly, Premium Spotify allows you to skip tracks continuously. Price memberships for Premium Spotify differ according to the type of subscription though Premium Spotify for individual subscription costs $ 9.99 a month. To download songs from Spotify, log into your Premium account and find your desired playlist. Upon selecting the playlist, tap on the “Download” button to the upper right side of the playlist interface. The playlist will then start downloading as soon as the toggle;e turns green.

where download MP3 songs spotify

2. Apple Music

Distinctive Features: It enables users to tune in to Beats 1, which is an exclusive, uninterrupted human-run global radio station that aims to help users who do not have an idea what to stream to listen to.
Supported OS: Android, iOS, and Mac
Batch Download: Available

Apple Music is unquestionably a strong option if you want a nice preference for content, on-demand songs, and exclusive tracks. Even though it is called Apple Music, it surprisingly works fine on both iOS and Android. It enables users to listen to over 90 million songs and explore 30,000 specialized-curated playlists. It provides lyric viewing while listening and enables users to access their entire library using their devices for offline listening. However, these unique features come at a price since Apple Music has no free version. Its price is categorized into three subscription plans: Apple Music Student for $5/month, Apple Music Individual, which costs $10/ month for ad-free streaming; and Apple Music Family for $15 per month, which gives unlimited access for six individuals. In order to download songs from Apple Music, find the music you added and click the download button beside the song or the album.

where download MP3 songs apple music

3. Tidal HiFi

Distinctive Features: It enables users to access the Tidal catalog uninterruptedly and stream music up to 1411kbps audio quality.
Supported OS: Android, iOS, Mac, Roku, Apple TV, etc.
Batch Download: Available

If you are willing to pay more for listening to lossless high fidelity audio quality, then Tidal HiFi is probably the best choice to go for. It provides lossless FLAC streaming, authenticated Master Quality Audio tracks, and Dolby Atmos audio, enabling users to feel a real-life listening experience. These exclusive features make Tidal Hifi different from other music streaming services as it provides higher resolution audio quality. With that said, it is more expensive. Its subscription prices range from $9.99 per month for 1411 Kbps sound quality, HiFi Plus for $19.99/month with the sound quality of 1411 Kbps, 9216 Kbps up to 360 Reality Audio, and $29.99/month, allowing six access on the said account with the immersive audio quality of 360 Reality Audio, Dolby Atmos Music. Unfortunately, Tidal HiFi does not allow you to download it on your computer. The tidal app must be installed first on your iOS or Android phone to download songs from it. As soon as it is downloaded on your phone, find the album you want to download and swipe the download button on the right to turn it on.

where download MP3 songs tidal

4. Amazon Music Unlimited

Distinctive Features: It has many expertly crafted stations and playlists and has a growing catalog of music mastered in 360 Reality Audio.
Supported OS: Android, iOS, Echo, and Fire TV devices
Batch Download: Available

Amazon Music Unlimited is one of the MP3 music download sites to consider if you aim to have a more extensive music selection, for it offers a massive library of songs. It provides lossless audio tracks and a chill lyrics scrolling experience. Additionally, it integrates excellently with Alexa and Amazon device families. It brings the high audio quality of songs and offers more than 75 million music tracks and tons of stations in its renowned catalog with expected Classical, Decades, Hip-hop, and Rock stations. Its interface is purposely designed to help its users to discover and purchase music. Amazon Music Unlimited costs $9.99 per month for an individual plan; this allows you to get access to on-demand songs, enjoy an ad-free listening experience, and limitless access to millions of strong libraries with specially-picked playlists. Meanwhile, the family plan has a price of $14.99, which offers unlimited usage for sic accounts. Downloading songs from Amazon Music Unlimited for offline playback is done through selecting the song, album, or playlist. Afterward, tap the “More Options” in the menu and click the “Download.” Subscribers of Amazon Music Unlimited must redownload recently downloaded music for them to stream their music in HD or even Ultra HD.

where download MP3 songs amazon music unlimited

5. YouTube Music

Distinctive Features: It allows users to get video versions of the songs they prefer to listen to and download from offline listening.
Supported OS: Android, iOS, Google Home & Nest Spreakers, Smart TVs
Batch Download: Available

YouTube Music integrates well with Google services and provides exciting playlists; however, its drawback is that it does not integrate with Alexa and has no lossless audio option. It is a convenient option, especially for Android users, since it works well with Google Assistant. In addition, it is also available for iOS users and on the Web to be able to access its service. Interestingly, it enables users to search for song titles based on lyrics and provides location-based playlists. YouTube Music currently has 100,000 track music storage and allows users to turn on the audio-only mode for listening without loading the video. YouTube Music has a good library of songs. It has a Basic Plan subscription free with ads, Premium Plan for $9.99, and $14.99 for the Family Plan. Suppose you have purchased a YouTube Music subscription. In that case, you can download individual songs or videos in one batch simultaneously by going to the YouTube Music website and selecting the song you want to download. Then, click the three-dot icon beside the song and tap on the “Download” button.

where download MP3 songs youtube music

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Site to Download MP3 is the best?

There are many good sites to download MP3 songs there, but the most recommended site is AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader, as it allows you to download your preferred music in just a few clicks. Also, it enables you to download MP3 songs from many popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Tiktok, and more.

2. Is it illegal to download MP3 files?

It is both yes and no. According to copyright law, the law prohibits the distribution of works like music files without the copyright holder's permission. However, not all music files are copyrighted, and some of them are freely provided by the artists for music popularization.

3. Are all MP3 juice free?

Aside from the protected copyright files, most of the MP3 files can be accessed using web applications for free using MP3 juice sites. It allows you to enjoy listening to MP3 files conveniently.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

In conclusion, it is indeed surreal how the radio-listening habits of people have been modernized nowadays. You are provided with a list of 5 platforms that offers a free service for downloading MP3 songs like AceThinker MP3Juice Downloaders,, Last. Fm,, and Free Music Archive.Om the other hand, this article also has outlined five platforms with paid Music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal HiFi, Amazon Music Unlimited, and YouTube Music that allows download. Through using the abovementioned Music streaming services and platforms, you’ll be able to experience different features which each of them can offer.

Sites and Services Output Formats Login Required Free Access
AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader MP3 only No Available MP3, OGG Yes Available
Last.Fm MP3, WAV, AIFF Yes Available WAV, AIFF, OGG Yes Available
Free Music Archive WAV, AIFF, DSD No Available
Sites and Services Output Formats Login Required Free Access
Spotify FLAC, WAV Yes Not Available
Apple Music AAC Yes Not Available
Tidal HiFi FLAC Yes Not Available
Amazon Music Unlimited FLAC Yes Not Available
YouTube Music AAC Yes Available
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