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The Best and Marvelous Sites Like Vubey

vubey alternative featureAlternatives are essential, especially in this time of uncertainty where we do not know when things will end. If you are a video editor, you know how hard it is to find an alternative to your favorite tool. It is better to have many options to have an alternative tool or way to use if the one you always use is unavailable. That is why in today’s article, we prepared alternative tools that you can utilize to download YouTube videos to Mp3 aside from Vubey. Vubey is an Mp3 downloader that has been known to many video editors and creators. Below are the detailed steps to use Vubey and sites like Vubey.

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How to Use Vubey

OS Supported: Windows
Audio Quality Output: 320 kbps to 64 kbps

Vubey is a YouTube to Mp3 downloader wherein you can download YouTube videos into Mp3 format. Vubey allows you to download regular videos from many popular sites, including SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Vubey is an online-based tool that you can only utilize if you have an internet connection. This free tool has been known for producing quality videos. But Vubey isn’t properly working and at the moment, the domain name Vubey is for sale; that is why Vubey alternative is made.

Step 1 Visit Vubey Downloader

To begin utilizing Vubey, you have to visit the official website of Vubey. Open any of your web browsers on your computer. Search for Vubey; since it is an online tool, you must have an internet connection while using it.

vubey alternative vubeyinterface

Step 2 Paste Video Link

The second step in utilizing Vubey as your Mp3 downloader is to paste the video link on the input tab of the online tool. Paste the link on the tab located at the middle of its main interface. Then below it, select the video quality you want to download, then click the last button to convert the video to Mp3 format.

vubey alternative paste link

Step 3 Download

Once the conversion is done, you can finally download the Mp3 file on your computer by clicking the “Here” button. Lastly, wait for it to be downloaded, then locate the file on your output folder to play the Mp3 file. Follow the said steps to repeat the process if you want to download again.

vubey alternative download


  • Offers numerous output quality.

  • Their system is always not available.

Top 3 Sites Like Vubey

1. AceThinker Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter

OS Supported: Windows and Mac
Audio Quality Output: 128k to 320k

This tool is perfect for music lovers since it allows users to download videos in Mp3 format. AceThinker Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter is the best Vubey alternative that you can find online. As the name of the tool itself, it is free and an online YouTube video converter. This tool has a straightforward user interface wherein you can start downloading audio files with just a few clicks. AceThinker Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter is far different from Vubey. Vubey’s system is down at the moment it means you cannot download files completely. But with AceThinker Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter, you can always utilize it anytime and anywhere you are.

vubey alternative afymc interface


  • Allow you to download videos unlimited.
  • Has a pro version that you can install. AceThinker Music Keeper
  • has a free and paid version. The free trial version allows you to download 1 to 3 files every day. But with the paid version, you can download music and videos without limitation.


  • Can’t convert videos longer than 2 hours.

2. MP3Juices

OS Supported: Windows
Audio Quality Output: Not available to set before downloading.

Another site like Vubey is the MP3Juices. This tool is one of the most used tools for downloading Mp3 files from different sites, including YouTube, SoundCloud, VK, Yandex, and Archive. This tool doesn’t require you to register or install anything to utilize it. MP3Juices is a free tool with a feature wherein you can input the keywords of the video you want to download as audio then the system will search the video for you. Unlike Vubey that has a poor system since it is unavailable to process. Aside from that feature, MP3Juices also allows you to paste the link, and then it will automatically show the queue of videos behind that link.

vubey alternative mp3juices interface


  • It offers a free video cutter that you can use to cut out unwanted parts of the file.

  • Directs you to different sites once you click the download button.

3. LoudTronix

OS Supported: Windows
Audio Quality Output: 128k to 64k

Last on the list of Vubey alternatives that many content creators know is the LoudTronix. LoudTronix is an online tool that is more compatible with web browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, unlike Vubey that has limited supported web browsers. It is a fast tool when it comes to searching and downloading audio files in Mp3 format. It also allows you to download the video file in Mp4 format. Since their system is upgraded to a client-side converter, it allows you to convert files quickly on computers than with mobile phones. This online tool offers numerous languages to make it more accessible around the world.

vubey alternative loudtronix interface


  • Caters numerous video sources including YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, and more.

  • Videos with 15 minutes duration take extra time to download.

FAQs About Vubey

1. Is it legal to download songs using Vubey?

Downloading music with Vubey is legal as long as you are not downloading copyrighted music. But those non-copyrighted music are always free to download and use.

2. Is Vubey available on Mac and iOS devices?

Since Vubey's system is down, it is automatically not available on Mac and iOs devices. But a fantastic alternative to Vubey is the AceThinker YouTube to Mp3 Converter that has an installable tool called AceThinker Music Keeper available on both Windows and Mac.

Comparison Chart

Software Search Options Supported Formats Ads
Vubey No Mp3 only Yes
AceThinker YouTube to Mp3 Converter Yes Mp3 and Mp4 No
MP3Juices Yes Mp3 only Yes
LoudTronix No Mp3 and Mp4 Yes
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Last updated on February 14, 2022

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